Best CPU cooler for i9 9900k [ Air and AIO Cooler ]

Which is the Best CPU cooler for i9 9900k? Just want to get the most out of your gaming PC, you can’t avoid a good CPU cooler. Because standard coolers quickly become very warm and especially loud when the CPU is loaded a little more.

We have found the best CPU coolers, whether air coolers, low-profile, single towers, or large double towers. Do you get a classic technical CPU i9 9900k cooler test here? No, but we have read and summarized current CPU cooler tests for you.

Recommended Best CPU Cooler For I9 9900ks – Mid-Range

Dual tower coolers are chunky processor coolers with two fans and a large heat sink. We only recommend these beasts if you want to overclock your CPU.

Below all, make sure that you have enough space in the housing. Double-tower processor coolers often have the dimensions of an ITX board.

With two active heat sinks and fans, dual-tower coolers are much larger and heavier than their single tower counterparts.

Larger fans (140mm vs. 120mm) with higher RPM values ​​usually install here, which means better cooling can achieve.

The best air cooler for i9 9900k in this category can easily compete with 240mm water coolers—definitely the strongest, but also the most expensive CPU cooler on the market.




Noctua NH-D15

Deepcool Assassin III

ARCTIC Freezer 34 Esports DUO

Thermalright HR-02 Macho Rev. B

Dark Rock 4

Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black

Noctua NH-D15 – Best CPU air cooler for i9 9900k

Noctua NH-D15 Best CPU cooler for i9 9900k

Our recommendation for the best CPU cooler 2020: Still the Noctua NH-D15.

The items had already received over 350 international awards from leading hardware magazines around the world; the D15 builds on the same concept and even improves it.

The high cooling efficiency and improved heat distribution due to larger fin spacing’s are particularly worth mentioning.

Best aio for 9900k design for low temperatures with low noise. Therefore it doesn’t matter for CPU cooler whether you want to overclock or whether your PC should just run smoothly.

The fans support PWM so that you can control the speed of the fans manually.

The D15 is a beast when it comes to CPU cooling: 6 aluminum heat sinks arranged in two cooling towers give the CPU enough air circulation for overclocking.

But not only for the CPU: The large fans also easily reach the mainboard and surrounding components, which further optimizes cooling performance and air flows, and efficiently dissipates heat.

The Noctua D-15 is used in the cooling performance almost ran to the water cooling systems. In Tweak town’s CPU cooler test, only the five water coolers tested are better.

In overclocking mode, the Noctua D-15 keeps the CPU (i9-9900Ks) nice and cool at 69 ° Celsius.

The best air cooler for i9 9900k only achieves a slight 2 ° better cooling performance. In our tests, the NH-D15 can still hold an overclocked i9-9900Ks at 80 ° C.

The best thing is: the whole thing runs at a smooth 35 dB noise level under full load with 12V. It is no wonder that the D15 ends with top scores in the test.

In the Tom hardware test, the cooler for the i9-9900Ks reaches a temperature of 49 ° when overclocked to 4.0 GHz (1.2 V) and is only beaten by a few degrees here with two water coolers.

The volume is in a top range with 33 dB.

Accordingly, the Noctua D-15 is one of the best air coolers or CPU coolers on the market.



Cooling SystemAir
Weight1,320 g
Backlight colorNo backlight
Minimum speed300 rpm
Maximal speed1,500 rpm
Maximum noise24.6 dB
Air flow82.5 CFM (140.17 m3 / h)
Speed ​​controlAutomatic speed control
Fan diameter140 mm
AMD SocketAM2, AM2 +, AM3, AM3 +, AM4, FM1, FM2, FM2 +
Intel Socket1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 2011, 2011-3, 2066
Number of heat pipe6 ×
  • Includes two 140mm fans as standard
  • Six-year warranty
  • Excellent build quality
  • Brown
  • Little Costly

Deepcool Assassin III – Most Powerful CPU Cooler For I9-9900K

Deepcool Assassin III

With the Assassin III, Deepcool has (finally) taken the Noctua NH-D15’s rank as the most powerful high-end air cooler on the market.

So good news for all overclockers who finally want something other than beige and brown in their case.

However, a Best air cooler for i9 9900k, according to the tests, the differences in performance are only marginal, so Noctua fans do not have to switch immediately.

Also, keep in mind that the Deepcool Assassin III is a bit more expensive than the Noctua top dog.

