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You may have noticed how many streamers have started playing GTA, however, it looks different than yours. So there are 2 options. They either use visual modes or play through FiveM. Would you like to try something similar too? Then you are in the right place because today I will show you how to start the GTA 5 Rp (roleplay), whether in GTA or in another game.

GTA 5 rp


What is roleplay?

Roleplay (RP) is a way of playing a game where you play as a fictional character for whom you create a story. Much depends on the background of the server, you will not play the old wizard in the post-apocalyptic world. You can play roleplay in almost any game that has multiplayer. Whether it’s  GTA, DayZ, Rust, or ARK, it can be created everywhere. And you don’t have to use special servers for that, just connect and play like in real life.

roleplay in gta

What is FiveM?

If you’ve ever played San Andreas Multiplayer or SAMP for short, it works on the same principle. And if not,  FiveM is an unofficial extension to GTA V that will allow you to play on dedicated servers. You can find really everything here. From zombie servers, through various tycoons and drift servers, to the mentioned roleplay, which is the main component of the whole mode. If you want to know more, you can visit the official mode website.

fivem in GTA

How do I start with FiveM?

The basis is the legal PC version of the game. Yes, the consoles won’t play, but don’t worry, I’ll tell you later how you can try DP through the console. Furthermore, the model itself is required. Installation is really easy, but don’t be scared, because some antiviruses can detect the program as a threat. Avast also has a particular problem with FiveM, so make an exception for your mod to work properly. Once everything is updated and the launcher launches, you can start playing.

GTA Roleplay

Which server should I choose for GTA 5 RP?

It’s up to you. If you see that the server has a whitelist in the name, you must first find out how to get to it. This usually takes the form of an interview, according to which the admins assess whether you have the opportunity to play on the server. If you want to avoid being interviewed and want to go play now, then try a non-whitelist server. Of course, don’t expect the same quality of DP as on the whitelist, too, not everyone behaves appropriately, so this is sometimes reminded by GTA: Online. Be sure to read the rules on the new servers before starting to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

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I joined, what should I do now?

What you would do in normal life. First, I would start looking for a job. Whether via Twitter or going to people and asking questions. The more you communicate, the better for you. Over time, you will get used to it and you will be able to adapt to any situation in the game. Be sure to come up with a background for your character and try to control it. When you’re a car mechanic, don’t go to a plumber or IT company. You better try to find a service and ask for a job there. Of course, the game is not just about legal activities.

Many servers have a complex underworld that controls many gangs. And it’s not the easiest to get there. If your character is negative, look for a job on the black market. Or just go and steal the store. If you succeed, maybe one of the bigger gangs will notice you and take you into his ranks. Of course, it has its risks. One of the rivals can kill you, or worse, he will be able to cancel your entire character. Or the cops may catch you and end up in jail for a while.

Gangstar squad in GTA

What if I own a console?

The bad news is that FiveM is not available off the PC, so you won’t play on modified servers. But there are many bands that still play roleplay. I don’t know any of them personally in the Czech-Slovak scene, but if you don’t have a problem with English, you can try foreign groups. I started to like this myself, and it was a real leap when I switched to FiveM, but it was level and it met my expectations. Most of these communities operate on a whitelist principle. Furthermore, in-game storytelling is performed via  Discord, where players connect to one room and communicate with each other there. Different server rooms are ready for everything, more advanced servers can also have their own economy in place.

Police Mod in GTA 5 RP

In the conclusion of GTA 5 RP, I would add only one. Don’t be afraid to communicate with people, because that’s the basis. Be creative and try to play mainly for fun, not for in-game money. Because if you are only interested in how many fast cars you have, then you should play on economy servers, not DP. I would definitely start with a friend and leave the communication purely through the game, or I had a walkie-talkie done via Discord or TeamSpeak. Especially have fun because that’s the principle of the whole game. Find friends on Reddit and have fun with them.

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