Find the Blessed Dew Talisman in Elden Ring

Many players are probably wondering where they can get the Blessed Dew Talisman in the game right now. Because Elden Ring remains one of the most popular and well-regarded games available.

Blessed Dew Talisman

There are many Talismans in the land of Elden Ring, some of which are powerful and some of which are cunning. Each of these serves to provide players with a useful advantage that they can use as they travel across the Lands.

Some are simple to obtain, while others require you to defeat one or more bosses. Because of its ability to restore health points, many consider the Blessed Dew Talisman to be one of the strongest early-game talismans in the game.

About Elden Ring :

blessed dew talisman

The Greater Will is an unknown god who prefers order to chaos. Favored the Lands Between and sent down the Elden Ring. A magical instrument that changed the Lands Between according to his preferences.

The Elden Ring lived in the Erdtree, a ghostly golden tree. The Erdtree’s power to bestow the Elden Ring’s favor on the country and its people created a well-organized reality.

Queen Marika the Eternal reigned over the Lands Between. She protected the Elden Ring and had many children throughout her reign. She also removed the Rune of Destined Death, which gave Elden Ring wearers immortality.

Everyone was affected, but the Elden Ring and Erdtree rejected some, branding them Tarnished and driving them into exile. They couldn’t die yet were deemed unfit.

Marika had two husbands: Godfrey, who became Tarnished and left, and Radagon, the red-haired warrior. Both died mysteriously.

After marrying Marika, both men became Elden Lords and gained divine power. Despite Marika’s might, her consorts, the Elden Lords, are nearly as powerful.

During the Night of the Black Knives, a squad of unseen assassins assassinated three of Marika’s demigod children, shattering the Elden Ring into Great Runes.

Night of the Black Knives Attacking and damaging the Elden Ring altered reality and threatened the Greater Will’s worldview.

The Shattering broke out among the surviving demigods. Marika departed without a trace, leaving the world to wonder where she went.

blessed dew talisman

Various factions ended the conflict in a stalemate (which anybody could do). The Elden Ring’s bounty on the Lands Between progressively vanished due to this useless middle ground, and now, millennia later, the Erdtree is calling on the Tarnished to break the impasse and free the Lands Between.

The Greater Will is unhappy with the current state of affairs, and all of the existing demigods have demonstrated they are unworthy of becoming Lords or new Empyrean vessels to replace Marika. Greater Will is unhappy with current events.

Another Tarnished. In Elden Ring, you start as a meaningless character in a world where monsters and gods compete for the Lands Between. Here’s the action.

To construct a new system, you must tour the world, enhance your physical prowess, and engage in combat or cooperation with others. As the new Elden Lord, you can change the cosmos to suit your faction’s goals.

blessed dew talisman

There’s definitely more to the story. Elden Ring’s story is confusing, like other FromSoftware games. You piece together clues from the environment, artefacts you find, and people you talk to around the world to figure out what’s going on.

You must know who you play in Elden Ring because you are a Tarnished after learning about the environment and events. After the Shattering, the Erdtree will expel from the Lands Between everyone without its advice or grace. “Tarnished” describes them. Elden Ring and Erdtree have summoned your character again to solve the impasse.

With this new power, you must reunite the Great Runes. You’ll need a Finger Maiden to gain the required physical and mental strength.

You’ll become “maidenless” after an hour or two, a reference to another Elden Ring joke. Without a guide, you can’t use runes to build power. Melina will offer to let you level up your Runes if you become her Finger, Maiden.

You’ll encounter many Tarnished heroes as you travel the Elden Ring Lands Between. This is especially true at Roundtable Hold, an outside-the-Lands-Between safe haven for Tarnished. You must accomplish that as the future Lord of Elden.

Find the Blessed Dew Talisman

In Elden Ring, players can find the Blessed Dew Talisman while they are within the arena with the Divine Bridge Golem that is hostile to them. This item passively restores their health.

blessed dew talisman

The Blessed Dew Talisman is a useful item that will assist players in Elden Ring in surviving the perilous areas of the Lands Between. Players will want to track it down. Talismans, much like armor, are utilized primarily to improve a player’s defensive capabilities.

