37+ Upcoming Games : PS4 and PS5 Games In 2021

The list of upcoming games on PS4 and PS5 Games In 2021 is full of great projects that are worth checking out.

Note: These are not necessarily exclusive to Sony consoles – some of them will be available on other platforms. Most projects will release on both consoles, but some will only consider their presence nextgen, leaving the outgoing generation behind.

37+ Upcoming Games : PS4 and PS5 Games In 2021


Here’s a list of the most anticipated PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 that will delight everyone soon.




Release date: early 2021

Genre: online shooter

What is it? Ray-traced space shooter.

Why is this so interesting? Shootouts in open space, with zero gravity and tracking oxygen levels, with a large selection of weapons and maps – this project will put players in an unfamiliar environment and force them to adapt to new gameplay. And the beautiful graphics with RTX effects will make a lasting impression.


Release date: 11 Feb 2021

Genre: platformer/puzzle

What is it? The sequel to one of the creepiest platformers in history.

Why is this so interesting? PS4 and PS5 Games In 2021  developers decided to embody all the nightmares from horror films in the game, so Little Nightmares 2 will frighten with strange images, bizarre monsters, and a surreal story. Scary – but very interesting!


Hitman 3

Release date: January 20, 2021

Genre: stealth action

What is it? Continuation of the saga about a silent killer who leaves no evidence behind.

Why is this so interesting? Hitman III will complete a new trilogy and will also present players with even more creative challenges. The developers promise to bring the mission statement to the Hollywood level, and we see no reason not to believe them.



Release date: Mid 2021

Genre: Action / Adventure

What is it? The sequel to the beautiful post-apocalyptic action RPG.

Why is this so interesting? Aloy’s story is not over, and we can’t wait to find out where fate will take her this time. The game’s title and the trailer hint at the United States’ west coast, and new challenges await the heroine. It is supposed to be an epic adventure for PS4 and PS5 owners.


Release date: 2019

Genre: puzzle

What is it? A puzzle in a world where all objects are both tiny and huge.

Why is this so interesting? In 2020, Superliminal invited us to play with perspective. In PS4 and PS5 Games In 2021 , Maquette will take over the baton: the game looks very nice and offers various puzzles related to the size and position of objects. The project’s trailers are intriguing, and we can’t wait to dive into a small, big world.



Release date: March 19, 2021

Genre: third-person shooter

What is it? A horror shooter about a time loop.

Why is this so interesting? The spaceship pilot traps on a hostile planet. After each death, it returns to the beginning of the loop, and the player’s task is to break this vicious circle. The developers promise to implement the DualSense gamepad features and surround sound in Returnal so that the project will be released only on the PS5.


Release date: April 2019

Genre: Action / Platformer

What is it? Metroidvania about a rabbit with a mechanical arm.

Why is this so interesting? An original setting, a severe storyline, an unusual protagonist, a large branched world, and a deep combat system – in the aggregate, these components transfer FIST Forged in Shadow Torch from the rank of “interesting” to “must-have.”


Release date: May 2021

Genre: shooter

What is it? Another part of the Far Cry 6 series, dedicated to the fight against an evil dictator.

Why is this so interesting? The games in the series are known for their frequent setting changes. So it will be this time: the tropical country of Yara is locates somewhere in central America (most likely, Cuba became the prototype). Giancarlo Esposito played the main villain, and for sure, he, like Pagan Min in Far Cry 4, will have a clear motivation that will cause, if not sympathy, then at least understanding.


Release date: 2021

Genre: Action / Adventure

What is it? A new installment in the third-person platformer series, dedicated to Ratchet’s adventures the merry animal and his robot companion Clank.

Why is this so interesting? A PS4 and PS5 Games In 2021 game that won’t release on PlayStation 4 will unleash the PlayStation 5 console’s full power, from fast SSD downloads to ray tracing and unique DualSense controller chips. The players will also face intense trials, hot shootouts, and exciting events performed by long-familiar and new heroes.


