How To Get Serpent Spine In Genshin Impact 2022

Different characters make effective use of the claymore Serpent Spine in genshin impact, despite the fact that there is only one way to acquire it.

Serpent Spine In Genshin

The claymore weapon known as the Serpent Spine can be acquired in Genshin Impact, but there is only one way to do so, and it will cost you money.

Find out how players of Genshin Impact can obtain the Serpent Spine claymore, as well as its statistics and the types of characters it is most effective against, in the following paragraphs.

Serpent Spine in genshin

When it comes to the weaponry available in Genshin Impact, players have a variety of opinions regarding the Serpent Spine.

Some people believe that the Serpent Spine is an excellent late-game weapon, even better than the Wolf’s Gravestone, which is a traditional claymore that can be wielded by Razor, Diluc, Beidou, or any other DPS claymore wielder.

This opinion is based on the fact that the Serpent Spine prioritises CRIT in its stat distribution. Some people have the opinion that players who make such claims are biassed because they had to pay money to obtain the weapon.

There are a few things to consider when determining whether or not the Serpent Spine is a powerful weapon, taking into account its effects and its Refinement Level.

In Genshin Impact, players will not be able to acquire the Serpent Spine weapon until they have reached Battle Pass Level 30 and unlocked the Gnostic Hymn achievement.

If a player logs in frequently and consistently completes the daily, weekly, and Battle Pass period missions, it shouldn’t be too difficult for them to reach Battle Pass Level 30 in just six weeks.

Additionally, BP Levels can be purchased from Gnostic Chorus by players. To acquire the BP Bundle, which grants the player the ability to select one four-star weapon from a limited list that includes the Serpent Spine, the player must first reach Level 30 and make a purchase of either the Gnostic Hymn or the Gnostic Chorus.

Serpent Spine in genshin

The CRIT Rate of 6 percent at Level 1 is the focal point of the Serpent Spine’s statistics, but it also possesses a special ability. Every four seconds that a character is present on the field, Serpent Spine, also known as Wavesplitter, inflicts damage on that character that scales in proportion to the character’s refinement level up to a maximum of five stacks.

It has an attack power (ATK) base of 42. Therefore, despite the fact that at Level 1 the Serpent Spine isn’t a particularly effective Genshin Impact weapon, at Refinement Level 5 it can cause up to 50 percent more damage to enemies, and its CRIT Rate can scale up to 27.6 percent.

The primary drawback of using this weapon is that its stack size is reduced by one whenever the player takes damage from an adversary. It is recommended that a character who wields a shield equip the Serpent Spine.

It is generally agreed upon that Noelle, Chongyun, and Razor, in addition to Beidou and Xinyan, can benefit greatly from the use of the Serpent Spine.

The Gnostic Hymn Battle Bass must be defeated in order to procure the Serpent Spine. A weapon that can only be obtained after doing so. Because of its high refinement rank, this claymore is an excellent choice for those looking to replace Redhorn Stonethresher.

Although it has a base attack that is comparable to that of other claymores, Serpent Spine stands out due to its secondary statistic. The wielder of Serpent Spine receives a boost to their Critical Hit Rate of 27.6 percent when they reach the maximum level for the item.

Introduction to Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing video game that was developed and published by MiHoYo. It was made available in 2020 for Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Google Android, and Sony’s PlayStation 4, and in 2021 for Sony’s PlayStation 5. This video game will also be playable on the Nintendo Switch console.

The game features an open world that has the aesthetic of an anime, as well as a combat system that allows players to switch between characters and use elemental magic.

The game is completely free to play, but it generates revenue by offering players the chance to win new characters and weapons through a system known as gacha. Patches are frequently added to the main game in order to expand its content using the software as a service (SaaS) model.

Serpent Spine in genshin

Teyvat is a fantasy world that contains a total of seven distinct nations, and Genshin Impact takes place there. Every nation is associated with a different quality, and every god presides over a specific group of people. The Traveler is the main character of this story.

Before becoming separated in Teyvat, the Traveler and their identical twin brother or sister visited a variety of worlds together. The Traveler and Paimon set out on an adventure to find the missing sibling.

Same FAQs About Serpent Spine in genshin:

Who would be the most compatible companion for Serpent Spine?

Xinyan is best suited to use the Serpent Spine because of her ability to fashion a shield that can help mitigate the negative effects of the weapon.

Is Itto going to benefit from making use of Serpent Spine?

The Serpent Spine is a 4-star weapon, but despite its appearance, it packs a significant punch. To the point where its damage per second (DPS) is higher than that of the majority of five-star weapons.

Itto’s Critical Hit Rate (CTR) improves as a result of the use of this item’s stat, but the most important thing is how he feels as a result of using it. When he reaches R5, it has the potential to increase his damage by 50 percent.

Is the Serpent Spine in genshin worthy of all five stars?

The Serpent Spine is a four-star Claymore weapon that can only be obtained by paying for the Genshin Impact game. Players who do not pay will not have access to this weapon.

To be more specific, in order to acquire this weapon, you will need to first purchase a Battle Pass. The weapon is most effective in the hands of DPS players who enjoy combat.

Is it necessary for Chongyun to have Serpent Spine?

Because it has a substat known as Critical Rate, Serpent Spine is an excellent replacement for the item. You can use this weapon to purchase a Critical Damage Helmet for Chongyun, which will significantly increase his Attack Power (ATK).

While it is equipped, the Serpent Spine provides a permanent increase of 6% to the user’s damage. This effect has the potential to stack up to a total of five times.

Does Eula have a requirement for Serpent Spine in genshin?

The Serpent’s Spine is a low-cost option that provides a significant amount of critical strike rate. This item is included in the Battle Pass.

Additionally, the longer Eula stays out in the field, the more of an overall damage boost she receives from this ability.

How do you get Serpents Spine sword?

You will be able to acquire the Serpent Spine Claymore once you reach Battle Pass Level 30 and make the purchase of the Gnostic Hymn within the Battle Pass.

How does the Serpent Spine in genshin stack up against other four-star claymores in terms of its overall effectiveness?

Either have a shielder with you or be very skilled at dodging the attacks. When you take damage, you will lose stacks. It is the best 4-star (damage per second) claymore in the game when used at R1 with all stacks maxed out.

At R5 with maximum stacks, it is superior to the majority of 5-star items at R1, with a few notable exceptions (such as Redhorn on Itto/Noelle).

However, it is typically ranked second best behind a character’s best in slot weapon. The only disadvantage is that you have to maintain stacks, which could be difficult if you don’t have a shield.

Can the Serpent Spine be gotten for free?

The Serpent Spine is a four-star Claymore weapon that can only be obtained by paying for the Genshin Impact game. Players who do not pay will not have access to this weapon.

To be more specific, in order to acquire this weapon, you will need to first purchase a Battle Pass.

How do you get Serpent Spine in genshin?

You will be able to acquire the Serpent Spine Claymore once you reach Battle Pass Level 30 and make the purchase of the Gnostic Hymn within the Battle Pass. There is no other way to obtain it.


Serpent Spine, a 4-star claymore weapon, has a mixed reaction among Genshin Impact players. On the one hand, it is more powerful than Wolf’s Gravestone because it places a greater emphasis on CRIT stats.

Some players believe that they should not have to spend money to obtain it and would prefer to have Wolf’s Gravestone instead.

The Serpent Spine in genshin is a 4-star claymore weapon that can only be obtained in one way, no matter what.

The following information is required for players to understand about this 4-star weapon, including its stats, ascension materials, and how to obtain it. For more updates about stay with us. 

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