Games like Dark Souls To Play in 2021

Looking for games like dark souls? Even though Pogamer has left Dark Souls behind, we will not let it go into oblivion. Burning coals continue to burn the hearts of fans, scouring the darkness in search of a worthy challenge. And they are not alone; an increasing number of developers are drawing inspiration from the series for their games. The term “souls-like” has even appeared to denote the industry’s plume that follows the article. There’s no point in denying the fact that soul DNA – whether it’s the atmosphere, mechanics, or a craving for challenging battles – has become deeply ingrained in the code of many games that have seen the light of day over the past couple of years.

Dark Souls has raised the bar so ridiculously high quality, and so far, none of its followers have come close to it. Finding the best soul-like game on PC is like choosing the most accurate Mona Lisa forgery. It is very, very difficult. However, here’s our selection.

19 Similar games like Dark Souls To play on your PC

Here is the complete list of games with details.


Nioh Series - Best Games like dark souls

Let’s start with the best. Long before Dark Souls came along, Team Ninja had forged a reputation for making hardcore slashers in the Ninja Gaiden series (unfortunately, never on PC. forget about Yaiba’s misunderstanding). It would seem that their next game about shredding mythical monsters from Japanese folklore shoulder to shoulder with the historical figures of the Land of the Rising Sun of the Sengoku period should cause associations with souls in the last place.

Nioh turned out to be brilliant because, despite the familiar mechanics like sanctuaries in the form of checkpoints and pumping with Amrita’s help, lost after death, this is an entirely different game. Mainly because Ki Ripple turns stamina management in every fight into a challenge for the player and his opponent, and the ability to change stances adds depth and expands tactical range.



The Dark Souls in 2D. The game is darker than gloomy, and the currency instead of souls replaces by salt, received as a reward for defeated enemies (and lost after death). In the presence of a muddy plot, served through sparse dialogues, and the ability to leave messages to others using ready-made templates (of course, the most popular of them is “Praise the salt!” ( “Praise the salt!” )). Of course, not without making mistakes bosses with names like the Maddened Knight and the Bloodless Prince. To defeat them, you will have to memorize attack patterns, select suitable equipment, and practice rolling promptly.

It all sounds like a list of games like Dark Souls chips, but despite such obvious borrowings, Salt and Sanctuary is made with soul and looks more like a fan tribute than a cynical clone for the sake of money.


HELLPOINT - very similar to dark souls

What would happen if Dark Souls took place in space? The result would be Hell point – a pretty good action game that falls short of our main competitor’s level but will brighten up the pastime of fans of the genre.

In the story, the player finds himself on Irid Novo – an abandoned space station teeming with monsters and their gods. As the genre supposes, the story serves slowly. The emphasis is shifted to the familiar gameplay with difficult battles, pumping around the “fires,” exploring intricate locations, and looking for the best equipment. By the way, there are quite a lot of weapons, and there is even a firearm.

An excellent analog for those who have already studied Dark Souls up and down or who are tired of fantasy themes in such projects.



A small team of 15 people developed the RPG Mortal Shell, but that was enough to create a decent souls-like. The game is in many ways similar to its imitator, but not without unique mechanics, such as the shell system and unusual pumping.

The player will visit a dark fantasy world, in which, as usual, it is not clear what is happening. But here are your enemies, weapons – forward. The combat system boasts smooth animations, enemies – variety, and locations – atmosphere. If you’re looking for something as close to Dark Souls as possible, Mortal Shell will satisfy that desire.



A hardcore Dark Souls-style game from the creators of Dark Souls. The developers send players not to some gothic world, but feudal Japan, during the Sengoku period. The gamer controls a warrior nicknamed the Wolf, armed with a sword and rope with a hook, who has to take the path of revenge.

Many mechanics have migrated from Dark Souls to Sekiro: a dark world, grotesque and powerful enemies, hardcore battles. True, the battles here are focused on attack rather than defence, and there is also vertical gameplay. Thanks to the rope with a hook, the player can make various maneuvers and get to hard-to-reach places.

The gaming community expected a clone of “Dark Souls” from Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, but the developers managed to create a unique project with an average rating of 9 points out of 10 and became the best game of 2019 at The Game Awards 2019.



Titan Souls refers to our collection by the name alone. Instead, it is a game about boss fights, with a unique trait – both the character and the boss only have one hit point each. Well, figuratively speaking, because the boss covered by many barriers, you need to break through to hit the reptile in a vulnerable spot. If this sounds stupid to you, it’s only because the game was born at the Game Jam conference, which, by the way, is an excellent place for new ideas.

Titan Souls’ approach never changes, and only the most die-hard adventurers will find the challenge, along with the inevitable repetitiveness. And speedrunners, for whom the field not plow.



Deck13 arguably got too many stones in their garden for trying to copy gamers’ ideas, especially since they created the first major game to reproduce the formula of the legendary series successfully. Lords of the Fallen features a more stringy combat system in which the weight of armour and weapons affects the attack’s speed and power.

The game has almost all the mechanics from Dark Souls, changed with just a couple of light touches, and a risk system that increases the reward if the player does not stop at checkpoints.



The second time they entered soul territory, Deck13 showed innovation, hitting my-fi, rather than the usual dark fantasy. Fighting here is very exciting, especially given the possibilities for customizing the protagonist’s exoskeleton, for which you have to dismember enemies and expropriate the necessary parts. It is a pity that the environment does not look as impressive as one might have hoped, but the game has plenty of opportunities to have fun.



Dark Souls in isometric space, which takes place in a world of sci-fi and fantasy. It just so happened that the combat system with such a fixed camera is very, very far from ideal.

