Call of Duty – Warzone: Season 3 starts with an update

Auch Activision wants abhaben something of the “Battle Royale” Cakes and launched so on 10 March 2020 its own free-to-play offer ” Call of Duty – Warzone “. By connecting with the “Call of Duty” series, the game had good chances against well-known greats like ” Fortnite ” right from the start. Even bugs obviously could not completely take away the fun from the players and so the game now starts in season 3. In line with the start, an update provides new content and bug fixes.


Call of Duty – Warzone: New content

At the start of the new season of “Call of Duty – Warzone”, players can not only look forward to the fixes of problems with update 1.19. Activision and Infinity Ward have in their communicationalso announced that new content will be added. Among other things, “Quad” is a new game mode in which teams of four players compete against each other. Players who own the Battle Pass also get another operator with Alex. More maps for classic multiplayer with teams of six people each are coming with Season 3. “Talsik Backlot”, “Hovec Sawmill” and “Aniyah Incursion” should provide more fun. On the gun front, there is also an increase with the Renzetti and the SKS. Another new feature is that the vehicles in the game can now be changed cosmetically.

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Call of Duty – Warzone: just the beginning

However, these changes should not have been everything. The developers have announced further innovations for the course of the season. Ronin and Iskra are two more operators and there is also to be another weapon. Here, however, Infinity Ward is still covered. However, it is certain that the maps “Hardhat” and “Aisle 9” will be added in Season 3 and that there are also two other game modes with “Gun Game Reloaded” and “Reinfected Ground War”. Especially for “Warzone” comes with “Scopes and Scatter Guns” a game mode where only shotguns and sniper rifles can be used.
“Call of Duty – Warzone” Season 3 will launch on April 8, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. on PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC.

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