GeForce Gtx Titan Z Vs Nvidia 2080 Ti – Best Gaming Cards

In terms of performance and the cost is clearly a genuine comparison here for the Gtx titan z vs 2080 Ti.

It is worth the GTX TITAN Z worth noting that it is a very ravenous power card and requires a decent power supply unit.

In terms of memory, the GTX TITAN Z RAM is more than enough for modern games and should not cause any deadlocks.

In summary, the performance is exceptional; there is no doubt that this is one of the most powerful graphics cards.

Graphics Card

Core Speed/Boost Clock


Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

1350 MHz/1635 MHz


Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z

705 MHz/876 MHz


Gtx Titan Z Vs 2080 Ti: Detail Comparison & Product Overview


Let’s see below the below comparisons with simple tables that you will love.


Briefly About The Product


Titan z                                                                                               2080 ti
Video card Nvidia Geforce gtx titan zVideo card Nvidia Geforce rtx 2080 ti
12288 mb gddr5 video memory11264 mb gddr6 video memory
Core / Memory Frequency: 705/7000 MHzCore / Memory Frequency: 1770/14140 MHz
Sli / crossfire supportNVLink support
Dvi x2, hdmi, display port connectorsConnectors hdmi, display port x3, USD type-c
Support for Directx 12, opengl 4.4, vulkanSupport for Directx 12, opengl 4.6, vulkan
Work with 4 monitorsWork with 4 monitors


A Type


Not support macNot support mac
Graphics Card Name : NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN ZGraphics Card Name : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
Line : GeForceLine : GeForce
Graphics Card Developer : NVIDIAGraphics Card Developer : NVIDIA
PCI Express Version : 3.0PCI Express Version : 3.0
Connection Type : PCI-E 16xConnection Type : PCI-E 16x
Number of video processors : 2Number of video processors : 1
GPU frequency , 705MHzGPU frequency , 1770 MHz



Memory type : GDDR5Memory type : GDDR6
Memory Bus Width : 768 bitsMemory Bus Width : 352 bit
Memory frequency , 7000MHzMemory frequency , 14140MHz
The amount of video memory (detail) , 12288 MBThe amount of video memory (detail) , 11264MB




No 3-Way SLI SupportNo 3-Way SLI Support
No Crossfire X SupportNo Crossfire X Support
No Turbo Cache / Hyper Memory SupportNo Turbo Cache / Hyper Memory Support
Number of monitors supported : 4Number of monitors supported : 4




Display Port OutputDisplay Port Output
HDMI outputHDMI output
HDCP supportHDCP support
No Mini HDMI OutputNo Mini HDMI Output
No Micro HDMI OutputNo Micro HDMI Output
No Mini Display Port OutputNo Mini Display Port Output
No VGA outputNo VGA output
No VivoNo Vivo
No Tv outNo TV out
No Component Video OutputNo Component Video Output
No Built-in TV tunerNo Built-in TV tuner
HDMI Type : 1.4aHDMI Type : 2.0b
Number of HDMI 1OutputsNumber of HDMI 3 Outputs
Number of DisplayPort 1 OutputsNumber of Display Port 3 Outputs

Standards Support


Gtx Titan Z                                                                                    2080 Ti
CUDA SupportCUDA Support
Vulkan SupportVulkan Support
Support AMD APP (ATI Stream)Support AMD APP (ATI Stream)
DirectX Version : 12DirectX Version : 12
OpenGL Version : 4.4OpenGL Version : 4.6
OpenCL Version : 1.2OpenCL Version : 2.0
Maximum Resolution : 4096×2160Maximum Resolution : 7680×4320
CUDA Version : 3.5CUDA Version : 7.1



Passive coolingPassive cooling
Cooling system design: referenceCooling system design: custom
Number of fans: 1Number of fans : 3




Low Profile CardLow Profile Card
Length 267mmLength290 mm
The number of 3occupied slotsThe number of  3occupied slots
Height 111 mmHeight 134 mm




The announcement of a new “two-headed monster” called the GeForce GTX TITAN Z took place at the end of March at the 2014 GTC (GPU Technology Conference).

