Best Gaming Laptops Under $1200 (Update 2021)

If you are looking to buy a new high-quality Best gaming laptop under 1200, you had better prepare with at least amount of USD 1200 in your pockets.

1200 USD is a very decent budget, for which you can now get a powerful laptop that can handle even the most modern games.

However, as is our custom, we will not stick to such a general statement.

The offer of gaming laptops is relatively full at this price level, so we select the most interesting pieces for you in the form of this article.

I know for that price you can quickly build your high-end custom desktop PC, but not everyone wants to be at home while gaming.

Professional gaming players have to travel frequently to coffee shops and different cities for tournaments and competitions.

Anyway, if you’re ready to buy a Best gaming laptop in 2020, then we have plenty of high-end options for you.

These devices are equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor, a Tlarge GPU, high-speed memory and a screen of at least 15 inches.

In this article, you will see devices from known laptop brands like Alienware, ASUS ROG, MSI, Dell and Lenovo, etc.

Recommended Best gaming laptop under 1200 – Mid-Range

Also remember, investing in a gaming laptop may not always be a smart choice, so if you want to cut back on your budget a bit, we also have a guide to gaming laptops with 32GB ram.

Currently, the best and the most powerful in its parameters is the Asus FX502VM & Lenovo Legion which we review below.




Asus FX502VM






Asus Vivobook








Lenovo Legion y720


Asus FX502VM – Best Gaming Laptop

Asus FX502VM - Best gaming laptop under 1200

Asus FX502VM has recently excelled in price/performance with its Nitro products, and this model is no exception.

But don’t let appearances fool you. Inside this slim chassis, you get the latest Intel Core i7 processor with the best NVIDIA graphics.

Some people may be concerned about overheating in such a thin and light structure, but it is not necessary.

Asus has incorporated a strong innovative cooling fan system that uses dual fans and heat pipes to cool the powerful CPU and GPU of the laptop independently.

A 15.6-inch Full HD display uses IPS technology, ensuring that it is not only fast but can be seen from a 178 degree viewing angle.

You won’t experience colour changes or other possible disruptions to your visual performance mid-game with this laptop.

its come with 16GB of DDR4 RAM and a super-fast 128GB SSD for the fastest response times.

there is an only disappointment is the additional 1TB hard drive that uses a slower 5400RPM drive.

The Asus FX502VM is made with premium and highly advanced features that any gamer would love. High-quality graphics, a decent memory, the latest processor, and blazingly fast storage.

Altogether, an unassuming lightweight package that won’t attract the unwanted attention of many more flashy gaming laptops.

  • Fine gaming performance
  • Nice display
  • None


MSI GV62 – Slim Laptop


It is excellent gaming laptops from renowned manufacturer MSI is one of its first laptops under $ 1200 that features new 6 Core technology from 8th generation Intel Core processors.

These newer processors are said to offer an incredible performance boost of more than 20 percent, compared to the already speedy seventh-generation i7 processor.

This recently released laptop features 8GB of DDR4 RAM, 128GB SSD, and 1TB HDD storage while running Windows 10 64 bit out of the box. An NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti Graphic Processing Unit features an additional 4GB of GDDR5 RAM, for even faster performance.

All MSI laptops feature IPS-level NTSC screens display technology, bringing games and movies to life in high powerful colours.

The laptop consists of the 15.6-inch display screens certainly have some of the best colours we have ever seen at this price, second only to the Asus FX502VM.

Another feature really likes about MSI gaming laptops is the inclusion of mic surround sound.

This model presents version 3 of its improved 7.1 audio. Mic sound technology enhances that 3D surround sound when playing.

With its vivid color NTSC display, additional storage, 6 Core technology, and a backlit keyboard with customizable zones, the GV62 is shaping up to be one of MSI’s laptops.

  • Smart Designs
  • Cheap with quality
  • Weaker for Tripple-A games


ALIENWARE AW15R3-5246SLV-PUS – Best Budget gaming Laptop



Alienware gaming laptops are used by many of the world’s most serious gamers. They are known to be specifically designed for gamers and feature solid performances.

This Alienware update provides gamers with all the essential tools they need to be the best.

With specs similar to many of the gaming laptops in this price range, what makes Alienware stand out is the extra thought that has gone into those gaming extras.

This system uses a GeForce GTX 10-series GPU, as well as over-clocked Intel processors to enable 4K gaming and a VR Ready experience.

Using the Double Shot Pro standard, Killer Wireless ensures that your wired or wireless network prioritizes the traffic that matters most to you, your games, and redirects any insignificant data stream.

