Gears of War 5: Play action cracks for free until March 12th

In the “Gears of War” series (abbreviated to “Gears”) it is well known to get down to business. When muscular super soldiers fight against nightmarish aliens, one or two virtual blood stains land on the helmets of the good guys. But: After all, the protagonists no longer quartz thanks to the anti-smoking organization ” The Truth Initiative “. And even better: You can now play the game for free for the rest of the week. And since the game includes a popular co-op mode, it could be a welcome change in the dreary everyday life of a corona.

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Gears 5: Play for free

After the developers gave up any cigarette designs from the start, you now have a limited time bargain at hand. Microsoft offers PC and Xbox One owners the action cracker “Gears 5” for free until April 12, 2020 – as Xbox Wire announced. Prerequisite: Either you have an “Xbox Live Gold” or an “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate” subscription. And while you’re at it, try new content from the “Operation 3 – Gridiron” add-on with a new game mode. And if you continue to play until April 20th, you will also automatically receive the new “Batista Bomb” execution and a Batista skin.

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