How to Get Free Steam Keys, Games and Codes

New games are exciting and want to plays, or as a content creator: want to be shown! The reasons for this could be a real interest or marketing strategy. And you hear again and again: The streamer or Youtuber of your choice has received the key from the developer. The question remains: How to get free Steam keys?

The simplest explanation is that the developer wrote to the content creator. That it works around like this may be possible. They have a wide reach, and the developer wants their game to show to a wide audience.

Or The creator is known in the genre, viewers and community value the opinion of the person – here, too, developers can decide to make a move to the creator for marketing reasons. But how does it work the other way around? What if, as a creator, I have a game key and would like to be involved in pre-release campaigns? I will show you some possibilities in this post.

What are Steam Keys?

Basically, no one wants to buy CD or DVD’s nowadays to run games. They need to download games and play at home. So STEAM is the best place where people can buy Games and Download it to their Computer easily with the latest updates. 

Some people did not have the money to buy the games, so they looked for discount prices or free keys to get the games.


There are two ways if you want to take the keys.

  • Platforms
  • Contact



For me, the number 1 platform when it comes to keys. I only found my way to the platform in 2019, but get most of my steam keys from here.

Here you have to register once, link your channels, and wait for activation. Then you can browse the platform and apply on steam Keys.

The developer then receives your request, including your profile, and decides whether he would like to give you a key. It can also work the other way around here:

The developer is looking for players and creators and stumbles across your profile and offers you a key.

Many large developers are now on the platform and use it to process their content creator requests (e.g., Two Point Hospital, Deadside, Planet Zoo, Forager, Atlas). For each key, you get specifications and requirements, as well as all necessary information.



One of the best site that provides free steam keys and games. They update their platform with updated and latest games like COD, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, and more.

It gives developers information about your numbers and the associated reach, and the kind of content you produce.

Currently (Oct 15, 2020), there are around 2600 offers there.

If you click on a game, you will get information on the right side about the conditions that must meet. Here, too, you can apply for steam keys or get some offered by developers.



Gamerpower is another best website which is newly launched. They provide lots of keys and games free of the coast, sometimes in limited time. Also, the giveaway daily, where you can easily get the latest games and steam keys.


Reddit? yes, Reddit is the best place where you can get free keys and games. Reddit is the biggest community of Pro players with their subreddits. People are always asking for How we can get free Steam keys? You can also register on this platform and apply for steam Keys. But the platform is also an information platform. A lot of new games and their developers present here.

On this platform, it is also desirable that you then link/upload the produced content so that the developers can see what you have made of it.

I have already received one or the other key here.

Some Subreddits where you can get games keys for free.


Freesteamgames - Another free steam keys subreddit

A Subreddit with the name of Freesteamgames, which is providing free stuff for new gamers. you can visit and enjoy the latest and best games free of the coast for an unlimited time. Yes, they provide for an unlimited time, not for limitation. This is the best Community I have seen far.


freesteamkeys - Best place for getting free keys

This is another new subreddit where you can find great gaming stuff for the lifetime free of coast.

You can visit the subreddit from here


There are two other ways to look for a key yourself: On the one hand – the somewhat more unusual way is to act as a “steam curator.”

Perhaps not the most promising option, but one possibility. What is a Steam keys?

There is a chance that developers will come up to you and want you to check out their game. And at the end of the day, you don’t even have to be a streamer or Youtuber to do that.

The second and more traditional method: contact the developer directly. Write the developer an email and explain your concern to him.

Most developers either have staff who take care of such inquiries, or the studios are so small that the developers often respond themselves.

Your email doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but it should contain some important, necessary information:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Link your channels
  • Describe your concern
  • Give basic numbers
  • Show content you’ve already produced
  • Show interest in the game

If you do not apply via one of the platforms, but write to the developer directly, the timing also plays an important role: If you write the email on the day of the release, it can very quickly happen that your email is lost.

The developers have a lot to do during the release and are under stress to keep everything running smoothly. Maybe you won’t get an answer until a few days later. The days just before the release are a possibility. But here, too, stress is preprogrammed, and now many people report at the same time.

So if you know in advance, days, weeks, or even months in advance that you want to play a game, write to the developer in good time. Register, interact with their messages on social media and show interest.

At this point, please, the developer, to include you in the press mailing list. Here, too, the following applies in retrospect:

Show the developer what you have produced.

Send him links to your stream recordings or Youtube videos.

Link it to social media and use the right hashtags.

These videos are worth their weight in gold for the developers!

A hint: When communicating with developers, always keep in mind that, to a certain extent, you are representing all “content creators.”

Do not be rude, do not be greedy, and do not sell the keys provided because that falls back on everyone.

I hope you will understand everything. Leave your quality feedback in the comments sections.

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