A Thunderbolt Type-C port allows you to use Thunderbolt or USB 3.1 for peripherals with a connection speed of 10GBps.

The 15.6-inch Full HD display uses NVIDIA G-sync technology to deliver what promises to be the smoothest and fastest graphics ever, thanks to the added ability to sync your screen’s refresh rate at GPU speed.

The results in less screen tearing and minimal screen stuttering or input lag, all crucial to more intense gaming.

It is another reliable Alienware gaming laptop, and it comes in the distinctive Alienware case with extra Alien FX lighting, so everyone knows you are serious about your game.

  • Smart Designs
  • Best for 4K gaming
  • Cheap with quality
  • Webcam quality not good


ASUS VIVOBOOK – Laptop with 16Gb Ram

Asus Vivobook - Best gaming laptop under 1200

The modest look of the ASUS Vivobook makes it look more like a business device than a gaming platform. Under the VivoBook, however, it is an always different story.

The ASUS VivoBook includes a powerful quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, backed by 16GB of DDR4 RAM and a dedicated NVIDIA GPU.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 150 graphic cards set up by the VivoBook is more than supports of running most high of the titles and powerful enough to cope with even the most demandable 4K video editing software.

A matte 1080p Full HD display uses a 100% sRGB colour gamut but is only based on TN rather than IPS, meaning its viewing angles may be more limited than other gaming-specific laptops.

ASUS claims that the battery life of the VivoBook is approximately four to five hours with a smart cooling system, aiming to prevent the system from overheating.

However, some users have reported that the VivoBook works very well in more burdensome multitasking processes or marathon gaming sessions.

If you need a gaming laptop that doubles as a premium workstation laptop, the sleek ASUS VivoBook is one to look at the best laptop.

  • Full-sized backlit keyboard with 1.4 mm key travel
  • Good performance
  • Durable build quality
  • Only two USD ports





Best known for its commercial devices and systems, HP has in recent years entered the gaming notebook market with a range of serious spec gaming devices.

The OMEN 17-inch gaming laptop is this year’s model and an excellent entry in the gaming laptop category under $ 1200.

Using the latest 8th Generations Intel Core i7 processor, it is paired with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU, which includes 4GB of dedicated RAM for top-notch gaming performance.

A 17.3-inch Full HD IPS display features anti-glare technology and is a WLED backlit.

The latest NVIDIA GTX 1050 GPU provides benchmark results that will tackle almost every modern game you can find, and the 12GB of ultra-fast RAM means you can throw just about anything at it.

This laptop is a for multiples choices if you need something for video editing, animation,  gaming, music production, or game software development.

A 128GB SSD and a 1TB 7200RPM HDD provide the storage for this system, but if you want to upgrade that or the 12GB RAM, one panel gives access to all the internal components.

HP is quickly making a name for itself in the gaming notebook market, and this one can certainly help most of the rest for your money.

  • Full-sized backlit keyboard with 1.4 mm key travel
  • Good performance
  • Durable build quality
  • Only two USD Ports

ALIENWARE AW15R3-0012SLV – Another Gaming Beast

Alienware 15

The AW15R3-0012SLV is another of Alien ware’s best Budget laptops for games under $1200. However, this 15-inch laptop has rather confusing reviews due to its sixth-generation Intel Core i5-6400 processor.

I understand that most gamers want an i7 processor, but since your budget is limited, you have to sacrifice it sometime, and with this device, you will get an i5 processor.

Low-budget users are primarily concerned with specs, and aside from the processor, it includes everything top-notch, like NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPUs, 1TB HDDs, and 8GB DDR4 memory.

Alienware Aw15r3 Review comes with a Full High Definitions IPS screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is much less considering that it is an Alienware gaming device.

While we were testing it, we found some professionals like a sensitive touchpad, lightweight keyboard, no overheating, bright screen and long battery life.

Overall, it is the most affordable and reliable option not only for gamers but also for college students and programmers.

  • Good performance
  • Durable build quality
  • None




Acer Predator products have previously been out of the price range for your average player.

The Predator Helios 300 seems to be Acer’s solution to this problem and offers excellent value around the USD 1,200.

However, some most sacrifices had to be made to meet this price. The main one is on the screen. Although much dimmer than some more expensive Predator laptops, the Full HD display panel uses IPS technology to offer a better range of viewing angles.

At Acer predator Helios 300 specs, Image quality is comparable, if not better, too many of the notebooks at this price. Just don’t expect the full-color spectrum of high-end Predator notebooks.