In terms of cooling performance, the Assassin III initially beats the Noctua DH-15 by only 1-2 ° C in the open-air benchmarks from Kit guru.

Where the Assassin III assassinates the Noctua is in the case performance when there is a good deal of GPU load, heat, and higher CPU speeds (i9-9900K to 4.9 GHz).

In these scenarios, the Assassin takes the Noctua down to 7 ° C. However; the Assassin III is a good 2 dB louder under load.

The Assassin III is also a winner in terms of aesthetics – the combination of polished cooling fins and black fans gives it the decisive advantage over the brown Noctua NH-D15 (a matter of taste, of course).

The high processing quality of the Assassin III is convincing for CPU cooler for i9 9900ks: the materials used, the nickel plating, and the fans are all of very high quality.

Only when installing in combination with high RAM, can you be careful and possibly position the fans a little higher.

All in all, there is nothing to complain about except for the extremely high price.



Cooling SystemAir
Backlight colorNo backlight
Minimum speed300 rpm
Maximal speed1,400 rpm
Maximum noise24.6 dB
Air flow82.5 CFM (140.17 m3 / h)
Speed ​​controlAutomatic speed control
Fan diameter133.4mm
AMD SocketFM2(+), FM1, AM2(+), AM3(+), AM4
Intel Socket115x, 1366, 2011x, 2066
Number of heat pipe7 ×


  • Heat dissipation up to 280W TDP.
  • Fast “Four Step installation” mounting kit
  • None

ARCTIC Freezer 34 Esports DUO – Best AIO For 9900k

ARCTIC Freezer 34 Esports DUO

The ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports DUO may not be the “best” CPU cooler in a certain category, but ARCTIC has found the right solution for an affordable all-around cooler.

The main reason for great is that, in contrast to the previous model, you not only get performance improvements, a tolerable noise level, and a cooler with options for many systems but also that the costs drop massively.

Aesthetically, we like the change from louvers to the ARCTIC name and logo on the top of the radiator. Also, more fins and BioniX P120 fans have been added, which can move more air through the more massive tower.

While many question the one-degree increase in performance over its predecessor, it’s more about which coolers the Freezer 34 competes directly with i9-9900k.

Because even though the thermal results do not look so intoxicating, this quickly becomes relative when you consider that the Freezer 34 eSports DUO can keep up with some AIOs. And at a third of the cost.

Arctic eSports Duo on an i9 9900k, and compared to our top recommendations above, it loses a good 3 ° C in standard operation and a good 7 ° C under load. However, the part just costs less than half, ergo not so bad.

If you are looking for a cheap dual CPU cooler that also does a good job, you will be happy with it. Not suitable for extreme OC scenarios.



Weight764 g
MaximumTDP 210 W
Backlight colorNo backlight
RGB controlDoes not support
Minimum speed200 rpm
Maximal speed2,100 rpm
Maximum noise24.4 dB
Speed ​​controlAutomatic speed control
Fan diameter120 mm
AMD SocketAM4
Intel Socket1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 2011-3, 2066
Number of heat pipe4 ×
Width124 mm
Height157 mm
Depth103 mm


  • Cheap CPU cooler
  • Low noise
  • Not suitable for extreme OC scenarios

Thermalright HR-02 Macho Rev. B – Best CPU Cooler under $ 50

Thermalright HR-02 Macho Rev. B

With the Thermalright HR-02 Macho Rev. B, you get a CPU cooler with sensational price-performance that keeps your CPU cool in every situation.

And with a very stylish design and easy installation.

Thermalright didn’t just take an old cooler at Rev. B of the Macho and recolored it a bit. Instead, they have further developed and improved the design of the Macho Rev. A.

It is not without reason that the macho is one of the most popular CPU coolers. You can find out why this is the case below in the performance values.

For the thermal results, we again refer to a test. The guys tested the Macho Rev. B on an i9-9900K.

When idle, it is 52 ° C and thus only 3 ° C behind a Noctua DH-15, in OC mode then 72.7 ° C and just under 4 ° C warmer than your DH15.

Ergo everything perfectly within the framework of half the purchase price of a DH15!

When the noise of Macho Rev. B surprised completely and, at 24 dB (idle) and 36 dBA (load) or less on the same level as a DH15.

Best CPU air cooler result in particular shows how much you get here for your coal!

