Hackers targeted Apex Legends and Titanfall in a plot to bring back free-to-play

The Titanfall community may finally have uncovered the hackers behind both last month’s massive Apex Legends hack and server-breaking bot attacks that have been hitting Titanfall 1 for years.
SaveTitanfall.com, a site that was mentioned in the Apex Legends hack, released a 40-page PDF about Operation RedTape earlier this week. It includes conversations in Discord servers, private messages, emails, and other evidence. This document implicates a number of hackers in the July 4 Apex Hack, as well as Titanfall’s ongoing shutdown of the bot, and recent DDoS attacks on Titanfall 2 streamers.
Upper Echelon Gamers, a YouTuber, has posted this information. Upper Echelon Gamers, a YouTuber, has provided this information in the context of.
Screenshots show members of discord boasting about how they modified Apex’s client and starting attacks against certain streamers. They plan to crash Apex, while discord channels deny any connection to the attack.
According to the report, savetitanfall.com was created as a partnership between different Titanfall communities. It was created to inform the public about current game status and provide reliable information. They used the work of other users at times that were convenient to them. ”
It is not worth the effort to stop Respawn’s shooters.
This report has screenshots showing hackers successfully closing down Apex and Titanfall games. (Image source: Respawn Entertainment)
Additionally, p0358 is very visible in his search to be hired by Respawn.
YouTuber MoDen31 said, “This doesn’t make sense.”

RedShield, Remnant Fleet’s owner and indicted hacker, disavowed the server’s involvement following the report (via the Titanfall Subreddit). He stated, “I’d like everybody to know we’re NOT behind the Titanfall 1 Attacks, Titanfall 2 Attacks, Apex Legends Attacks” According to reports, he has been in touch to Upper Echelon, and gave them a “tour” of the secret channels where the alleged plot took place

After an update in July, Titanfall is now available. Apex and Titanfall 2 attacks appear to have stopped or decreased. However, Titanfall’s subreddit has seen a flood of outrage over the discovery of a plot against the game they love.
Respawn has been contacted to confirm the claims and provide an opinion on Respawn’s views on these changes.

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