EPOS “H3”, a sealed wired gaming headset that can be used all-round, is now on sale!

EPOS “H3”, a sealed wired gaming headset that can be used all-round, is now on sale!


Sound is one of the important elements in the game.

In addition to music and sound effects that produce powerful and moving effects, depending on the game genre, there are many cases in which the outcome is divided by the fine sounds.

No matter how good the sound is made on the game side, no matter how good the PC is used, if the device that finally plays the sound is not good enough, the sound cannot be played properly.

That’s why high-quality gaming headsets are popular, but among them, those made by sound experts such as audio makers seem to be particularly popular these days. EPOS, which is the first audio manufacturer to enter the gaming headset market and is popular for its high-quality products, has released a new sealed wired gaming headset, the H3!

Widely used high-quality wired headset.

EPOS “H3” is a high-quality wired gaming headset that can be used in a wide range of scenes. Most devices that can be connected by wire with a 3.5mm terminal, such as game consoles and smartphones with a

3.5mm 4-pole headset terminal, and devices with separate speaker and microphone terminals such as PCs with a 3.5mm 3-pole x 2 terminal. You can connect to the device.

The sound is a powerful sound with bass, which enhances the immersive feeling in the game.

  • For those who want more sound, it is fully compatible with EPOS DAC-equipped headset amplifiers (including GSX 300 and GSX 1200 PRO). It seems that you can enjoy endless sound variations in combination with an amplifier.

The sealed ear cup has a passive noise canceling effect, so you can enjoy high-quality sound while blocking the surrounding sound.

When you hear that it is a closed type, it may feel like it is tightened, but the ear cup fits around your ears without applying pressure so that you can continue to use it comfortably, even if you wear it for a long time. As such, the speakers are designed to be angled within the enclosure, avoiding contact with the ears.

The stainless steel slider on the headband has a memory of the length, so you can record the length that is perfect for you. Intuitive volume adjustment is also possible with the dial mounted on the right ear cup.

The microphone, which is important for communication during gameplay, is capable of delivering clear voice with studio quality. The microphone is switched to mute just by flipping up the boom arm, so convenience is perfect.

It is on sale very well, but it is a little out of stock.

EPOS “H3” is now on sale! Available in two colors: cool onyx black and clean ghost white.

The price is an open price. The market reference price is around 17,380 yen (tax included).

It is new work of the popular EPOS, and it seems that it is out of stock depending on the store because it is a relatively affordable price.

Those who are interested may consider purchasing as soon as they find it.

GW is coming from now on, but it seems difficult to travel in 2021 GW.

At such times, it’s best to enjoy the game at home!

If the sound gets better, you’ll be able to enjoy the games you play all the time and the games you’re starting new!

Get a good game life with good sound! For details, see the EPOS “H3” product page!

EPOS “H3” specifications Technical data Operating temperature range 0 -40 Storage temperature range 0 -40 Size Size 88 mm. + 189 mm. + 167 mm Product height 167 mm. mm 75 mm. + 104 mm. + 21 mm. Weight 270 g Cable length 2000 mm Package accessories AudioCable Package weight (including entire product and package) 651 g Product package size (L x W x H) 226 mm. X 95 mm. X 237 mm. Ⓒ 2021 by EPOS

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