Google Stadia: Pro version is free for everyone

Google Stadia will usher in a new era in video game streaming. Not convinced? The search engine giant also knows why a base version for test runs was actually in the works – customers should have a free insight into the technology and then decide for themselves whether they want to switch to the Pro version.

The US company has now made Stadia available to all interested parties free of charge, and on top of that, every new user gets two months of Stadia Pro free of charge. Existing subscribers will also not be charged for two months.

Google Stadia: Pro instead of base

In a total of 14 countries, Google unlocks the free pro version for a total of two months. This gives players access to nine games, including the sci-fi shooter ” Destiny 2 – The Collection ” and the racing game ” GRID “. If you wish, you can extend your subscription after this trial period and from now on pay just under ten euros a month. Cancellation is possible at any time. Are you already a customer and shell out money for the streaming offer every month? Then the payment will be suspended for two months or your subscription will be extended for this period free of charge. Important: after registration on the official website can currently take up to 48 hours before Google activates your account. In addition, the maximum possible resolution of 4K is reduced to 1080p in the course of the corona crisis. For most users, there is probably no difference in terms of appearance.

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