NVIDIA Corporation proudly refers to its brainchild as “the fastest graphics card in the world.”

The new ultimatum model combines two fully functional (not trimmed) graphics chips with the GK110 marking, built on the Killer architecture.

We see the same GPUs that stand alone in the most productive so far video cards Gtx Titan Z Vs 2080 Ti.

Each such full-fledged chip has at its disposal 2880 CUDA cores, therefore, in the new product, their total number is 5760.

Also, in the aggregate, the announced video card has 12 GB of GDDR5 memory and an access bus of 768 bits.

Individually, each GPU has 6 GB of memory, a 384-bit bus, and a base clock frequency of 705 MHz.

However, the GPU Boost 2.0 feature allows you to “overclock” each graphics core to 876 MHz.

The manufacturer claims that the texture fill rate is 338 gigapixels per second. The maximum memory bandwidth is at 672 GB / s. Computing performance is 8 TFLOPS.



GeForce GTX TITAN Z specifications are listed.

  • 7000 MHz memory clock
  • Processor Technology 28 nm
  • Memory size 12GB
  • 384×2 bit memory bus
  • Core Clock Base / Boost Clock: 706/876 MHz
  • PCI-E 3.0 Bus Card
  • GDDR5 memory type
  • DirectX 11.2
  • OpenGL 4.4
  • ATX PCB Form
  • Maximum digital resolution 4096 X 2160
  • Maximum analog resolution 2048 x 1536
  • Multi-view 4
  • Connections
  • Dual-link DVI-I * 1
  • DVI-D * 1
  • Display Port * 1
  • HDMI * 1
  • 700W Power Requirements


Specifications Table


Chip codeGk110
Process technology28 nm
Base clock705 MHz
Clock Speed ​​with Boost876 MHz
CUDA Cores5760
Memory typeGddr5
Memory bus768 bit
Memory12 GB
Maximum temperature95 s
Power consumption375 watts
  • The fastest ever single-GPU card ever
  • Excellent design
  • Capable of playing any of the games in the world at 4K resolutions with high detail settings
  • Very expensive did not afford everyone
  • Overkill for 1080p and 1440p gaming


It remains to add that the recommended retail price of new items for the United States is $$$$.

Who will be interested in this model? According to the developers, it should be of interest to the most demanding users who are already waiting for games with a resolution of 5K, or owners of multi-display configurations.



GEFORCE RTX 2080 TI – Best Budget Gaming Graphics card

geforce rtx 2080 ti

NVIDIA announced the most productive video card of 2018 on August 20.

The novelty received the name GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, and despite belonging to the GeForce series, it is positioned by the manufacturer as a graphic adapter of the level of video cards of the TITAN line of past generations.



For those who are not knowns with recent events, let’s say that the top-end video cards of the new 20-series GeForce were called RTX NVidia titan 2080 ti, instead of the old GTX.

This change is due to the introduction of the NVIDIA RTX ray tracing technology of the same name in the Pascal graphics architecture.

You can learn more about the new method of graphic processing from this article. If we say very briefly about the latest technology, then it allows you to bring the visual component of many computer games to a whole new level.

It applies to the reflection of models, refraction of light, dimming, the appearance of shadows, and many other moments.

The effect of this technology can be seen below on the demo video of the Metro Exodus game.

The creators of computer games are already adopting new technology from NVIDIA, and the first games with the RTX function will appear very soon.



The base of the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti video adapter is the TU102 graphics processor.

This GPU received tensor kernels for deep learning operations and the functioning of the DLSS smoothing mode, as well as RT kernels for updated ray tracing.


GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
GPU model (architecture)TU102 (Turing)
Process technologyTSMC 12 nm
Number of transistors18.6 billion
CUDA Streaming Processors4352
Tensor Cores544
RT Cores68
Texture blocks272
Rendering units (ROPs)88
Base core frequency1350 MHz
Boost Core Frequency1635 MHz
Memory bus352 bit
Memory frequency1750 MHz
Memory11 GB
Memory typeGddr6
Throughput616 GB / s
Energy consumption260 watts
Min system requirements650 watts
GPU maximum temperature89 ° C
Interface PCI-E 3.0
Add. nutrition2x 8-pin
Communication 2x NVLink


And the transition to a new standard for video memory GDDR6 increased throughput to 616 GB / s. As for the amount of memory, it remained the same as its predecessor – 11 GB.

Among the Turing architecture innovations, we highlight the DLSS smoothing mode (the name is an abbreviation of the term Deep Learning Super Sampling).

This algorithm is a logical development of the TAA smoothing method because it does not always work perfectly and is the cause of artifacts.

Unlike TAA, the Deep Learning Super Sampling mode allows you to display games in 4K with a maximum level of detail, with a higher FPS value and without annoying jerks.

The only caveat is that the DLSS method is innovation and requires its implementation in games directly by its developers. An example of the operation of this algorithm can see on the example of the game Final Fantasy XV.

  • Capable of 4K all the gaming at 60fps
  • DLSS is another exciting and highly efficient feature with a ton of potential
  • Sets a new bar quality for single-GPU performance
  • Only of the real option for 4K PC gaming


The new flagship from NVIDIA allows you to run absolutely all games at the time of their release with a stable 60 FPS in 4K resolution.

True, sometimes with a slight adjustment of the settings. As for the NVIDIA RTX function, it will be possible to talk about this later.

When at least several game projects with support for this option will be released, and when it will be possible to test them “live.”

Most likely, in 2018, the model considered in this review will remain the top one.

But next year, it is quite possible that NVIDIA will announce something new, such as TITAN RTX, on a full-fledged, not “trimmed” version of the TU102 core.




We bring to your attention the most comprehensive list of comparative testing of NVIDIA video processors.

The review presents video cards for both desktop computers and laptops.

The test carries out in the most famous and popular benchmark, 3Dmark. In the table, you can see the rating of the video card and compare its performance with other models.

For a complete picture, the release date and price of the graphics adapter also indicate. A dash in the column indicates the lack of information at present.

A value of “n / a” means that NVIDIA has not officially announced the price of this video card.

More graphics cards and can also see their pricing and rating.