With the Macho Rev.B, Thermalright proves that you don’t need a double tower cooler, water cooling, or any other 50 USD solution to get good cooling at low volume.

So if you’re looking for a very good mid-range cooler, you’ve found it!



Weight720 g
Backlight colorNo backlight
Minimum speed300 rpm
Maximal speed1,300 rpm
Minimal noise15 dB
Maximum noise21 dBA
Air flow16.9 – 73.6 CFM
Fan diameter120 mm
AMD SocketAM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2, FM2+
Intel SocketLGA775, LGA1150, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1366, LGA2011
Number of heat pipe6 ×
Width152 mm
Height102.5 mm
Depth162 mm


  • Good performance
  • Almost completely silent
  • Above-average clearance
  • Option to mount the second fan
  • Zero Clearance Issues
  • Memory clearance could be better
  • Encroaches on the first expansion slot
  • One year warranty

Dark Rock 4 – Best air cooler for i9 9900k

Dark Rock 4 best cpu cooler for i9 9900k

The Dark Rock 4 is an extremely stylish cooler with a great ratio between cooling power and volume.

Due to its great look, it perfectly fits all builds and, thanks to its quiet performance, offers good cooling for mid-range systems.

Dark Rock 4 on an i9-9900K. At idle, it is cool 27 ° C, under 100% load it goes up to 65 ° C and thus about 6 ° C warmer than an NH-D15.

Can you use the Dark Rock 4 with an i9-9900K? Yes, without any restrictions.

In an AIDA64 stress test, a system with i9-9900K at 77 ° C ran on basic clocking, which is acceptable (a Ryzen 2700X at 61 ° C). Overclocked, however, then goes up to 91 ° C, which is extremely extreme.

Where the Dark Rock 4 can score is the noise level. With 31 dBA under load, it is one of the quietest CPU coolers on the market.

The newer Dark Rock 4 offers a very nice combination of aesthetics, fantastic acoustics, and reasonable cooling performance.

Therefore, the Dark Rock 4 aims at people who want a quiet CPU cooler and don’t expect an overclockable beast (even if it is still capable of it).

Although a Best aio for 9900k, you can also overclock with the Dark Rock 4, we wouldn’t recommend you to do it with absolute high-end processors like an i9.

If you stick to this concept, every modern processor will cool to appropriate values ​​with this cooler. And the best thing is that he is completely silent.



Weight920 g
Maximum TDP200 W
Backlight colorNo backlight
Maximal speed1,400 rpm
Maximum noise21.4 dB
Speed ​​controlAutomatic speed control
Fan diameter135 mm
AMD SocketAM2, AM2 +, AM3, AM3 +, AM4, FM1, FM2, FM2 +
Intel Socket1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066
Number of heat pipe6 ×
Width136 mm
Height1,594 mm
Depth963 mm



  • For a large air cooler, the design is very sleek.
  • Exceptionally quiet performance.
  • The mounting design is massively better.
  • A genuine high-performance air cooler.
  • None


Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black – Best AIO For 9900k

Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black

The Hyper 212 from Cooler Master is back and now has an elegant, black brushed gunmetal aluminum finish with cool lighting.

Overall, the Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition offers loyal followers of the Hyper 212 line new possibilities for PC builds.

Keep in mind, however, that this cooler will not break any cooling records at high overclocking, nor will it unduly affect load temperatures.

Regarding the cooling performance, the Hyper 212 RGB can hold an Intel Core i9-9900K CPU at 4.2 GHz at 70 ° C according to the tests from Tom hardware; a Dark Rock 4 achieves 64 ° C with the same setup. He can only do the whole thing with a much louder operation at around 28 dBA under load; a Dark Rock 4 only has 23 dBA.

The Hyper 212 RGB itself can overclock an i9-9900K (4.7 GHz) in Prime95 below 90 ° C., So you see, the part has potential depending on the setup.

Nevertheless, you must consider that the Hyper 212 costs half as much as a Dark Rock 4. Ergo, the new Hyper 212 from a Cooler master is an absolute price-performance recommendation.

Best CPU air cooler for i9 9900k has given its workhorse cooler Hyper 212 an RGB function, creating the ultimate successor to the tried and tested Hyper 212 line.

The RGB edition also delivers slightly better thermal results than its predecessors, but the additional functions do not mean a premium. We praise that!



