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9 Ways to Optimize iPhone for Better Gaming 

Optimize iPhone for Better Gaming

A high-end iPhone is something many people would like to have. Despite plenty of advantages and outstanding features, iPhones are less known for their gaming capabilities. But it doesn’t mean iPhone users cannot play their favorite mobile games. With a little storage optimization, you can download and play your favorite games on your iPhone.

The leading gaming companies are developing competitive games using advanced gaming technology and software. Such games comprise high-end graphics, campaigns, and the environment. So, if you’re planning to play these sorts of games, you may require a huge amount of storage space.

For example, if you are downloading a game that needs 2GB of space, then you have to arrange up to 4GB of storage space for further relevant updates and downloads. In this article, you’ll explore some of the proven ways to improve gaming on your iPhone.

Check for Latest Updates

Every new OS update brings a pool of exciting features to fix bugs and enhance the gaming experience. So, search for the latest OS (operating system) and install it, ensuring your phone will handle it without problems. If your iPhone model is too old, it might slow down. 

To check for any pending updates, go to Settings, tap General, and click Software Update. Running the latest version can fix a lot of issues and speed up your slow iPhone.

Clear Cache & Junk

Cache improves your browsing experience but slows down your phone when not deleted. For optimum gaming experience, ensure more than 15% of the total memory on iPhone at all times. You must clear storage regularly to ensure better productivity and performance. 

Users often wonder about how to clear up storage on iphone, it’s quite simple, and you can start by deleting junk files, temp files, cookies, and unimportant text messages. 

Remove Background Apps

Optimize iPhone for Better Gaming

You may realize it or not, but many apps might be running in the background. These applications may be eating up your iPhone’s resources and memory. To get the list of background apps, double-click the Start button and remove all unnecessary applications. 

Some applications can differ based on your device’s resources. This step is highly recommended before playing any game.

Use Wi-Fi Network

Even though 5G network technology provides much higher speed than before, it has certain drawbacks related to online gaming. For effective and continuous gaming fun on iPhone, the network’s latency and consistency matter a lot other than good speed. Hence, it is great to choose Wi-Fi hotspots, ensuring proximity to the router. 

Invest in a range extender to get a strong and stable connection, especially when you’re playing games that require quick reaction times.   

Close Automatic App Updates

Just like the Android operating system, older iOS also updates apps automatically. You might not be aware of these updates because this process is executed in the background. Turning off the automatic app updates is the best option for freeing up your iPhone space and enhancing its performance. 

Turn off ‘Updates’ by reaching iTunes & App Stores from Settings. It helps save space and battery life as well. 

Turn Off Graphics

iPhones’ new generations are known for the outstanding sync of hardware & software specifications and appealing visual effects. These effects can become the major cause of a reduced level of game performance on your phone. 

So, turn off the unwanted visual effects to get better control of your graphics. Enable the Reduce Motion option by reaching the Accessibility option from the General settings.  

Keep Track of Overheating

Optimize iPhone for Better Gaming

Much like other digital devices such as desktop computers and laptops, iPhones can also encounter performance problems due to overheating. It may get excessively hot due to so many reasons, such as running highly intensive tasks or playing heavy games. 

Therefore, while you’re playing games on your iPhone, ensure your phone is away from warm surfaces and direct sunlight exposure. Take off the phone cover to ensure better air circulation.

Limit Apps’ GPS Usage

Applications that make the usage of GPS (constantly tracking your mobile location) can affect gaming performance. Except for certain apps such as Maps, or Weather apps, the majority of the applications do not require your location details for effective running. 

Go to Settings, click Privacy, and select Location Services to restrict the apps that ask for your location information. Turn off the applications that you hardly use from the given list.

Avoid Gaming While Charging

The most popular games nowadays exhaust the phone’s battery quickly. The performance also decreases when you put the phone in battery saver mode. But, never make the mistake of playing the games when you’re charging your phone. 

It can reduce the battery life and cause malfunctioning and overheating. If anything severe happens, you might have to spend several hundred dollars on phone repair. 

The Conclusion

Hope you understand everything you should require to do to enjoy the improved real-time gaming experience on your iPhone. So, if you don’t want to spoil your gaming experience, optimize your iPhone by implementing these vital tips and tweaks.

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