What gaming Chair Does Shroud Use?

Shroud is one of the world’s best players in games like Fortnite, Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG), and CS: GO. A chair is an equally important part of the workplace of any person who works at a computer a lot of times during the day. In this article, we reveal Shroud’s secrets for what gaming Chair Does Shroud Use in the most popular gaming chairs and the shooter bio.

We all work with a computer, and sometimes we don’t notice what we are sitting on chairs.

Yes, in this article, we will explain which gaming chairs the shroud use.

Who is Shroud?

Shroud is a 22-year-old Canadian who became known after his stint in CS: GO competitive, with the US team Cloud9.

Currently, it does not compete in any of the games encompassed in the eSports universe.

However, Shroud is still a well-known player, especially for his Twitch live shows, a platform from which he broadcasts his games on PUBG and Fortnite, among others.


Shroud Career

Shroud has been considered one of the best “aimers” in the entire United States.

He began his professional career with the Slow Motion team. Later he played under the logo of Exertus and Manajuma, the latter team, in which he began to stand out for his aim.

Later he was signed by Complexity Gaming as a substitute. On August 1, 2014, the team acquired by Cloud9 and Shroud and his companions ended up in the ranks of the American giant, where he has played until August 2017.

He has currently decided to leave the competitive Counter-Strike and possibly leave Cloud9 to, according to him, explore new opportunities.

Shroud: Best player For Player unknown battle Background (PUBG)


It is not a coincidence that one of the best “aimers” in CS: GO is also one of Player Unknown Battlegrounds.

As an example of what he does, here is a series of videos where he demonstrates why he is considered one of the best players in PUBG and Fortnite.

Shroud: Net Worth


Shroud is a Twitch star and video game streamer. He has brilliant gaming skills because he is a former eSports player. Furthermore, he is exceptionally known for his role in Cloud9.

His in-game career was born playing for Manajuma, Slow Motion, Complexity, and Exertus.

During his tenure at Cloud9, he completed many tournaments and won over $ 200,000 in prizes. Consequently, that added to their coffers.

Those lucky enough to get lots of subscribers are also guaranteed to get lots of visits every time they upload videos to YouTube or any other platform.

Better yet, Twitch pays its active video transmitters $ 3,000 per 1,000 subscribers per month. No wonder the Shroud net worth has swelled up in no time because his efforts work for him even when he is sleeping.

You get paid for the number of subscribers you have on various online platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Shroud’s net worth is currently $ 4 million, and it continues to rise because he has invested online.


What gaming Chair Does Shroud Use? : The Aeron by Herman Miller

shroud gaming chair

Here is a novelty from Herman Miller, a leader in the furniture industry – the ergonomic chair Aeron Remastered.

That is why Shroud uses it.

Everyone’s favorite chair has become even more convenient and easy to set up thanks to the close-knit work of the chief designer and the best specialists in their field.

The mesh, lumbar support, adjustments, and color schemes of the Aeron chair have improved for gaming.

Posture Fit SL lower back support now covers even more of your back for maximum comfort, and intuitive adjustments switch easily and easily.

You can be sure that this chair, which you can buy in our online store, is by far the most ergonomic.

Aeron by Herman Miller’s policy is simple. If you are not completely satisfied with your chair for any reason, it can return for a refund.





We have a complete delicacy for you in the segment of ergonomic office chairs. Herman Miller Aeron is one of North America’s best-selling chairs. Shroud and Mark Zuckerberg even sit on it. It speaks to the perfect mastery of the design of a chair that can adapt to the human body’s shapes.



Designers Bill Stump and Don Chadwick used a completely revolutionary Pellicle mesh on the Herman Miller Aeron chair, which is perfectly aerated and maximally strong.



Independently adjustable armrests give you a feeling of relaxation even during more extended work performance.

The armrests of the Herman Miller Aeron chair can be tilted by 17.5 degrees to use the keyboard, or, conversely, tilted for more comfortable work with the mouse.



Posture Fit SL back support is the perfect solution for healthy spine posture, especially in the pelvic area. Of interest is the unique Kinemal mechanism, which ensures a smooth transition from an upright position to a bend.