Release date: early 2021

Genre: Horror Action

What is it? Continuation of the Resident Evil series, the events of which unfold after Resident Evil VII

Why is this so interesting? In the trailers, the developers showed many interesting things:

  • The protagonist of the seventh part will become the main character of the game.
  • Medieval castles.
  • Witches, werewolves, and other creepy monsters.

Nextgen consoles give gamers the best experience with ray tracing, 4K resolution, and surround sound.


Release date: second half of 2021

Genre: racing simulator

What is it? A new installment in the flagship racing series for the PlayStation.

Why is this so interesting? Fans of realistic racing simulators look forward to Gran Turismo 7, hoping for accurate gameplay and photorealistic graphics. The latter will be achievable thanks to the power of the PS5, so the game will not be released on PS4. As for the gameplay, here, the authors promise a large number of activities, reliable car behavior, well-developed multiplayer, and much more.


Release date: 2021

Genre: Action

What is it? New adventures of the aged Kratos and his son Atreus in the world of Scandinavian mythology.

Why is this so interesting? The ending and post-credits scene of God of War (2018) left many questions, and we hope the writers will answer them in Ragnarok. We are also waiting for a lot of action, epic scenes, and even more furious Kratos, who invents new ways to kill almighty gods.


Release date: 2021

Genre: First-Person Action

What is it? Hunting on the ghosts in the center of Tokyo.

Why is this so interesting? Ghostwire: Tokyo is being developed by the forces of Tango Gameworks, who gave us the dilogy of The Evil Within, and the gameplay will be based on magical techniques and spells to deal with the spirits that have flooded the capital of Japan. It is a very unusual game, and we can’t wait to try out its gameplay.


Release date: 2021

Genre: RPG

What is it? Role-playing action game in the Harry Potter universe.

Why is this so interesting? Good games in the Harry Potter universe came out a little more often than never. Therefore, the announcement of a large-scale, beautiful RPG in this setting gives rise to timid hope that the game makers will succeed this time.

We look forward to attending lessons, exploring Hogwarts and the surrounding area, learning spells, and meeting characters familiar from books and films.


Release date: summer 2021

Genre: Action / Adventure

What is it? Co-op action game dedicated to Batman’s assistants – Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood.

Why is this so interesting? Batman is dead, but Gotham must not be left unprotected. The four “Knights of Gotham” enters the PS4 and PS5 Games In 2021, which will rebuff the unbelievable villains. Gotham Knights will offer players cooperative gameplay in which they will face the key villains of the Batman comics. The main antagonist will be the organization of the Court of Sov.


Release date: first quarter of 2021

Genre: Action / Adventure

What is it? A cute adventure about a young girl and her funny assistants.

Why is this so interesting? Kena: Bridge of Spirits looks fantastic, and rotten, cute creatures can win even the most callous heart. It is a fantasy adventure that raises serious topics and tells a story that is not at all children’s.



Release date: May 10, 2021

Genre: MMO-action

What is it? PvPvE action in a medieval setting based on the legends of Robin Hood.

Why is this so interesting? Rethinking the classic legend, a large selection of classes, a combat system that combines melee and ranged combat – the game promises to become, if not a hit, then at least a project in which you want to spend several weeks or even months. The developers promise to support Hood: Outlaws & Legends after the release with new maps, characters, and events so that you won’t be bored here.


Release date: May 21, 2021

Genre: shooter

What is it? Time-loop adventure action with optional multiplayer.

Why is this so interesting? The main character is stuck in a time loop: to escape from it, he needs to eliminate eight targets before midnight. He opposes by an antagonist who must keep the loop. It is how the intense cat-and-mouse game begins, and it restarts every time the protagonist is defeated. Deathloop is developed by Arkane Studios, which gave us Dishonored and Prey, which means that the new project will surely surprise.


