Steam broke its own record of the most concurrent players

None of us is probably excited about the ongoing epidemic of COVID-19, but on the other hand, it is in the most difficult times that human history is often written. Steam again broke its own record in the number of active users.

Almost a month ago, Steam began to break its records in the number of most active users in one moment. We are talking about more than 20 million accounts at one time.

The latest record was reached over the weekend with 24,535,923 online users – a stunning figure, according to Stream. However, taking into account the global continuing course of the epidemic, the numbers can be expected to increase.

And that’s why Valve made a few changes to make Steam adapt to the traffic so it can keep the service running. Steam now postpones updates for games you haven’t played for a few days. Valve still has a download speed limit, but other platforms, such as the Playstation Network, have had it for some time.

However, it should be noted that the Coronavirus Steady epidemic certainly helps, especially for free games. For example, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has recently seen several historic jumps, inactive players. We can only guess how far the numbers climb, but we can expect to hear about Steam in the early weeks.  

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