  • Eight ergonomic zones on the backrest
  • Adjustable locking, including forwarding tilt
  • Patented breathable Pellicle material
  • Herman Miller Aeron with Posture Fit SL back support
  • Satisfied users of this chair include Mark Zuckerberg and Shroud use these chairs
  • Invariants with castors designed for hard and soft floors
  • The load capacity of the Herman Miller Aeron chair 104 kg




Type of coating materialFabric
Construction materialMetal
Wheel materialPlastic




Maximal load capacity104 kg




ArmrestsWith lumbar support, With armrests
WheelsOn the wheels
Surface according to the wheelsFor soft surfaces
CustomizationPositioning (with detent)




The Aeron By Herman Miller Specifications


MechanismKinemat® adjustable back elasticity + backrest limiter + forward angle adjuster (intuitive)
The sizeIn (Medium)
Base and baseGraphite
Lumbar supportAdjustable lumbar support Posture Fit SL
Pellicle MeshGraphite 8Z
ArmrestsBlack vinyl (adjustable)
CastorsFor carpet




Height cm106.7
Width cm67.8
Seat Width cm51.5
Seat depth cm43,2
Weight, kg22



Armchair Herman Miller Aeron Premastered
Warranty Card
  • Height Adjustment
  • Adjustable Arms
  • Vinyl Arm Pads
  • Rear Tilt Lock
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Incredibly breathable, comfortable, and supportive at all angles
  • Smooth-shifting between forward and reclining positions
  • Multiple size options to fit and support different body types uniquely
  • Accommodates a full range of motion
  • Costly


Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)


Are gaming chairs bad for your back?


It is not scary, this is normal, but the problem is that we do not notice a change in conditions and continue to sit in this position for another hour, two or more.

As a result, the load is not on the large and strong muscles, but the joints, tendons, and many small muscles.

Which, in the future guaranty to lead to a whole bunch of diseases with a common root of “synchondrosis.”

But I assure your shroud chairs will do not hurt.


Why are gaming chairs so uncomfortable?


A few words about physiology: your body’s main task is to ensure mobility and performance “here and now.”

Almost always with victims in the future. What happens when we sit in a chair?

A modern office man is physically poorly developed (this is true), so a prolonged tense posture (head stretched forward, eyes peering at the monitor, back rounded and skewed sideways.

Because one arm is limp and the other is actively moving, the mouse) leads to the fact that the spinal muscles cannot hold the correct position of the spine for more than one and a half to two hours.

They relax and release the ligamentous-articular apparatus.

To avoid injury, the body turns on the emergency mode of maintaining mobility and redistributes the vertical load so that.


Why are gaming chairs so expensive?

The reason lies not only in the bright, expensive cover with a well-known brand on the headrest.

Manufacturers spend more money on the purchase of components and assembly: cost increases, respectively, and their price increases. Gaming chairs are highly durable.

During tense moments of the Shroud gaming Chair, the carcass has a heavy load. Gaming seats can withstand more pressure. When assembling them, more durable crosses, rollers, and seat frames use.

Are all gaming chairs so bright and Long-life?

Bright – not all. In the assortment, there are versions with more strict colors: black, gray, and beige.

Long-life – everything. A massive back identifies the gaming chair, and all models have it. Without it, it loses its advantages; the lumbar support and headrest attached there.

The most expensive chair that we found costs almost round about 300 USD. It is Embody from the American company Herman Miller.

And it, by the way, does not stand out at all with bright coloring or logos in its entirety.

The manufacturer simply modestly declares that in this chair, even your heartbeat will be more rhythmic, and stress resistance will increase.



Buy a regular computer chair, but pay attention to the availability of opportunities in gaming chairs.

It is customization, a cushion for the lower back or a back with a bulge in this area, a reasonable head restraint, and a comfortable seat.

We have mentioned what gaming Chair Does Shroud Use and their features and chairs cons.

Less commonly found in conventional computer chairs is the ability to adjust the height of the armrests and the reclining backrest.

I hope you would like the article about What gaming Chair Does Shroud Use? So leave your quality feedback and suggestions if something are missing.

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