Because the Blessed Dew Talisman heals a player’s health at a rate of 2 health points per second while they are actively playing, it is one of the most effective healing items in Elden Ring.

As a direct consequence of this, rather than throwing away other things while engaged in combat, players will have the option of spending a few moments in a safe zone to restore their health.

It’s possible to find this priceless talisman rather early on in the game. You will need to travel to Landgrave and search for the Tower of Return, which can be found on the Weeping Peninsula to the southeast of the Fourth Church of Marika.

When the players reach that location, they will run against knights on their route to the tower. During the battle, the players have the option of either defeating the knights or avoiding them.

After that, go inside the Tower of Return and use the ladder that’s already there to get to the very top.  The Site of Grace needs to be activated after the players have been moved to the new location.

They can do so by climbing the stairs. This will summon the Divine Bridge Golem boss, who the players can choose to engage in combat with or run away from. Players have the opportunity to acquire the Blessed Dew Talisman through one of these two paths.

The Divine Bridge Golem will begin to stir to life as soon as a player enters the arena where it is located. It access the wealth there in order to avoid the combat. They will unearth the Blessed Dew Talisman after they investigate more.

If players in Elden Ring decide they should focus their attacks on the creature’s legs. Launch tremendous assaults at each of its legs while maintaining this position.

Players should also stay away from the Divine Bridge Golem’s huge halberd. Since it has the potential to deliver a substantial amount of damage.

Utilize the teleporter on Weeping Peninsula if you need to get your hands on the Talisman in a hurry. You can acquire this item from the Tower of Return, which can be found at the very southwesternmost point of the map.

Turning right at the fork on the main road will take you to the western section of the park. Proceed in a southerly direction beyond the Minor Erdtree until you come to the Tower of Return. Inside the tower is where you’ll find the teleporter.

Be advised, though, that if you are a lower-level player, the Giant Golem will be incredibly difficult for you to destroy. Going for the golem’s feet and avoiding his stomp assaults is all you need to do to beat him.

As long as you keep your attention on his legs. You should be able to reduce your health to the point where you can win the fight.

Where is Elden Ring’s Legendary Talisman?

The Great shield Talisman

Finding this one can be difficult, but it will reduce physical harm. Exit Site of Grace at Haligtree’s Drainage Channel and turn left.

You’ll need to descend tree branches to reach a right-side path. Before entering the church through the roof hole, descend to that level. A chest in the room’s rafters holds the Talisman.


Those steps are up top. After defeating Radagon’s Red Wolf, you can get it.

Radagon’s Sore

This one’s instructions are up top. It’s in Fort Faroth, near the Dectus Medallion’s other half.


Marika’s Soreseal can be found in the Haligtree instead of Radagon’s. Like Radagon’s, it raises attributes at the cost of taking more damage.

Use two Stonesword Keys to unlock the fog door by climbing the ladder outside the Elphael Inner Wall Site of Grace. After entering this area, you’ll face a boss and other foes.

Nokstella’s moon.

Steps in Nokstella, Eternal City Site of Grace lead to the cathedral. Before opening the chest and retrieving the talisman, you must kill the enemies inside. These increases spell Memory Slot capacity.


The Godfrey Icon boosts the power of your charged attacks and spells. But obtaining it is difficult. East of Lift of Dectus is Golden Lineage Evergaol. Godrick is now Godefrey the Grafted. Defeat him to get the Godfrey Icon.

Old Lord’s Talisman

Talisman of the Old Lord increases spell range. In Crumbling Farum Azula, turn left near the Draconic Tree Sentinel. Climb it, then continue to a Farum Beastmen area. They guard the talisman’s chest.


The Erdtree Favor Talisman increases your HP, stamina, and equipment capacity after Leyndell is destroyed. You can pick up the Talisman if you ride down one of the tree branches.


Talismans obtained from Elden Ring can enhance your abilities in a variety of ways, such as extending the range of your arrows and increasing your lightning resistance.

Because so many of these talismans are highly context, dependent, is useless unless you’re facing an opponent who specializes in lightning attacks. We’ve chosen a few of the more generally useful talismans above. Stay with us for updates.

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