Release date: March 26, 2021

Genre: platformer

What is it? Co-op platformer from the studio Hazelight, known for A Way Out.

Why is this so interesting? The game tells the story of a couple who magically transforms into dolls. Now Cody and May need to find a way to regain their human form and sort out the cracked relationship. Studio Hazelight is not shy about experimenting, and we expect that the new project will give vivid impressions and well-developed cooperative gameplay.


Release date: Mid 2021

Genre: role-playing action

What is it? A fantastic action game about protecting humanity from terrible monsters from another dimension.

Why is this so interesting? Scarlet Nexus grabs attention with its visual design, original script, and unique character abilities. Bandai Namco describes the game setting as “brain punk”, and we are very interested in knowing what that is.


Release date: February 2021

Genre: sports simulator

What is it? A multiplayer arena action game dedicated to the fierce battles for survival.

Why is this so interesting? Exclusive to PS5, the game will play against diverse heroes, each with special skills. Participants start a battle in cars, but the destruction of a car does not mean defeat – you can continue on your own two feet, successfully resist rivals and even steal someone else’s transport. The game will be available for free to PS Plus subscribers.


Release date: 2021

Genre: Adventure

What is it? The adventures of a stray cat in a world inhabited by robots.

Why is this so interesting? Stray’s debut trailer immerses you in the atmosphere of a gloomy future a PS4 and PS5 Games In 2021, where robots have replaced people, and the main character is a homeless cat trying to get out of a dying city. Combining a catchy visual style and an interesting setting creates an extremely curious project that beckons with its secrets.


Release date: 2021

Genre: Kung Fu RPG

What is it? An open-world action role-playing game about anthropomorphic animals living on a post-apocalyptic Earth.

Why is this so interesting? Reread the line above. Who doesn’t want to play as a fighting raccoon that learns kung fu and alters its body with mutations? This colorful game has been in development for quite some time, and we can’t wait until we can finally set off to explore the vast expanses of its world.


Release date: 2022

Genre: space simulator

What is it? The continuation of the popular simulator building space ships.

Why is this so interesting? If you love space and science fiction, Kerbal Space Program 2 is definitely worth the wait. In the sequel, it will be possible not only to design spaceships but also to build colonies, extract resources, invent new technologies, and travel to other star systems. Also, the developers promise to implement multiplayer in the game.


Release date: 2021

Genre: RPG

What is it? Mysterious RPG from FromSoftware, Bandai Namco, and writer George Martin.

Why is this so interesting? The collaboration between the creators of the Dark Souls series and the author of A Song of Ice and Fire is too ambitious to ignore. So far, very little is known about the game, but it will certainly be an unusual project – hardcore, stunningly beautiful, and sinking into the soul.


Release date: 2022

Genre: Action

What is it? Action from Capcom with beautiful graphics and ray tracing.

Why is this so interesting? Science fiction, dystopian future, space travel – sounds very tasty! We hope that it will play in the same way, but it is too early to make plans – the developers do not share the upcoming game’s details.


Release date: 2021

Genre: jRPG

What is it? A new part of the eternal Final Fantasy series.

Why is this so interesting? Fans of the franchise know why. Final Fantasy is a beautiful story, framed in stunning visuals and spiced with deep combat. That says it all – it’s worth the wait.


Release date: 2022

Genre: Horror Action

What is it? “The Scariest Horror Ever Ever ” from one of the creators of Dead Space.

Why is this so interesting? Players will have to survive in a prison colony on one of Jupiter’s moons, which has been invaded by alien monsters. Remarkably, the game takes place in the same universe as PUBG, but relatively to the popular battle royale in the distant future. The developers promise to give us the scariest game in history – well, we’ll wait.


Release date: 2021

Genre: RPG

What is it? Continuation of one of the most popular role-playing franchises.

