PUBG Season 10 brings a new map

The PUBG devs have shared the details of Battle Royale Season 10, which is already available on the test PC server. The main innovation is the Haven map with an area of ​​only one square kilometre, which will only be available during Season 10.
Haven accommodates up to 32 players in duo and duo modes for one. Match duration is shorter than on other maps, and players receive roughly 70% BP compared to standard matches on other maps.
The main feature of Haven was the enemy faction, the Pillar Organization, under the control of artificial intelligence. Guards and commanders guard specific areas of the map, including the Pillar Supplies, which replace airdrops. To open them, you need keys, which can only be obtained by defeating the commander.
pubg season 10
When attacked, the guards and commanders call in a reconnaissance helicopter, which, in turn, will signal the Pillar tactical truck. The authors note that the tactical truck cannot be destroyed.
In addition, in the new season, players will find spare disposable parachutes that can only be found on the Haven map, a new Survivor Pass, an updated ranked season, and much more. A complete list of innovations.
The tenth season of PUBG starts on December 16th on PC and the 17th on consoles.

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