Mount & Blade 2 – Banner Lord: Medieval role-playing game goes steep on Steam

We would have thought: On Steam, an Early Access Game blossomed just an absolute flyer. The medieval role-playing game “Mount & Blade 2 – Bannerlord” has been available in an unfinished preliminary version since March 30, 2020. Despite its lavish price of 49.99 euros, gamers rush for the title in thousands. The rush was so big at times that the steam shop collapsed under demand. In the meantime, the dust has cleared and reveals phenomenal user numbers. Just a few hours after its release, Steam statistics showed that more than 178,000 gamblers were roaming the game’s battlefields at the same time. New record this year!

Mount & Blade 2: more successful than Doom & Co.

With this rush, “Mount & Blade 2 – Bannerlord” leaves even top-class blockbuster releases behind.
For example, ” Doom Eternal ” “only” had around 105,000 players and the role-playing game ” Wolcen – Lords of Mayhem ” also remained at around 128,000 Gamers behind the success of “Mount & Blade 2.”
This dream start came somewhat unexpectedly. After all, the also popular predecessor “Mount & Blade – Warband” only achieved a fraction of these user numbers when it was released in 2010.
It remains to be seen what developers TaleWorlds Make entertainment out of this steep template. “Mount & Blade 2” focuses primarily on impressively staged battles. The game will be available on Steam until April 13, 2020, at a special price of 44.99 euros.

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