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If you are a nursing student, and you are searching for the best laptop for nursing students for your studies. You will need a laptop and the best one with all the features that can help you conduct your studies. So you are at the right place, read the full article.

Almost all nursing colleges and universities encourage students to have high-quality laptops. Some colleges can delay your admission process if you don’t have a laptop. So a laptop for the nursing students is a must.

But what is a cheap laptop for nursing students? As a nursing student, you will need a lightweight, sturdy, and thin laptop that can run standard Microsoft programs. 

So. To help you find the best laptop among the variety of laptops. We have tested a few laptops and compiled a list of the best laptops for students. 

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Best Laptop For Nursing Students: Buying Guide

Before proceeding to the list of best laptops for nursing students, let us give you an idea of what salient features you should consider while buying the laptop. 


When buying a CPU for nursing studies, you need to consider the number of cores and speed, which should be around 3.0 GHz. The best CPUs in laptops are the i5-series in Intel CPUs and AMD Ryzen 5 series in AMD processors. If you want better performance, you can consider processors like the Intel i7 series and AMD Ryzen 7.


RAM is another important factor that determines the speed of the laptop. You will need at least 8GM RAM to run different programs and games as a student. The more the RAM, the better the speed would be. If you also want to play games along with your studies, you will need at least 16GB of RAM. 


You will need a laptop with good storage or compromise on performance because of less storage. As a nursing student, you will need at least 512GB. 1TB space is ideal to have.


The display is the main factor when buying a laptop. As a nursing student, you will need a full HD display with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, but that isn’t necessary. You can get higher resolution laptops as well, like 2560 x 1440. The display should be bright and have vibrant colors. 

Talking about the display, another factor to consider is the screen size. As a student, you should get a laptop with a minimum 14 inches screen.

Wireless Connectivity

When buying a laptop, you should pay close attention to wireless connectivity and Wi-Fi support because you will need a good internet connection to download programs and watch online videos (tutorials). So make sure that you get a Wi-Fi-enabled device with the latest Wi-Fi, 6 802.11ax. Along with Wi-Fi, make sure that your laptop should have Bluetooth connectivity as well. 


You should look for laptops with solid battery life. The battery is significant because you will be required to use the laptop outside classrooms for homework and research. So, pick a laptop with a strong battery backup of almost 6 hours.


You will need different ports to connect your laptop to various devices. There are many ports a laptop can have. Like thunderbolt port is an excellent choice if you want to connect your laptop with an external monitor.

Along with that Ethernet port is another choice to connect the laptop to wired internet. Make sure you have at least two USBs, an HDMI port, and a USB-C port, the most common ports a laptop should have.

Top 6 Best Laptop for Nursing Students In 2022

Now that you know what factors to consider while buying a laptop as a nursing student. It’s time to look at the laptops we have picked for you. 

1: HP Envy X360

HP Envy X360

HP Envy X360 has made it to our list of laptops for nursing students on a budget because of its price and spectacular features. Though it is considered a medium laptop, we found it the best performing laptop in its price range. 

Talking about the performance of the HP Envy X360, it has 8GB RAM and AMD Ryzen 4000 processor. The Envy X360 is released with 6 core 4500U that has fast loading speed. 

It also offers different connectivity options like Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi 6, making it feasible for the students to connect it with different devices.

Also, the laptop has 256GB SSD, which is okay for the students. 

  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Good graphics
  • Compact build and design
  • Classic keyboard
  • Lacks HDMI and thunderbolt 3
  • Uncomplimentary screen size
  • Presence of bloatware

2: Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Another laptop that we recommend for nursing students is Microsoft Surface Pro 7. It’s a 10th Gen Intel laptop which is quite beneficial for the students.

Talking about the screen size, it has 12.3 inches screen, which could be a turned down for many, but it has many other unique features that make it the perfect choice for students. 

The internal memory of the Microsoft surface pro 7 is 8GB, while it has a 128GB SSD. It uses the iCore i5 processor, which offers a reasonable speed. 

The best feature about this laptop is the pen input, and you can easily take notes and write anything on the laptop like your notebook by keeping it on your desk.

You can also quickly transfer the data via type A and USB Type-C ports. As for as the connectivity is concerned, it has Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities that you can connect with several hotspot devices.

  • Good battery life.
  • iCore 5 capabilities.
  • USB Type-A and C options.
  • Large memory of 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage.
  • Lacks VRAM and GPU integration.

3: Asus Zenbook 14 

Asus Zenbook 14 

ASUS Zenbook is the best laptop on the list with its magnificent features. 

