120 FPS Backward Compatibility Titles Option on PS5 Requires a Separate Version

In an interview with Eurogamer, developers from the Psyonix studio, which deals with the multiplayer arcade Rocket League, explained why PS4 versions of many titles do not receive 120 FPS support on the PS5, unlike the Xbox Series, where this option is present, for example, in Warzone.

Psyonix said it would have to create a separate native port for the PS5.

Adding the 120Hz option to the Xbox Series is just a small patch. The PlayStation 5 will have to develop a separate port of the game, since this is how backward compatibility works on the Sony console.

Digital Foundry specialist Richard Leadbetter also commented on the backward compatibility situation on the new consoles. 120Hz support was on Xbox consoles long before the Series, he says, and the PS5 remains in the hands of Sony.

Xbox consoles have long had 120Hz support, although the only game that could cross the 60fps threshold was Rainbow Six Siege. It was originally Microsoft’s strategy to implement 120Hz and VRR (Variable Rate Shading) in the console as early as possible so that screen manufacturers have targeted hardware.

Currently, 120 Hz support is only available in titles that were originally made for PS5, that is, the updated Warzone and Rocket League do not have 120 FPS support. In theory, Sony can tackle this issue, but to do this, it will have to redirect engineering resources to the PS4. Here everything is in the hands of the company itself.

Currently, on PlayStation 5 of the titles that support 120 FPS, there are only Rainbow Six Siege, DIRT 5 and Borderlands 3

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