How Much Should A Beginner Spend On A Gaming Pc? | Best And Complete Guide, 2022

How much should a beginner spend on a gaming PC? This is a question that has been asked by many aspiring gamers and computer users alike  The answer to this essential issue is dependent on your budget, how much money you want to invest, as well as how much you understand about pcs. 

The range of prices for gaming computers is very broad, and the best place to start is by looking at what you need your computer to do. If you’re simply playing games and surfing the web, a budget of around $600 should get you started.

If you plan on streaming or editing videos, or if you want to do some serious 3D rendering, however, you’ll want to spend at least $1000 to get the desired functions.

Then comes building one, if you are looking at creating your own PC from scratch, it will be more expensive than buying pre-assembled models but less than a custom one-off build.

In this article, we will look into the prices of the parts or components price along with how much will a buying or building costs you as a beginner. Let’s go! 

Finding The Build For How Much Should A Beginner Spend On A Gaming Pc

Finding The Build For How Much Should A Beginner Spend On A Gaming Pc

There are three common types of build when you’re supposed to either buy or make a gaming PC. These three are:

  • Budget build
  • Mid-range build
  • High-Endbuild

These builds are made depending upon the requirements and needs of the user in addition to how much a gamer is willing to pay for it. Let’s look into the details of these builds.

Budget Builds

If a gaming pc falls under $500 to $600, it will not cost you a fortune to play and play the gaming pc. That is where a budget build falls. 

Components Required

Computers coming in this range have an i3/R3 CPU or comparable, a 4-6GB graphics card, and at least 8GB of DDR4 RAM are often required.

Easily Handle High-Quality Games 

The name may suggest that these computers cannot handle high-quality games but it’s not true. These builds have become so developed and advanced that games like League of legends, overwatch, or AAA games can be played without any hindrance easily and smoothly.


It is easily upgradable such as the processor, GPU even the memory cannot be leveled up easily. 


However, there are some limitations to it. You cannot expect to play high resolution games with ultra settings. It will slow down your computer and hence cause glitches in your gameplay. So better to keep playing these games on normal resolutions with low intensity. Hence, increase your frame rates through lower mode.

Mid Range Builds

We all wish to play games on a better resolution with 1080p 60fps. This is provided in a mid-range build. You will have effective and smooth gameplay if you spend approx $700 to $1000 USD. 

Components Required 

In most circumstances, you should acquire an AMD R5 CPU or an Intel i5, min 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 6-8GB graphics card (RX 580/GTX 1660 Ti/RTX 2060). A motherboard, 550W power supply, storage, and, obviously, a casing are also required.

Easy Going On High Resolution

This provides better viewing and gaming experience with 1080p 60fps games such as AAA games. Another awesome feature of these PCs is that they can easily connect to VR and give you an unforgettable and unmatched experience. This event can help you play with 2000250fps games like fortnight smoothly. 


If you are a pro gamer and have dedicated your life to gaming and have opted for gaming as your profession then you might need to upgrade your game and start using high-tech gaming devices. This version of build is highly suitable for those like pro gamers. Such players want to get the best out of their PCs. 

Price Range 

If you spend a whopping $1000 USD or more then you will potentially get the high quality and resolution game with performance in 1080p/1440p. If you want more such as 4K then you will need the fortune to do it such as $1500 to $2000USD.

Components Requirement 

This mode of the build uses the processor of  AMD Ryzen, GPU of  Nvidia GeForce GTX / RTX, and memory of 16GB will be more than enough to run high-end games without any problem. 

Highest Quality And Intensity Games Run

You can easily run any game with max resolution at high intensity without any worry of lagging or getting stuck during the game. This even provides you with the option to do some decent overclocking. Not only does it have just as much energy as is currently conceivable, but it also runs some of the best gear available.

Computer Components And Their Prices 

If you are planning on building your own computer from scratch but still wonder how much should a beginner spend on a gaming PC?  then you should consider looking at the parts of the PC required to make a gaming PC and also the prices. If you have never built a computer before then it can be a little intimidating but it is not difficult to do.

The prices of these components can vary widely depending on the manufacturer and model. The initial step is to pick the components you want in your gaming PC. A CPU, chipset, memory (RAM), GPU, and storage system are required. 


Motherboards are used in connecting all of the other components together and allow them to communicate with each other. They also manage information about how much memory has been allocated to each processor or GPU (graphics processing unit).


mATX or budget ATX board ($50-$120)


Feature-rich full-size ATX board ($150-$350 or more)


Processors come in many different types, with Intel being one of the more popular brands. The processors will determine how fast your computer can run and how much processing power it has.


4-6 core chips ($75-$150)


6-16 core chips ($200-$350 or more)


Memory (RAM) is another essential component that needs to be considered when building your gaming PC as it allows the processor or GPU access to data such as programs or games once they have been loaded onto the hard drive.


8GB to 16GB of DDR4 ($40-$60)


16GB to 32GB of DDR4 ($75-$150 or more)


Graphics cards (GPUs) are responsible for transforming any images displayed on your screen into ones that can be viewed by human eyesight – this includes things such as 3D graphics which require multiple layers of pixels combined together through software


Lower-tier Nvidia or AMD card ($125-$175)


Higher-tier Nvidia or AMD card ($200-$500)


Ensure that the gaming PC consists of large storage space as games download a lot of extra stuff to run it smoothly on the device. 


One medium-capacity SSD ($40-$70)


Combination of M.2 NVMe, 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch SSD ($150-$300)


Most cases for computers support various hardware standards for motherboards. This way you only have to worry about the other components required for the PC and their clearance. Such as the graphic card, CPU etc. Consider buying a case with a good PSU to save a few bucks.


Case with 2 fans ($30-$50)


Higher material design ($100-$300)


A monitor with a good quality display is essential when it comes to gaming. Without a high resolution, you cannot have the proper gaming experience that every user feels. If your budget allows, consider buying the 1080 monitor with 76 or 144Hz refresh rate.  


24-inch 1080p with 74/76 or 144 Hz ($100-$200)


27-inch of 1440p with 165Hz ($225-$500)


The keyboard is essential for high-performance gameplay. A smooth and high-functioning keyboard will let you have a smooth experience whilst playing the game.

A standard keyboard does not have any drawbacks but for a better and amazing experience, you can opt for a keyboard with backlit keys, mechanical switches along with micro and macro keys.


Budget mechanical board ($10-$60)


Higher tech mechanical board ($80-$300)


You need a mouse that has a speed of light along with a fast clicking capacity. You can play games with any mouse as long as it is working properly. 


Buttons with fewer DPI settings ($10-$40)


High-tech senses and additional options with lighting ($60-$100)


Audio is also one of the vital components required when building a gaming PC. As it helps to communicate better with fellow players and form coordination among gaming members. Best audio must have the best sound quality, clear response formation, and noise reduction from the outside environment. 


It is integrated budget speakers or headphones ($0-$60)


A dedicated sound card with exceptional speakers and headphones ($100-$500)

Final Thoughts On How Much To Spend As A Beginner On Gaming Pc?

All in all, the decision regarding what to buy solely depends upon the budget and users’ needs. If you are willing to spend some extra on gaming devices then you should opt for already available gaming PCs in the market.

If buying a high-performance gaming PC is out of the range of your pocket then consider going DIY with a normal PC. But, in both cases, you need to stay observant of prices and their functionality. 

We’ve laid out information and a price range that will help you purchase your first gaming PC or build a gaming PC by scratch.

This article is aimed at hardware newcomers with little to no expertise. I believe you found this information useful and that it will help you save cost and energy during your next buy.

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