How to control graphics settings in PUBG for Android

Control graphics settings in PUBG: PC games are built to work in different settings. There are systems with different capabilities and hardware, so games, especially big titles, will include settings that allow people to play even if their device is not the best on the market.

For mobile games, it’s a little harder to manage; not all have potent processors, not all have good screens, some could catch fire and others could run an older version of the operating system.

The same version applies to the mobile version of Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. When playing on the iPhone, you must stick to the default FPS and graphics settings.

However, on Android, you can install the PUBG Graphics Tool and control the graphics settings to PUGB. You do not need a rooted device to do this.

Tips to control graphics settings in PUBG

Here we will show the best graphics settings for PUBG in mobile versions. This is a common issue which is every newbie player face, so don’t worry because we cover each point in this article.

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Set FPS and graphics to PUBG

Download the PUBG graphical tool and open it. Before you change the PUBG graphics settings using this app, it is a good idea to check the screen resolution of your device.

The application allows you to set the screen resolution under “Graphics,” FPS, HD style, and enable or disable shadows. These are all the controls that the application offers. Select the settings from the available ones and click Accept to apply them.


That’s about it. Quit and start the game and play it as usual. You may or may not see any improvement. The app can make the game look better, but remember that your processor will still play a role in how good a game will look. We say that if you play this game on Nokia 3, don’t compare it to your friend who plays it on Samsung S9 +.

Graphics in the game

PUBG also has graphics settings in the game. They are not the same as the PUBG graphical tool, but you can still check them. Open the game on your phone and touch the gear at the top right.




On the Settings screen, scroll to Graphics. Customize any graphics settings available to you. If your device is a mid-range or low-cost phone, the Ultra HD option may not appear in the game settings. Or If you change any of these settings, you will need to quit and restart the game to apply the new settings.




If the settings don’t look good, you can reset them by clicking the Refresh Screen button at the bottom of this screen.

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