World of Warcraft Shadowlands DLC Premiere & Release Time

Today, on the night of November 24, at 2:00 Moscow time, a new chapter in the World of Warcraft universe will be launched. Shadowland will be the eighth expansion for this popular MMORPG. The expansion will allow you to visit the lands of the same name, which will consist of four new play zones. Players are waiting for new quest chains, dungeons and raids. It should be noted that the first raid will appear only on December 8th.

The expansion’s plot begins with the moment when Sylvanas defeats the Lich King and destroys his crown, as a result of which the barrier separating the worlds of mortals and the dead is broken. The greatest heroes embark on a journey to the underworld, to the “Shadow Lands”, wanting to uncover the secrets of a conspiracy that can destroy all that exists, as well as to save the souls of legendary heroes.

Shadowlands – will not make any major changes to the general mechanics of the game, however, many things have been reworked. So, the levels of the characters will be “squeezed” – the 120 existing levels will turn into 60, and the players with the maximum level will start the supplement from the 50th. Changes will also affect some class skills, which should better balance the game in new realities.

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One of the most interesting innovations, of course, will be the ability to explore a vast new region, with new characters, stories and mobs to farm. In the Shadowlands, there will be four factions with which you can cooperate and complete tasks for them, and the reward will provide special opportunities that give our character new strength

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