Xbox Series X and S: Manage quick resume games in next update for insiders

Xbox Series X and S: Manage Quick Resume games in next update for insiders

New upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S update promises to include important news for Xbox Insider members. With the launch of the new generation of Xbox, console users have already been able to enjoy functions such as Quick Resume, which allows several games to be paused at the same time and resumed where they were without having to close them. However, the console does not show what the current games are in Quick Resume, which sometimes makes it difficult to know which games you have left halfway and which you have closed. Well, the doubts are over with the next update for insiders.

Through the Xbox blog, the company notes that the next update for insiders includes this highly demanded feature. From now on, the console menu has a tab that shows the games currently saved with Quick Resume. What’s more, the quick menu will now show if the game you’re running supports Quick Resume, so you know you can walk away without losing your progress. And you can even delete specific games from your current Quick Resume, as the engineer Eden Marie points out on Twitter, and thus free up space in the function for other games.

Xbox April Update Includes New Features

Beyond the insiders, other users will receive new features as part of the April Xbox update. Features that they had already anticipated weeks ago, such as the one that allows accelerating downloads by pausing active games. Previously, to speed up a download, you had to close the active game completely – and lose progress – but now, a button is added to the download queue that allows you to put the game to sleep and download at maximum speed.

Games can be paused to speed up downloads. New social options are also added to Xbox Game Pass. The ” Play with Friends ” option will appear on the dashboard when your friends are playing any Xbox Game Pass title. This way, you will not only know which games they enjoy at the moment, but you can also directly join a multiplayer session with them. Finally, the Xbox app for iOS and Android continues to gradually integrate everything related to Achievements, and now, players will be able to consult the monthly leaderboards from their mobile or see the specific Achievements of each game and their progress.

News available this month in the Xbox ecosystem:

We remind you that Xbox has begun to integrate Game Pass functions with Alexa, at least in the United States. They have also promised to make and sell Xbox Series X mini coolers after winning a competition on Twitter. This month, the company has begun to promote Xbox Game Pass in Japan through virtual YouTubers.

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