Is your device lagging frequently? Use these tricks to free up space on your smartphone

If you are an Android user, you probably have faced those troublesome moments where your phone runs out of storage space and occasionally freezes.

Well, here are some tips to help you free up storage space on your smartphone.

Install the Google Files app

Despite the fact that Android smartphones have evolved over the decade, the problem of lag due to excessive use of RAM has continued to scare users. To keep the lag problem at bay, users generally download third-party apps. However, the problem keeps popping up from time to time on the device.

Interestingly, you don’t have to use most of the third-party app to solve the lag problem on the smartphone. The Google Files app can solve your lag problem on its own. This application is not only for cleaning files but also for file browsing, media consumption, and online file transfer. The app was launched by Google in 2017 and worked flawlessly on Android smartphones.

Clean / delete temporary files on your device.

Your phone’s cache plays a vital role by giving you faster access to websites, applications, and games. For those who are unknown, the cache stores copies of the data from frequently used memory locations. Deleting cache files from the phone storage will clean up much of the internal space on the phone. You can open your device settings and clear the cache of the apps you don’t use.

Using alternate storage memory

Using an alternative storage memory on your smartphone can save a lot of space. Multimedia files such as images, videos, or sound can be stored in Google Drive or any other space in the cloud. Considering the cheap fees charged by cloud storage services, it is very convenient to store data online. This reduces the unnecessary burden on your phone.

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