Why is this so interesting? The Dragon Age Inquisition ending set the stage for a potential fourth installment, and we now know a sequel is already in development. Although BioWare is “not the same,” we believe Dragon Age 4 will be amazing and look forward to hearing more about the game.


Release date: 2021

Genre: RPG

What is it? The return of the epic space saga.

Why is this so interesting? Mass Effect Andromeda has been controversial (though not hopeless). We hope that the new part of the series does not fail, and we also look forward to Captain Shepard’s return – the debut trailer for the game gives a timid hint of this.



Release date: 2021

Genre: RPG

What is it? Next-gen RPG for PS5 and PC.

Why is this so interesting? The debut teaser is intriguing, and the developers promise to surprise us with cutting-edge graphics. While this is all that known about Project Athia, it is enough to put the game on the list of expected titles.


Release date: 2021

Genre: RPG

What is it? The vampire RPG set in Seattle is the sequel to the cult Vampire: Masquerade.

Why is this so interesting? In Vampire: Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, you have to play as a “weak-blooded” vampire who was brought before the court of vampires, because of which a war between clans flares up. As in the first game, there are many such clans, each with different abilities and social status. The sequel, rich in RPG elements such as choice, detailed storytelling, and dialogue options, looks set to build on and build on the first game’s foundations and elements.


Release date: 2021

Genre: MMO-action

What is it? Naval battles from Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, except the hooded assassin running around town.

Why is this so interesting? If your favorite part of Edward Kenway’s Black Flag adventure was boarding enemy ships and watching the masts burn like matches, then welcome to Skull and Bones! Ubisoft knows how much users love big ships, and the developers have acted accordingly, as they will add multiplayer to the game and allow you to fight with friends whose ships fill with loot. Destroy them under a hail of cannon fire, and you can steal gold and unlock various targets.


Release date: 2021

Genre: RPG / survival horror

What is it? Sequel Dying Light, horror with elements of parkour from studio Techland.

Why is this so interesting? Dying Light releases in 2015, and since then, many fans of the game have been hoping for a sequel, so when the news that Dying Light 2 was coming out, the joy of another zombie horror from Techland was palpable. The second part takes place 15 years after the events of the first game. This time the title offers more RPG elements and the player will have to make sacrifices and make difficult choices. From what we’ve seen so far, the visuals look fantastic. You can also replay the entire campaign in co-op with up to four players.


Release date: 2021

Genre: Action

What is it? All nine Star Wars movies in one Lego game.

Why is this so interesting? Lego and Star Wars are always a winning combination. The ability to relive the events of every Star Wars movie – from A New Hope to The Last Jedi – in Lego form is a delightful adventure, and that’s exactly what we get with the recent announcement of the Skywalker Saga. While we’ve already seen most of the Star Wars movies in the form of Lego games, we’ll also be able to play the latest adventures of Ray and her gang. We’re not sure if the previous games will be updated or changed in any way, but they are bound to be just as fun nonetheless.


Release date: 2021

Genre: platformer

What is it? The crowdfunded sequel to one of the most iconic games ever.

Why is this so interesting? Tim Schaefer has one cool habit: creating great adventures, and Psychonauts is one of the best games you’ve (probably) never played. It is something you can fix right now as the game has re-releases on PS4. We can’t wait for a sequel, where players are likely to immerse themselves in the lives of all kinds of new characters, as well as explore new PSI abilities to help uncover any evil conspiracies.


Release date: 2021

Genre: Action

What is it? The long-awaited sequel to the 2003 game in an alien world, where animals fully evolved along with humans.

Why is this so interesting? After all, we have been waiting for this for 15 years! Ubisoft unveiled the game at E3 2017 and showcased many other details at E3 2018. Trailers showed a completely different visual style from the original game (which is to expects given the 15 years difference) and different characters and themes. However a PS4 and PS5 Games In 2021 , in the latest trailer, we can see Pey’J and a very angry Jade, who seems to have gone over to the “bad” side. The game will probably not be out soon, but we know that production is in full

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