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Discovering each and every Crimson Mirelands Wisps location in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is necessary. In order to fulfill the requirements of the Apparitions of the Night request and catch the evasive Spiritomb.

In order to complete Request 22: Nightmarish Apparitions, you must locate all of these Wisps. To do so, you must find all 107 spectral wisps scattered throughout the game, from the Jubilife Village to Alabaster Iceland. The Odd Keystone gives you to store the wisps revealing which Pokémon you gain access to. You should do what I say if you don’t want to find it on your own.

Guide to find every Crimson Mirelands Wisps:

crimson mirelands wisps

Shortly after the game begins, a cutscene will prompt you to find purple glowing wisps. This activates request number 22 “Strange Night Visions.” Wisps have a relatively long render distance, so you’ll be able to see them even if you’re a considerable distance away at night. Some of our discovered wisps places are written below:


Near a tree that has died in the Cottonsedge Prairie is where one of the first wisps can be found. After passing Droning Meadow, keep going southeast until you find another wisp perched atop the cliffs.

Step #2

When you reach the most southern point of the river, you should make your way to the left bank. Runs along the top of the mountain are where you will find the wisp.

Step# 3

The next wisp can be found in the middle of the lake, not far from Ursa’s Ring.

Step# 4

When you reach the Holm of Trials, head in the south direction. A mountain cliff should be in close proximity to the wisp.

Step# 5

Keep moving to the west until you reach the opposite bank of the river. You’ll find the wisp.

Step# 6

The wisp is located in the very top left corner of the map, in close proximity to Cloudpool Ridge and the river.


The following wisp can be found to the south of Lake Valor, right at the point where a river empties into a lake.


A flat ledge to the south of Bolderoll Slope is where you will find the wisp. It is located just before Cottonsedge Prairie.


Visit the ruins of Solaceon before continuing south for some distance. The wisp can be found close to a tree as well as a red bush.


This time, head east towards the Bolderoll Slope, keeping an eye out for the Wisp as you climb the cliffs.


The following Wisp can be found near the top of the cliff in the Diamond Settlement.


To find the wisp this time, Go to up near the small mountain beside the river.


Travel to the Golden Lowlands and then continue south. A raised platform will serve as the wisp’s base, which will be near the river.


If you continue south after passing through the Gapejaw Bog, you should be able to find the wisp on the cliff near the river.


The subsequent wisp before reaching the Brava Arena can be found on the eastern side of the Cloudpool Ridge.


This time, you’ll need to travel east along Cloudpool Ridge to find the next wisp.


Return to the Bolderoll slope and look for the wisp near the latter P on that location on the map. The wisp can be found near the river’s bank.


To get to Cloudpool Ridge, follow the signs pointing north-west. Here you can find other wisps near the mountain.


The final wisp can be found in the westernmost corner of the map, at the base of the mountain, close to the Golden Lowlands.

TIP: If you come across a wisp, be sure to note its location on your map so that you can keep count of how many you’ve discovered and how many are left.

Find all Wisps naturally without any help:

crimson mirelands wisps

If You Want to find Crimson Tirelands Wisps without any help read my tricks :

Now, if you’re a maniac like me, you’d want to find all the wisps without using a guide. However, when Hisui is so vast, even 107 items can be intimidating.

But if I can finish this meaningless and arbitrary task, so you can also. The following pointers and tricks should help you find all of the wisps on your own.

Before I begin, I’d like to make two points absolutely clear. First and foremost, this is not a map outlining the locations of the wisps. In fact, I’ll try not to reveal any of that information so that anyone reading this can figure it out for themselves.

This will simply be a list of things you can do or remember if you want to go hunting on your own (besides, I’m sure there are plenty of excellent location guides already available).

Second, I’ll be using the terms “area” and “location” frequently, sometimes right next to each other. To avoid misunderstanding, “area” refers to the larger, more general locations you can visit, such as Obsidian Fieldlands or Crimson Mirelands. The term “location” refers to the prominent locations within these vast regions, such as Aspiration Hill or the Golden Lowlands. Now let’s get started.

Vessa allows you to monitor and record your progress.

I know this is crucial because I once wasted a day looking for wisps in a location where others had already taken them. Vessa is always under a tree in Jubilife Village, across the river from where you found the first wisp (we hope that this does not count as giving away the location of a wisp).

When talking to her, you can ask how many wisps you need to find. This tracks your progress. If you ask her, she’ll tell you how many more wisps are in each area and if you’ve collected them all.

Always check with her to avoid confusion about your remaining resources in a region. Even if your memory is perfect, she’ll still reward you for each wisp milestone you reach, so finish the task anyway.

Make sure that your map includes every location:

You’re probably right that this is obvious. Some regions will be difficult (or impossible) to reach without certain mounts upon initial entry. If you follow Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ main storyline, you won’t encounter some easily accessible areas.

Some parts in “can’t go any further” areas appear accessible or are surrounded by accessible areas, only to be surrounded by fog and inaccessible. Check the map for dashed border lines. If so, mark them on the map. This shows you which areas you can’t explore and where to look for wisps.

You Should Not Be Afraid of Going Backwards:

You’re not under time pressure to collect all the wisps, despite the need to prevent a tragedy (imagine if you were though). Don’t be afraid to return to places you’ve already explored to learn more. You’ll learn more.

I searched for my last wisp for 15 minutes before finding it in a region I thought I’d already searched. I’ll explain why this is important below. You can’t be sure there’s no wisp nearby unless you’ve found one (or all of them).

Lots of searching was done on foot:

crimson mirelands wisps

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use Braviary to chase wisps. This could help find wisps in remote and hard-to-reach areas. Wisps are annoying sometimes, so finding them in the air is difficult. This makes them harder to spot in the air.

The distances used to create the wisps are all over the map, which makes for a messy effect. Some wisps are visible from halfway across the map, while others aren’t until you’re close enough to dodge.

Therefore, it’s important to do as much exploring on foot as possible. Wisps with short render distances are easy to miss in previously searched areas, so backtracking is crucial.

Take Advantage of Mounts :

I’m sure many people do this when playing, but I feel the need to mention it. When searching for wisps, use a mount. You have a wider field of vision by using it, which makes wisps easier to spot.

When walking, I used Sneasler. You’ll lose some speed using her instead of Wyrdeer (and even your own character is faster), but going slowly and paying attention while climbing outweighs the drawbacks. Since they all offer a wide-angle view, the choice is yours.

Take a Look Around During the Battles:

In Pokémon, you can move the camera and fight while moving around. It’s fun to run up to other Pokémon or trainers and get attacked. This is helpful for finding wisps naturally in game flow.

If far enough away, wisps can appear in battles. Even in battle, I found many wisps. You’ll find the same wisps if you will follow my other tips. It’s a quick way to find wisps while working.


Crimson Mirelands Wisps are the most valuable treasure in the Pokemon game. To win the game, you must find all of the wisps. So, above, I shared some tips and tricks for naturally finding those wisps. In addition, I am providing complete guidance for those who are not interested in finding those wisps naturally. For more tips and tricks about interesting game stay connected with our site.

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