Weight920 g
Maximum TDP200 W
Backlight colorNo backlight
Maximal speed1,400 rpm
Maximum noise21.4 dB
Speed ​​controlAutomatic speed control
Fan diameter135 mm
AMD SocketAM2, AM2 +, AM3, AM3 +, AM4, FM1, FM2, FM2 +
Intel Socket1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066
Number of heat pipe6 ×
Width136 mm
Height1,594 mm
Depth963 mm
  • Fan Noise low Level
  • Great Cooling systems
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • None


Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)


Buyer Guide: What is the best CPU air cooler?


Finding the Best CPU cooler for i9 9900ks for your system is not easy, but we will tell you in our purchase advice and FAQ what you need to pay attention to air cooler.

A CPU cooler is a purchase that will last you for many years.

Therefore, it is always worth the investment because CPU coolers do not change much over the years and can use again and again (for example, in other PCs). The only thing you sometimes have to change is the thermal paste.

Below we have put together the best tips for CPU cooling. After that, you’re guaranteed not to go wrong with your purchase!

CPU Cooler Buying Tips


You don’t like any of our CPU fan recommendations, and you are still looking? Then pay attention to the following tips before you buy a CPU cooler. You should pay attention to these points:

  • Pay attention to the TDP values: Regardless of which cooler you won’t – always check the TDP rating. In many cases, the air and AIO refrigerators’ specifications also include the TDP rating (how much heat the cooler can dissipate). If your processor’s TDP is higher than specified in your cooler, the CPU may be throttling, or the fan may be running loud all the time (or both).


  • Heat Sink: The larger the heat sink, the easier it can dissipate heat. Therefore, a larger base plate area means better heat transfer from the CPU to the heat pipes


  • Materials: Copper has approximately twice the thermal conductivity compared to aluminum. Accordingly, copper heat sinks are simply a better choice.


  • Several heat pipes and their diameter: As a general rule: the more heat pipes, the better the cooling.
  • Watch your CPU TDP: fans have TDP ratings in watts. Your heat sink/fan combination should best exceed the TDP value of your processor.


  • For people with Ryzen CPU: You may not have to buy an extra cooler to overclock. All modern processors of the Ryzen 3000 and 2000 series (as well as some older models) come with well-boxed coolers, and many of them can handle moderate OCs. If you want the best possible CPU clock speed, you still have to buy an aftermarket cooler, but for many Ryzen owners, this isn’t necessary.


  • Measure distances: If you choose a large air cooler (like the double towers above), make sure to check the distances in your case before buying. Large coolers, in particular, can sometimes run into large RAM and even the VRM heat sink. Large coolers can also cause problems with the clearance of the cabinet door or window.


  • Cool and loud: Remember that in otherwise identical conditions, more fans mean better cooling, but also more noise. The coolers with the best cooling performance are often also the loudest. If fan noise is a problem for you, get a cooler that reconciles the two.


  • RGB optional, please: RGB lighting can be cool, but make sure there is a way to turn it off. Either via an integrated controller or when connecting the cooler to a compatible RGB header. If you are watching a movie or want to play a horror game, the lighting can be annoying.

What are the best materials for CPU coolers?


The fact is that air has low thermal conductivity. It is, therefore, logical that you cannot simply blow air on the CPU for first-class cooling.

On the other hand, copper and aluminum have excellent properties for producing a heat sink for overclocking.

But which material makes the better heat sink?


Objectively speaking, copper is the best material for the CPU cooler heat sink. Aluminum is the cheaper alternative and can still achieve good cooling performance depending on the model.

Still, that doesn’t change the fact that copper ensures the best heat transfer.

That is why we always recommend copper Heatsink and heat pipes; the cooling fins can make of aluminum.

Despite the differences between copper and aluminum, other factors play a role in the overall cooling performance of your system (e.g., fan quality, airflow in the housing, surface finish of the heat sink, and contact plate).

That means you should include all of these points in your decision and not just pay attention to the material.




So we only provide you with the most important details and save you page-long technical fuss. Nevertheless, we had some CPU coolers in our test.

The following air cooler gives you a quick overview of our selected Best CPU cooler for i9 9900ks recommendations.

We have mentioned above the six products of CPU air cooler for i9-9900k.

Here we list the above best CPU coolers that are currently on the market and which are compatible with current Intel and AMD CPUs.

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