RatingModelDevices3Dmark Fire StrikeRelease datePrice in USA
1GTX TITAN Zdesktop3514105/28/14$2999
2NVIDIA TITAN Xpdesktop309502017/04$ 1200
7NVIDIA TITAN X Pascaldesktop272702016/08$ 1199
2NVIDIA TITAN RTXdesktop342802018/12$ 2499
8GeForce RTX 2080 Mobilelaptop251802019/01n / a
3GeForce RTX 2080 Tidesktop310902018/09$ 999
4GeForce RTX 2080 SUPERdesktop286802019/07$ 699
5GeForce RTX 2080desktop280502018/09$ 699
16GeForce RTX 2070 Mobilelaptop203902019/01n / a
9GeForce RTX 2070 SUPERdesktop238302019/07$ 499
10GeForce RTX 2070desktop223102018/09$ 499
22GeForce RTX 2060 Mobilelaptop186302019/01n / a
13GeForce RTX 2060 SUPERdesktop214202019/07$ 399
17GeForce RTX 2060desktop202402019/01$ 350
60GeForce MX350 newlaptop43502020/02n / a
71GeForce MX250laptop37102019/02n / a
72GeForce MX150laptop36902017/05n / a
95GeForce MX130laptop18102018/01n / a
117GeForce MX110laptop12952018/01n / a
fifteenGeForce GTX TITAN Zdesktop207502014/03$ 2999
14GeForce GTX TITAN Xdesktop207802015/03$ 999
32GeForce GTX TITAN Blackdesktop118002014/02$ 999
35GeForce GTX TITANdesktop116502013/02$ 999
40GeForce GTX 980Mlaptop96602014/10n / a
21GeForce GTX 980 Tidesktop187202015/06$ 649
27GeForce GTX 980desktop139262014/09$ 549
47GeForce GTX 970Mlaptop74602014/10n / a
31GeForce GTX 970desktop118902014/09$ 329
57GeForce GTX 965Mlaptop56902015/01n / a
61GeForce GTX 960Mlaptop43102015/02n / a
45GeForce GTX 960desktop78102015/01$ 200
77GeForce GTX 950Mlaptop31602015/03n / a
53GeForce GTX 950desktop61802015/08$ 159
52GeForce GTX 880Mlaptop60902014/03n / a
58GeForce GTX 870Mlaptop46902014/03n / a
69GeForce GTX 860Mlaptop38902014/03n / a
79GeForce GTX 850Mlaptop30802014/03n / a
55GeForce GTX 780Mlaptop52402013/05n / a
33GeForce GTX 780 Tidesktop117802013/11$ 699
37GeForce GTX 780desktop108102013/05$ 649
75GeForce GTX 770Mlaptop33402013/05n / a
42GeForce GTX 770desktop88602013/05$ 399
83GeForce GTX 765Mlaptop24702013/05n / a
87GeForce GTX 760Mlaptop22702013/05n / a
54GeForce GTX 760desktop59502013/06$ 250
62GeForce GTX 750 Tidesktop42902014/02$ 149
74GeForce GTX 750desktop35602014/02$ 119
29GeForce GTX 690desktop131002012/03$ 999
59GeForce GTX 680MXlaptop44502012/10n / a
65GeForce GTX 680Mlaptop40402012/06n / a
46GeForce GTX 680desktop75802012/03$ 408
81GeForce GTX 675MXlaptop28202012/10n / a
85GeForce GTX 675Mlaptop23202012/03n / a
84GeForce GTX 670MXlaptop23602012/10n / a
92GeForce GTX 670Mlaptop19502012/03n / a
48GeForce GTX 670desktop72462012/05$ 330
99GeForce GTX 660Mlaptop17402012/03n / a
56GeForce GTX 660 Tidesktop54202012/08$ 299
63GeForce GTX 660desktop42802012/09$ 229
67GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boostdesktop38102013/03$ 170
76GeForce GTX 650 Tidesktop31402012/10$ 130
91GeForce GTX 650desktop20102012/09$ 110
51GeForce GTX 590desktop62502011/03$ 699
90GeForce GTX 580Mlaptop21202011/06n / a
39GeForce GTX 580 ASUS MarsIIdesktop99502011/06n / a
64GeForce GTX 580desktop40802010/11$ 499
111GeForce GTX 570Mlaptop14802011/06n / a
68GeForce GTX 570desktop37902010/12$ 349
119GeForce GTX 560Mlaptop11602011/05n / a
66GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448desktop38602011/11$ 289
78GeForce GTX 560 Tidesktop31102011/01$ 249
96GeForce GTX 560 SEdesktop18072011/05n / a
80GeForce GTX 560desktop29902011/05$ 199
97GeForce GTX 555 OEMdesktop17982011/07n / a
