Valheim found a bug that destroys worlds

The head of the Iron Gate studio, Richard Svensson, announced on his Twitter that a dangerous bug has been noticed in the co-op survival simulator Valheim . He is able to completely delete the player’s world, and the lost world cannot be restored: the only way is to start all over again.
The developers are determined to fix this bug, but so far they cannot reliably reproduce it. And this does not allow you to get to the source of the bug.
It has been noticed that the erasing of worlds occurs most often when you exit the game using the Alt + F4 keys. So before reporting a bug fix, all players are encouraged to use the main menu. And also make a backup copy of your data: they are located at C: \ Users \ Username \ AppData \ LocalLow \ IronGate \ Valheim.
Valheim went into early access on Steam on February 2, with sales of the game exceeding a million copies in its first week . The feedback from the players is extremely positive . And the studio is already working on the first major updates.

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