What Specs Do I Need For A Streaming PC? Best Guide Step By Step, 2022

What specs do I need for a streaming PC? It is a common most asked question by gamers who need help regarding this issue. This is a rising problem among streamers who want to build a PC that is suitable to play various amounts of games as well as stream them on Twitch or other platforms very easily.

The answer to this question is simple yet informative so you need to understand it very carefully before making any purchase. Today and the future is all about virtual interaction and connection buildups in addition to online entertainment through means of games, movies, or other enjoyments options.

All of this is available online and easily accessible. The same is the case with streaming sites such as twitch. In addition to twitch, there are other popular websites too such as Caffeine, Facebook Gaming, Mobcrush, Own cast, etc. all serving the same purpose of playing games while interacting with online communities. 

Twitch and other streaming platforms are an excellent way to interact with gamers. People love to stream games on twitch or other streaming platforms. Streaming is a rising trend. 

With many people now spending their free time streaming, we now have the opportunity to see everything from the games we want to play. 

But, what if you have an incompatible device to play and stream alike? That will be the biggest problem. Especially for someone who is a game lover. Getting left out because of not having the fulfilling requirements for streaming on PC can be disturbing and traumatizing critically for those who are obsessed with games.

Solution? Is to buy a laptop with compatible components inside to support streaming or build a PC from scratch according to the way you want! Here I will take you into the deep knowledge of specs required for streaming PC. This article will solve all your problems regarding this. 

Guide On What Specs Needed For A Streaming PC

What specs do I need for a streaming PC?


  • The processor is what powers your system and determines how fast it is. 
  • A good processor will have multiple cores and at least three threads, which are the basic building blocks of a computer processor. 
  • A good processor will also be powerful enough for most people’s needs and not too expensive
  • For the end-user, the processor must be kept as close to the ideal performance as possible. 
  • CPU is an integral part of every game you play. 


Core Count

It is advised to use a 6-core processor so that you may have plenty of headroom for multiple games and streaming. You should not decrease the core count unnecessarily.  More the core means high-quality performance and better gaming experience rather than when using dual-core or quad-core processors. 

Save Time & Money

A good core count processor means that you can rest assured for a couple of years to come that you do not need an upgrade and will probably keep the streaming experience of high quality for a couple of years. This will not only save money but also time.

Latest Processor To Consider 

The AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is the most recent mid-tier CPU, with six cores and twelve threads. It has features like:

  • The CPU’s basic clock speed is 3.7GHz and may be increased to 4.6GHz. 
  • This is unlocked, which means you can overclock it to gain more and more efficiency out of the package with the proper ventilation. 
  • It includes the Wraith Stealth cooling, therefore users won’t have to purchase one independently.


  • The graphics card is what makes the game look good and gives you amazing performance. 
  • It can be integrated into the motherboard or have its own dedicated slot in case you want more processing power than your CPU can handle.


Lessens Load On CPU

Graphic cards should be powerful enough to reduce the power consumption and energy usage of the CPU. This will ensure that your CPU may live longer and you have the best gameplay experience. 

Use Nvidia 

Nvidia has launched its newest and most advanced form of graphic card which helps the CPU in performance and hence reduces its load and heat up. Their GPU is of the best quality to be used for streaming purposes as they have their own dedicated chips for the live stream option. 

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

The best recommended Nvidia version of graphic card for twitch. It has the following features:

  • 6GB of GDDR6 VRAM and a boost clock of 1770MHz.
  • It has 1536 CUDA cores as well as a 192-bit memory bus. 
  • If we talk about competence, it is comparable to the previous GTX 1070 and can handle almost any game at 1080p 60 FPS without difficulty.

AMD Radeon RX 570 8GB

You can also use the AMD version of GPU with the following features:

  • On paper, the performance is double that of the PS4 thanks to 2048 stream processors. 
  • It is missing the Nvidia NVENC Encoder.


  • RAM is the short-term memory that stores information temporarily so that you can use it more efficiently as time goes by without having to start over from scratch every time you open something up. 
  • The more RAM your PC has the more efficiently you will be able to work and stream alike.


Memory With Lightning Speed 

RAM speeds up your computer and enables users to multi-task without reducing speed. This allows you to reduce the amount of time it takes to accomplish a task and then start it again. This is why the majority of the computer gaming industry uses high-power memory. 

GB To Consider 

It is recommended to use at least 16GB of RAM to avoid lagging during gaming and live stream sessions. Many new games that are introduced now support 16GB RAM.


For high-performance gaming, you need a top-tier speed RAM but this can cost you a fortune. It may improve the gaming performance and frame rate but is not as significant as we get from upgrading the CPU and GPU. For a dual-channel design, use two DDR4 modules, each with a minimal frame rate of 3,000MHz.


  • Storage is the most important component of your gaming PC. 
  • The amount of storage you have will determine how much of an impact your games can have on your system’s performance. 
  • You can purchase different types of storage, including hard drives, solid-state drives, and SSDs.


Bytes Needed

1TB is the recommended space required to stream and save high-quality videos. If you run out of storage space, you may remove the older files once you’re finished to create a way for fresh projects.


Though HDD is budget-friendly, SSD is a far better option in terms of functionality than HDD. They have more speed than an HDD as they have no moving parts that may slow it down. If you are down on budget then acquiring a modest SSD for your operating system and a few games and matching it with a bigger HDD is the ideal option.


  • Your motherboard is where all of your computer’s components are connected together. 
  • It includes the CPU, RAM, and graphics card as well as any other devices such as USB ports and network connectors. 
  • It connects all of these components together so that they can function properly within the context of your operating system (OS) or software application program (AP).


Check Sockets

You will not find any issue with the graphic card socket but you have to be careful with the CPU one. You’ll need an AM4 motherboard if you’re going with AMD Ryzen, AMD Ryzen 5 3600, or AMD Ryzen 5 5600X. LGA 1200 is Intel’s most recent socket. 


Recommended slots for streaming PC need to be of a minimum 4 RAM slot. This is better if you have future plans of upgrading. 

Power Supply Unit

  • The heart of any gaming PC is its power supply unit (PSU). 
  • This component provides electricity to your system’s components, like the CPU and memory chips, to run them. 
  • The PSU also powers other devices like fans and hard drives. 
  • If your PSU stops working properly, your entire system will be affected.


Need High Power Supply

As the main components like GPU and CPU are always hungry for more power opting for a high-functioning and performance power supply will be the better and more convenient option. Recommended is a 500W power supply.

Power Efficiency Rating

Experts suggest purchasing a power supply with an 80 percent power efficiency rating. This will help you save money on your power cost.

While these are the main components of a gaming PC, there are many more things that go into streaming PCs. These include 

  • video cards (VGA)
  • sound cards
  • optical drives 
  • cooling fans which help keep your system cool during long hours of playtime.

Final Thoughts

Here we come to an end of our topic “What specs do I need for a streaming PC“. The internet is a huge part of everyday life. Of course, it’s critical to have a good online experience but to have one, you need a powerful PC to have a better time online.

Streaming is one of the pleasures of users and pro gamers on Livestream websites like twitch. A normal PC will have to go through a lot of changes to enable streaming.

We in this article have compiled the required features of the most critical components of the streaming PC that will help you make the right decision in either buying or building one.

Hopefully this article about “What specs do I need for a streaming PC” is informative and useful for many gamers and streamers alike! Good luck!

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