102GeForce GTX 550 Tidesktop16202011/03$ 149
93GeForce GTX 485Mlaptop18942010/01n / a
105GeForce GTX 480Mlaptop15452010/05n / a
70GeForce GTX 480desktop37902010/03$ 499
115GeForce GTX 470Mlaptop14052010/11n / a
82GeForce GTX 470desktop27502010/03$ 349
88GeForce GTX 465desktop22702010/05$ 279
126GeForce GTX 460Mlaptop9602010/09n / a
86GeForce GTX 460 v2desktop22902010/11$ 199
98GeForce GTX 460 SEdesktop17852010/11$ 240
89GeForce GTX 460desktop22502010/07$ 229
25GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Mobilelaptop147802019/04n / a
19GeForce GTX 1660 Tidesktop198302019/02$ 279
23GeForce GTX 1660 SUPERdesktop183502019/10$ 229
26GeForce GTX 1660desktop146802019/03$ 219
41GeForce GTX 1650 Mobilelaptop92332019/04n / a
28GeForce GTX 1650 SUPERdesktop135602019/11$ 159
38GeForce GTX 1650desktop107602019/04$ 149
12GeForce GTX 1080 Mobilelaptop214902016/08n / a
6GeForce GTX 1080 Tidesktop278002017/10$ 699
11GeForce GTX 1080desktop218402016/05$ 599
24GeForce GTX 1070 Mobilelaptop179602016/09n / a
18GeForce GTX 1070 Tidesktop200602017/11$ 449
20GeForce GTX 1070desktop191602016/06$ 399
36GeForce GTX 1060 Mobilelaptop115002016/08n / a
50GeForce GTX 1050 Mobilelaptop63702017/01n / a
43GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Mobilelaptop79002017/01n / a
44GeForce GTX 1050 Tidesktop78902016/10$ 139
49GeForce GTX 1050desktop67902016/10$ 109
107GeForce GTS 450desktop15302010/09$ 129
104GeForce GT 750Mlaptop15702013/04n / a
109GeForce GT 745Mlaptop15202013/04n / a
122GeForce GT 740Mlaptop11402013/03n / a
124GeForce GT 735Mlaptop10202013/04n / a
125GeForce GT 730Mlaptop10002013/01n / a
129GeForce GT 720Mlaptop8202013/04n / a
114GeForce GT 650Mlaptop14102012/03n / a
121GeForce GT 645Mlaptop11502012/03n / a
94GeForce GT 645desktop18232012/06n / a
129GeForce GT 640M LElaptop8702012/03n / a
108GeForce GT 640 GDDR5desktop15202012/06n / a
112GeForce GT 640 DDR3desktop14702012/06n / a
135GeForce GT 635Mlaptop7402011/12n / a
136GeForce GT 630Mlaptop7202011/12n / a
133GeForce GT 630desktop7822012/05$ 60
139GeForce GT 620Mlaptop7102012/03n / a
130GeForce GT 555Mlaptop8002011/01n / a
137GeForce GT 550Mlaptop7202011/01n / a
138GeForce GT 540Mlaptop7102011/01n / a
140GeForce GT 525Mlaptop6802011/01n / a
131GeForce GT 445Mlaptop7952010/09n / a
132GeForce GT 440desktop7902011/02$ 90
73GeForce GT 1030desktop35902017/05$ 70
100GeForce 940MX GDDR5laptop17402016/03n / a
101GeForce 940MX DDR3laptop16202016/03n / a
103GeForce 940Mlaptop16202015/03n / a
110GeForce 930MXlaptop15702016/03n / a
113GeForce 930Mlaptop14502015/03n / a
118GeForce 920MXlaptop12802016/03n / a
120GeForce 920Mlaptop11602015/01n / a
106GeForce 840Mlaptop15302014/03n / a
116GeForce 830Mlaptop13902014/03n / a
127GeForce 820Mlaptop8902014/01n / a
134GeForce 710Mlaptop7692013/04n / a
123GeForce 640Mlaptop10842012/03n / a



Before buying a video card, you need to decide what it is for which one that is best suited for your needs.

If it is not of fundamental importance for the user to create the chip, then it becomes possible to choose the number of graphics adapters.

It will work most of which can serve as gaming ones, which means that they meet the most stringent requirements.

We hope Gtx Titan Z Vs 2080 Ti comparison will like it. Let’s put the feedback and your reviews.

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