best PC controllers for gaming to buy in 2021

The mouse and keyboard are the controllers of choice for computers, but you can also use a PC controller and play your favorite titles. Some games are more rewarding to play and master with today’s PC controls. With this in mind, we selected the best gaming pc controllers for taking into account the connectivity, autonomyweight, and price/quality ratio, in addition to the main attributes and characteristics of these useful accessories for a PC gamer.

We Choose the 8 Best gaming pc controllers for games to play in 2020. Here is the list of best PC controllers.

1: Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – best Gaming PC Controller

Connectivity: Bluetooth and USB
Weight: 998 grams
Autonomy: up to 40 hours

The best controller for PC is Microsoft ‘s Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. You can connect the remote to your computer via Bluetooth and start playing any Windows title right away. However, It is a highly adaptable but expensive solution.

Also, It fits in your hand, with various elements of the controller that can be exchanged for complete customization. The quality and durability of the materials used are excellent, making it currently the best controller for playing on the PC.


  • Excellent button customization
  • Adjustable thumbstick tension
  • Wireless charging and USB-C


  • $180 price tag
  • Built-in battery
  • Doesn’t handle multiple devices well

2: Sony DUALSHOCK 4 V2 – best price/quality ratio


Connectivity: Bluetooth and USB
Weight: 181 grams
Autonomy: between 4 to 8 hours

Autonomy is the weak point of this command. The DualShock 4 is famous for many reasons, from ergonomics, playing position, and responsive controls that make it the best authority for PC, after the required configuration with the computer.

They are durable, full of functions and indicated especially for games like FIFA, or action and adventure titles that will make you pull the controller. It is available in various color schemes and finishes with excellent value for money.


  • A dramatic improvement over PS3 gamepad
  • Clickable touchpad
  • The best triggers on any gamepad


  • Terrible battery life
  • Analog stick coating isn’t grippy enough
  • Rubber thumbsticks show wear and tear quickly

3: Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Controller – excellent wireless & Best Gaming Pc controllers


Connectivity: Bluetooth and USB
Weight: 552 grams
Autonomy: up to 30 hours

The Xbox wireless controller can be used directly on the PC thanks to its software, great for playing shooting games, or singleplayer titles. For players who prefer this button layout and control surface, this is a great option.

It is a robust controller, with a 3.5 mm headphone port and whose more full format compared to the DS4 standard, attracts several players. It is available in various colors and finishes, with a reasonable price/quality ratio.


  • Great battery life
  • The best analog sticks on any gamepad
  • Rumble triggers!


  • Shoulder buttons are cumbersome
  • Requires AA batteries

4: Logitech F710 – cheap and good wireless controller


 331 grams
Autonomy: 2 AA batteries

The F710 remote is identical to the Logitech F310, but it guarantees a wireless connection here that frees you from cables. It Uses two AA batteries, minimally durable and comfortable building materials for the right price/quality product.

The distribution of the buttons is conventional, so you can play on the PC just like on the console, having a shape and grip similar to Sony’s DUALSHOCK controls. Like the F310, it is compatible with many devices, including Android TV.


  • Classic retro design
  • Fantastic button feel
  • Great battery life


  • Could be more comfortable
  • Occasional connection issues

5: SteelSeries Stratus Duo – good command to play on mobile


Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB
Weight: 240 grams
Autonomy: up to 20 hours

The versatility of the SteelSeries Stratus Duo model puts it on the list of the best commands to play on the PC, and can also be used to play on the Android phone. The shape and grip are full, inspired by the Xbox controller.

The materials used in the construction are of high quality, making it a robust command that promises to last for several years. It is relatively light, has a long-range (12 m) in the wireless connection, making it great for playing on PC and mobile phone.


  • Premium
  • Comfortable for long play
  • Full-featured
  • Three connectivity modes
  • Works out of the box on Android and PC
  • Quiet buttons for midnight gaming sessions
  • Light and small enough to be easily portable
  • Insane battery life


  • Pricey
  • No built-in clip, but there is a $9.99 add-on for it

6: Razer Raiju Ultimate 2020 – excellent command for competition


Connectivity: Bluetooth and USB
Weight: 372 grams
Autonomy: up to 11 hours

The versatility, customization of various elements, and adjustments available on the Razer Raiju Ultimate 2020 controller make it one of the best PC controllers you can buy. It is our recommendation for demanding and competitive players.

With robust construction and full format, we have precise buttons with several interchangeable parts. It is possible to adjust the sensitivity of various elements and make fine adjustments via the mobile app on this superb PC controller.


  • Choice of connectivity options
  • Attractive design
  • Loads of Customisation
  • Easy to set up
  • Great to use


  • High price

7: Retro-bit SEGA MegaDrive USB -great retro controller for PC


Connectivity: USB
Weight: 200 grams
Autonomy: not applicable

The best controller for retro gaming enthusiasts is the SEGA MegaDrive USB, built by retro-bit. With a 3 meter USB cable, you can play on your computer, Nintendo Switch, and the new Mega Drive Mini with comfort in this new controller.

It is a faithful replica of the original remote that holds the official Sega license. However, It has the right building materials; it is durable and also suitable for emulators of old games. The price is relatively low and is currently a good buy.


  • Large game selection
  • Faithful emulation
  • High build quality
  • USB controller ports offer flexibility
  • You can return to the home screen using the controller


  • Almost too small
  • Six-button controllers would’ve been nice

8: 8Bitdo Super Nintendo SF30 – versatile controller for PC and Switch


Connectivity: Bluetooth and USB
Weight: 240 grams
Autonomy: up to 18 hours

The Super Nintendo SF30 is a PC controller manufactured by 8Bitdo, a benchmark in the industry, adding analog controls and a Bluetooth connection for wireless gaming to this controller. It is not a replica, but it is a useful command.

We have the classic buttons, with a retro design, and modern amenities in this wireless PC controller with a vibration mechanism. The build quality is excellent, and the versatility makes it the best controller for the Nintendo Switch.


  • Classic Nintendo design
  • All the performance for current games
  • Highly portable


  • Thumbstick placement obstructs emulated games


Here we reviewed the top 8 best gaming pc controllers which every gamer should use. If you already have a PlayStation 4, or 3 DUALSHOCK controller, see how to use PS4 Dualshock to play on your computer. Also, take the opportunity to check out the list of the best free PC games that you can install now.

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