Risk of Rain 2 Tier List (2022) – Best Characters

In this article, we shared the complete Risk of Rain 2 tier list in 2022. The second instalment of the Risk of Rain series is scheduled to be released in the year 2020 and is titled Risk of Rain 2.

In the course of the game, new players, characters, and features will be presented. You are going to find yourself in a strange new world where you have to fight to stay alive.

Risk of Rain 2 Tier List

There are more than ten playable characters in this game. They each have their own distinct method of combat and arsenal of abilities. The planet is home to a wide variety of extraterrestrial beings and monstrosities.

It is necessary for you to search the planet for various items that can be collected and will prove to be of great assistance during combat.

The game is broken up into different stages, and at the end of each one, there is a more difficult enemy known as a boss. You have to kill him in order to move on to the next stage. You and your opponents will both become more powerful as time goes on.

Risk of Rain 2 Tier List IN 2022:

The single-player and multiplayer components of Risk of Rain 2 are both accessible to players. In multiplayer mode, you can play with other players to win this adventure game.

The sequel, Risk of Rain 2, is a three-dimensional video game that can be played on Microsoft Windows PCs, Xboxes, and PlayStations.

We have compiled a detailed guide to the game’s tier list, which also includes information on how characters performed that are covered in this guide. Let’s not waste any more of your time and get right down to business, shall we?

S-Tier Character List:

Both MUL-T and Engineer are considered to be Group S’s most important heroes. They are the most enjoyable playable characters even at the most difficult levels.

Engineer :

The debate over which character is the best is never easy, but nearly all of the tier lists compiled for Risk of Rain 2 by veteran players agree that the Engineer is at least in the top three.

Following additional research, we determined that not only is he one of the most powerful characters in the game, but he also holds the top spot on the tier list.

This is because he can heal himself, has excellent defensive options, and can deal significant damage when equipped with the appropriate items, making him the best survivor in the game.

Those who want to play the game alone need someone to keep an eye on them against the more difficult bosses, and Engineer is an excellent all-rounder in this regard.

If you want to play the game by yourself, the Engineer is an excellent all-around choice.

He has one major disadvantage because of his limited mobility: he cannot easily flee from danger. If you can’t figure out how to keep specific enemies at bay, you’ll have to try several times before you succeed.

Despite this, he maintains one of the highest damage per second (DPS) ratings in the game while moving around.


Due to the unique personality, it possesses and the skills it possesses, MUL-T is without a doubt one of the most well-liked characters in Risk of Rain 2.

In addition to having a high maximum health capacity, this player character also possesses one of the highest damage capabilities and one of the fastest attack rates in the game.

The fact that he starts with 12 armor and easily gains more, in addition to the fact that he can easily compensate for the lack of range that he has. This is one of the best things on the Risk of Rain 2 tier list.

A-Tier character list:

The Artificer and the Huntress are the two characters who have the most significant roles in Group A. These heroes are among the game’s most powerful characters.


If you want a tank character who can also keep dashing around the map, then you should play as the Huntress because she is an extremely offensive character with good range and mobility.

She possesses a plethora of skills that are easy to use, deal good damage over time (DPS), and have a decent area of effect (AOE), which makes her even more effective.

In addition to all of that, her primary attack is a sprint, and she has a dash move called an I-frame dash.

It’s true that all of this sounds ridiculously good, and it is, but the reason she isn’t considered an S-Tier character is that she isn’t particularly skilled at optimizing the items in her equipment.


It is recommended that players utilize the Artificer relatively early on in the game. She has a high DPS rate and works well with certain weapons, such as the Flamethrower, due to her complementing abilities.

In the most recent patch, she received a buff that increased the damage done by her Nano bombs, as well as increased damage drop off while engaged in combat.

But for a number of different reasons, she falls behind the other characters in the story. For instance, utilizing her mobility with items can be challenging, and there is a significant amount of trial and error involved.

Her cooldown is also significantly longer than it ought to be, and the developers don’t appear interested in shortening it in any way.

Lastly, she is a character that is best suited for new players, and once they are ready, they can move on to another once they have gained enough experience with her.

B-Tier character list:

The two most important heroes in Group B are Acrid and Mercenary. They are well-rounded and possess a variety of skills, making them a potential asset to your team.


Prior to the game’s recent updates, Mercenary was a decent A-Tier character with a high-risk, high-reward reputation in terms of gameplay effectiveness.

However, that privilege is no longer available to him due to a significant nerf that reduced the effectiveness of his Base Health and Regeneration. Furthermore, his cooldown was changed, making it less effective than before.

He’s still not D-Tier, which is good news for those who liked him in previous game versions. And if you’re just starting out in the game, he’s not the worst character to play with.

However, he is no longer as good as he once was, and only serious players should invest in him.


Acrid is a peculiar combination of close-quarters fighters and long-range snipers, with abilities that compensate for either play style.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that he possesses some of both but not enough to excel at either, he is better suited to play the role of a supporting character rather than that of someone you can spend time with on your own.

Therefore, he is a fun character to mess around with in a game where you and your friends are playing cooperatively; however, if you want to be successful in the game, you will need to rely on other characters.

D-Tier Character list:

The persons in charge of group d are called Commando and Rex. It’s a hero with very little hassle, which is probably why the players don’t pick it very often.


The first character that can be controlled by the player in this game is Commando, who has a very straightforward control scheme.

He can avoid being stunned and survive attacks, giving him a reasonable amount of versatility in terms of his abilities.

His damage is lower than that of everyone else’s, but with the right items, he can do okay damage as well.

However, once the better characters have been unlocked, you won’t want to play as him again because it won’t be worth much and you won’t want to play as him again.

Even if you like the way he plays the game, Huntress is a much more enjoyable alternative.


People who use Rex tend to be very passionate about whatever cause they support, as there aren’t that many users. The reason for this is that he is not very self-sufficient, and in order for you to survive the majority of the game’s more challenging parts, you will need a good loadout of items.

If you do not have the necessary items, you may find that you are in a dangerously precarious situation.

However, if you play your cards right, he has a great damage per second (DPS) and a life-stealing ability that allows him to manage his health pool well.

This is only possible if you play your cards right. If you are one of those people who purposefully do runs of games in which you limit yourself to certain items or difficulties, then Rex is a great character to use so that you can punish and challenge yourself. He can help you get through the game much more quickly.


This is the Risk of Rain 2 tier list. It’s important to keep in mind that this ranking takes into account the most fundamental aspects of each character’s utility.

The player has access to a large catalogue of different items and abilities within the game that they can swap out in order to create a customized build for the characters that they use.

This indicates that there cannot be a definitive tier list and a character that we ranked lower than you might find to be more beneficial for you if you are a skilled player who taps into the full potential of your preferred character.

Therefore, you should not be afraid to experiment, and you should use the tier list as a way to get a head start on knowing which characters are worth investing in safely.

We sincerely hope that you found this guide to be helpful, and while you’re here, don’t forget to take a look at some of the other informative gaming guides available here.

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