What you should pay attention to is stamina management, similar to that in Nioh, when you see the enemy strip and can use this knowledge for your purposes. Immortal Planet’s low price tag and short storyline may attract some fans of the Souls series. Well, not the wrong choice.



Pogamer might have wanted to part with Dark Souls. Still, their publisher Bandai Namco, eager to elevate a successor to the throne, brought Code Vein onto the stage, teasing the audience with the slogan “Prepare to dine” (a play on words: to die – to die, to dine – have lunch ).

Due to the style, the game dubs as Anime Souls. However, the vampire paraphernalia and attacks with blood help are preferably made from Code Vein Bloodborne in the scenery of post-apocalyptic Tokyo. Whatever the case, the first impressions of the game are uplifting, showcasing soul-style battles in which an AI-controlled teammate helps you slay tough bosses.


ASHEN game

There are wanderings in treacherous lands. Heavy fights and boss fights – yes. Endurance combat mechanics – yes. Characters without faces – well, that’s something else. But seriously speaking, Ashen has a very important feature – the game will build connections with other players using seamless “massively multiplayer.” There are not as many details as we would like, but given the complexity of other soul-like projects, it’s a good idea to remember that the community plays a very important role.


BELOW game

Surprisingly, Below is played very differently from Dark Souls, despite the many parallels between them. Watching what is happening from somewhere above, you are exploring a certain secluded island, wandering in pitch darkness with a single lantern in your hands, getting deeper and deeper, facing hostile creatures, traps, thirst, and hunger.

It is rather a survival game with elements of a roguelike – when a character dies, another appears on the scene, who can get to the corpse of his predecessor and pick up his equipment. Nevertheless, creative director Chris Piotrowski believes that his brainchild can compare to the souls – here, no one leads by the handle, and all mechanics will have to reach their minds, whether it be ways to avoid death in traps, cooking or healing wounds.



Remnant: From the Ashes is a post-apocalyptic shooter inspired by our primary guest. Yes, the emphasis here is on ranged combat. The idea is quite understandable, and the passage focus on a group of players – but still, the battles are painfully reminiscent of Dark Souls, with ripples, unforgivable mistakes, and exclamations from another defeat.

Players will have to explore dynamically generated worlds, from which, according to the idea, disgusting monsters appeared on Earth. Victory will bring valuable resources for crafting and upgrading equipment, but death is no good. Remnant: From the Ashes is for you if you want to play something hardcore and co-op.



Necropolis is a low-poly action-adventure game in which the player will have to explore dungeons and fight enemies. In this case, you can play with friends (up to 3 people).

And here everything is as cool as in Dark Souls – complex “dummies,” boss battles, pumping, frequent deaths, crafting. Finding weapons and potions, the gamer will not fully understand how they work because the descriptions in this game are somewhat confusing. Dungeons randomly generate; that is, each adventure is like a new one.

The game had problems on release, but the developers did not give up and brought it to mind, releasing major updates.

IMMORTAL UNCHAINED – Very Similar To Dark Souls


The developers of this game immediately stated that you have never seen such hardcore adventures. No, we have met (all the same Dark Souls), but the project has many characteristics. You have to explore fantastic worlds and fight formidable opponents, dying at the same time over and over again.

In addition to edged weapons, you can (and should) use a firearm (grenade launchers, snipers, and so on). Many secret places hide in the game world, which open either during the passage or if the player is attentive. Immortal Unchained would have been a great clone of Dark Souls, but the implementation was weaker, and the game received mixed reviews.



It believes that this game is more Metroidvania than soullike (hey, is Dark Souls not Metroidvania in 3D?). Be that as it may, the gloomy atmosphere, benches as resting places, and the need to visit his death site to return lost things make Hollow Knight a loyal follower of the souls. Only instead of the reality of doomed knights and nightmarish dragons, there is an underworld teeming with beetles.

Yes, it doesn’t sound very attractive, but the game is really good. Mainly because of the beautiful cartoon-style hand-made graphics and fluid animations. Also, Hollow Knight can offer the player many different secrets and optional challenges, revealing their world from new perspectives.



Action-adventure in the Star Wars universe. The player will have to learn the story of Padawan Cal Kestis, hiding after the execution of order 66. Until he forced to use force, because of which the Empire announced a hunt for him.

Star Wars games like this are extremely rare. From Dark Souls, it borrows a combat system based on defense and evasion. The gamer will not be able, as a Jedi Master, to scatter everyone to the right and left – each enemy needs a special approach, and if he makes a mistake, he will have to restart the mission.


DEAD CELLS - Game like Dark Souls

In appearance, Dead Cells does not look like Dark Souls – bright colours, controls with a side view. But a little later, when you die ten times on the first level, you will realize that this game is very hardcore! You can die here from one hit, and after death, you are reborn at the very beginning (even if you fought with the final boss).

The game has many artefacts and weapons, pumping which you can become more robust with each playthrough. You have a choice – there are “forks” at each location; usually, they mean “easy” and “hard” paths. The more difficult the level, the more you can pump.

Dead Cells is considered one of the best indie games of 2018. The author tried to pass it all day long, but the final boss did not miss it.

ELDEN RING – Similar game like dark souls


An upcoming action RPG project from Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is known that the script is consulted by George Martin (creator of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” cycle), and the game itself will be in many ways similar to Dark Souls (strong and large enemies, various weapons). At the same time, the gameplay is more focused on RPG than on action. The open-world is presented in a fantasy Middle Ages and will contain various areas available for exploration.

It sounds intriguing, but we will find out what happens in practice someday.

So This was the complete list of games like dark souls. If you have any suggestions then kindly please tell us in the comment section we will love to add something new.

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