GTX 970 Sli vs GTX 1070 [Complete Guide] 2021

970 Sli vs 1070

970 Sli vs 1070 – These two GTX 970 SLI and GTX 1070 graphics cards can be compared on various bases, including performance, price, power supply, and multiple features. Before looking at the two’s comparison, let’s try to know about these two graphics cards in separate details.

GTX 970 SLI: Good Features


Before anyone talks about graphic cards, it is a successful company for manufacturing graphic cards for Nvidia. Nvidia has maintained its identity by crossing all performance and power consumption barriers and has recently released its best GTX 970 SLI graphics card.

As soon as this graphic card was released, it crossed all the chain of limitations and broke the stereotypical beliefs. Therefore, as soon as it was released, AMD released a cheaper comparison model than that, but it was only suitable for a single Maxwell GPU.

If you choose this graphics card, you will find it as a puncher GPU with many AIB models to pick from. It is a unique Graphic card as it effectively beat the R9 290 model. On the contrary, many people who bought R9 290were speculating on how it would lead to the best speculation.

As you know, AMD hostility is overcome in Maxwell GPU. It is a region with a favorable location that NVIDIA still maintains today. GTX 970 graphics card is more likely to be purchased because it usually works in a relaxed environment and stays calm than R9 290 graphics cards.

Furthermore, this GTX 970 card is perfect to deliver progressive performance. By using this graphic card, not only offers the ultimate performance but will also give you the best proficiency. To further improve performance, you get this graphics card with a stream processor, and higher base clock, and an excellent boost clock.

Therefore, with this graphics card, you have the option to exploit all supporting Microsoft up-gaming highlights within gaming.

GTX 1070: Good Features

gtx 1070

When it comes to the GTX 1070 graphic card, it is a graphic card similar to its NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080. It comes with the Pascal GPU chip having 8 GB of GDDR5 VRAM. Now NVIDIA primarily accomplishes this graphic card, but even you get to see some shortcoming inside.

Inside this graphic card, you see the 1920 center check that is higher than the GTX 970. Also, you get a higher clock speed inside, which is no uncertainty, and it will be quicker. This graphic card’s 25% shortcoming is that it decreased the CUDA processor that depends on GTX 1070 from 2560 to 1920.

When we talk about this card’s memory controller, GTX 1070 utilizes 8GB of GDDR5 and, on the other hand, GTX 1080 using quicker GDDR5X. Also, you get to see the Recurrence drop inside this graphic card from 10 Gbps to 8 Gbps and transmission drop from 320 GB/s to 256 GB/s.

The expansion of GTX 1070 on GTX 970 SLI is significant as you get to see the many important features inside. Inside the GTX 1070 graphic card, you get to see the more significant number of centers and half higher clock rates than GTX 970 SLI.

Inside this graphic card, it comes with 30 watts with a TDP of 150 watts that is 5 watts higher than the GTX 970 SLI in terms of control utilization. On the other hand, it is imperative to tell you that it only provides a solitary 8-pin connector.

970 Sli vs 1070

Quick Comparison

Features GTX 1070 GTX 970 SLI
GPU GP104 GM204
GPU Cores 1920 1664
Rated Clock 1506 MHz 1050 MHz
Texture Units 120 104
Memory Clock 8000 MHz 7000 MHz
Memory 8GB 4GB
ROP Units 64 56
Memory Interface 256-bit 256-bit
Memory Bandwidth 256 GB/s 196 GB/s
TDP 150 watts 145 watts
Peak Compute 5.7 TFLOPS 3.4 TFLOPS
Transistor Count 7.2B 5.2B
Process Tech 16nm 28nm
MSRP (current) $379 $329

Pros and Cons of GTX 970 SLI

  • • Get Virtual Reality Ready Inside
  • • Comes with DirectX12
  • • Offers EVGA “ACX 2.0+” Cooling Technology
  • • Delivers 7010 MHz Effective Memory Clock
  • • Comes with 1190 MHz Base Clock and 1342 MHz Boost Clock
  • • Sometimes it Stops Working During Gaming

Pros and Cons of GTX 1070

  • • Comes with Advanced Chipset
  • • Offer Best Video Memory
  • • Delivers Maximum 7680 x 4320 Resolution
  • • Support 4x Display Monitors
  • • Little Bit Expensive


In the end, GTX 970 SLI graphic card is not a budget-friendly graphic card, and it does not perform well enough to run all the games in the best and equal performance. When compared to other GTX 1070 graphics cards, it does not serve better.

After looking at its various detailed advantages, disadvantages, and features, we hope you have concluded which graphics card is the best. The fact that the GTX 1070 graphic card that you get a little expensive is an advantage for you, and last but not least hope this guide proves to be helpful for you.


What graphics card is better than GTX 970?

All the GTX 10 series GPUs you get to see are better than GTX 970, but on the other hand, when we compare it to the AMD graphic cards, then AMD Radeon RX 570 offers 3% better performance.

Is it worth SLI GTX 970?

Yes, this graphic card proves to be the best for producing the best performance, and GTX 970 SLI delivers 33% performance.

Is it worth it to SLI GTX 1070?

If you are willing to run every game at 1080p and do not require a fast GPU, then GTX 1070 still worth it.

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