Coming to the screen, it has 14 inches screen size with a 1080p display, which provides sharp images. Also, it comes with full HD bezels and Intel core i7, making it easy to watch medical videos and tutorials. 

While talking about the storage has 8GM RAM and an average processing speed of 3.9GHz, which boosts the speed and maximizes the data storage. The students can easily download and install different applications on the laptop as ASUS Zenbook 14 supports heavy browsing and downloading the files of any format. The average download rate of ASUS Zenbook 14 is less than 5 seconds. 

Another advantage of this laptop is that it has thunderbolt 3 and windows 10. 

  • Ergonomic design with a backlit keyboard
  • Large storage memory that averages 512GB
  • Lightweight with an average weight of 2.49 lbs
  • Battery with a long life of about 60 hours
  • Week warranty which doesn’t cover everything

4: Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire 5 has a sleek design and is an affordable laptop for nursing students on a budget. 

Talking about the screen, it has 15.6 inches screen with a Full HD 1080p display, which results in bright and sharp images which can easily display the minor details of x-rays and scans. 

On the other hand, it is lightweight which is easy to carry. It has 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD storage. It is a fast laptop with a dual-core processor and integrated graphics, which is ideal for running complex medical applications. 

As for as the battery is concerned, it offers long battery life means you can use it without a charger for longer hours. 

  • High processing memory of the AMD Ryzen
  • Integrated graphics with co-processing capabilities
  • Backlit keyboards and Bluetooth 4.0
  • HDMI port and USB 2.0 connections
  • Long battery life of more than 7 hours
  • Slow and insufficient graphics memory

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5: Lenovo Yoga 730

Lenovo Yoga 730

Another laptop on our list of best laptops is Lenovo Yoga 730. It is a core i5 8th Gen powerful laptop with all the essential features that nursing students need. 

Lenovo Yoga 730 has a sleek design with 13.3 inches high definition display. It has an aluminum body with a robust build which means it cannot be broken easily. 

In addition, the laptop also has 12GB RAM and 256GB memory which supports vast applications. The downloading speed is very fast as you can download the applications within 3 seconds. 

The best feature of the Lenovo Yoga 730 is its 360 flip which enables the users to use the laptop as a tablet. 

The connectivity has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and HDMI port to connect it with other devices for sending and receiving the data. 

It has an ideal battery life of about 9 hours, meaning the students can use the laptop for homework and research for longer hours. 

  • High internal storage capacity of 256GB.
  • Long-lasting battery that can support the laptop for 9 hours.
  • Large screen of 13.3 inches.
  • Sleek design and lightweight.
  • Not easy to conduct .exe applications.

6: Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5

Another on-budget and best laptop for students is Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5. This laptop has an anti-glare display, which increases the image resolution and makes it easy for users to use it in bright light. 

The laptop comes with 4GB RAM and 16GB SSD, which makes it easy to download and run large files and applications without compromising the CPU performance. The solid graphical memory makes sure that you can download and install nursing applications on your laptop. 

With Chromebook’s user-friendly applications, you can efficiently complete your online studies and store your academic documents in ample storage. 

While coming to the battery life, it has an impressive battery life of 10 hours, making it the ideal laptop for nursing students who can use it on campus for longer hours. 

  • The existence of an anti-glare display.
  • Strong audio capabilities.
  • Intel graphics and 3rd generation processor.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Lack of Thunderbolt ports

FAQs : Best Laptop for Nursing Students 

Why do I need a laptop for nursing school?

  • As a nursing student, you will need a laptop for various reasons and usage. You will be taking notes in the class, preparing presentations, doing your academic research on the internet, writing different papers, and doing your assignments. For all these reasons you need a laptop as it will make your life easy and productive. 

Is 256GB enough for nursing school?

  • The 256GB is good laptop storage which allows plenty of space. If, as a nursing student, you have a laptop with 256GB, you should not be worried about its storage as its space will not run out anytime soon. You can quickly run multiple applications and heavy software with this memory. 

Is a tablet or laptop better for nursing school?

  • Tablet and laptop both are good for nursing school as they both serve the same purpose, but as a fresher, we recommend you buy a laptop that has less than 5 pounds weight (easily portable), has a full HD display with 8GB RAM. The reason why we recommend a laptop for fresher’s because it’s easy to use and handle.


We hope that the above list will prove to be beneficial for the best laptop for nursing students. We have tried to cover the best laptops with all the specifications required by the nursing students for their academics. 

Once you purchase the best laptop, it’s time to get admission to the nursing school of your choice to start your career in nursing. 

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