FIFA 22 infuriates PC gamers

FIFA 22 infuriates PC gamers by confirming that the computer version will be worse than the PS5 and Xbox Series version

The problems keep popping up after the announcement of FIFA 22, this time with the discontent of the PC gaming community.FIFA 22

Many players were waiting for it and yet the announcement of FIFA 22 is not being as satisfying as expected. After all, the company has confirmed bad news for Nintendo Switch players and even for the pockets of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X players. While it looked like that’s where the thing was going to end, it’s finally been confirmed that this isn’t going to get any better for PC gamers.

Recently there was talk that there would be a graphical improvement that the new generation of consoles and Stadia will have included. However, PC gamers will not have access to it. At least that’s what the company has indicated and this news, as the community has already shown, is not that I’m liking too much, but they’ve even started a subreddit to complain directly.

As they state in the message, PC gamers don’t want to buy a new console, but keep making the most of the game play on PC. Therefore, they have not hesitated to show their dissatisfaction and say that they must seek some kind of solution for this to change. At least with the intention that the company will not leave them behind and limit them only to the version that will be available in the current generation, that is, the same as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

There are those who have the theory that this decision is limited only to some marketing. Despite this, they believe that the treatment is unfair and do not hesitate to show their displeasure with the decision. Therefore, they hope that they will finally opt for the change and end up confirming that the PC version will also enjoy the graphical and playable improvements. Be that as it may, it is clear that the player community is not willing to keep quiet.

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