The Helios 300 contains extraordinary internal and external specs, with a Kaby Lake Intel Core i7 processor that great features 16GB of system RAM.

Acer has advanced this laptop to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphic cards, which offers high-quality performance for the latest and upcoming games and is more suitable for VR games than its predecessors.

The Acer Predator Helios 300 specs are very good compared to many other laptops at this price.

However, with some games, like GTA V, which need 40GB of disk space just for installation, you’ll need to tackle the small, but fast, 256GB SSD.

  • 512 GB SSD
  • High system performance
  • Rather a comfortable keyboard
  • Great price for a GTX 1060 GPU
  • No USD port for type C

LENOVO Legion Y720 – Small laptop with Great Features

Lenovo Legion y720 - Best gaming laptop under 1200

Lenovo, once again, is a manufacturer that can associate more with high-powered business systems. They have recently branched out into many stylish home user laptops and powerful gaming hardware.

The Y720 follows the pattern of the gaming-centric notebooks Lenovo has created.

Featuring a completely black colour scheme, accented by a red logo, the case is designed to combat high temperatures and is equipped with vents at the rear and a dual-fan system for longer gaming sessions.

Under the hood, this laptop features some powerful components, including a seventh-generation Intel Core i7 processor and one of the latest NVIDIA GPUs on the GeForce GTX 1060.

Did we mention that the GTX 1060 offers performance up to three times faster than its predecessors and lets you enjoy videos up to 60FPS?

A vibrant 15.6-inch Full HD IPS display delivers the quality you’ve associated with Lenovo laptops, but where it stands out is in the audio department.

The Y720 features Dolby Atom’s sound processing. According to Lenovo, the first laptop to do so. As you wear headphones, sounds will flow above and around you for an impressive gaming experience.

Best gaming laptop around 1200 same system you can find at your local theatre, and it provides an immersive experience, whether it’s playing, streaming movies, or listening to music.

The only downside is the smaller 256GB SSD provided as standard, although you can easily add an HDD for hybrid storage if needed.

All in all, the Y720 provides the graphics, processing power, and immersive audio for an exciting and fully immersed gaming session on the go.

  • High system performance
  • Rather a comfortable keyboard
  • Solid battery life
  • Dim Display

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Buyer Guide: How to choose the right gaming laptop?

The very first thing a shopper must determine is how much he wants to pay for his new computer.

Other important things are what performance the buyer expects and what he wants. Which games you will play and for how long you buy the computer.

It is important to keep in mind that a computer for 500 USD will not have as much potential performance as a computer for 1200 USD.

In addition to the necessary specifications for gaming laptops, it is essential to look at other specifications.

And that is the diagonal of the display and its resolution, the method and efficiency of cooling, the size of operational memories, and the type of storage.



Pros of gaming laptops             Cons of gaming laptops
Potentially great performanceMostly larger dimensions
Greater range of usesLess battery life
Possibility of a more extensive expansionOccasionally higher temperatures under load
Dedicated graphics cardThe higher purchase price for more powerful devices
Mostly more powerful and multi-core processor



The basic type of gaming laptop:

The basic types of gaming laptops today include almost all laptops with a dedicated card.

And that’s because the technology is so far away that even the energy-saving U-Series processors (which you’ll learn more about below) have the potential to handle more demanding, lower-resolution games.

Thus, you can play a more demanding game on a cheaper device. Such laptops can be purchased for as little as USD 1200 or more.

Why and where to buy a gaming laptop at the best price?

Today, you can get a gaming laptop everywhere, in any electricity.

But, a gaming laptop means an investment in the order of tens of thousands of crowns, and if you simply want to play your favorite game in the best detail, this investment in a NEW  device is simply needed, whether you like it or not.

The big downside to this is that the investment is not repayable, and as technology moves forward, the device will no longer be able to release new, more challenging games in a few years, and you will have no choice but to buy a new one.

That’s why most people look at the equivalent. For a new device, you pay for the novelty, for a used device you pay for the parameters.

So, the price of new and used or refurbished laptops costs many thousands less than new ones.

Used gaming laptop, better than new?

With used laptops, whether gaming or classic, you can be sure that they are proven and fully functional. The more it is better that they are so much cheaper.

And above all, there is nothing to fear. Everyone is thinking about buying a new one because used or refurbished ones can be broken.

And always this is where the big mistake comes from buying. You can only purchase a used laptop with hidden defects from another person.

The corporate sphere is completely different, stores that offer used laptops, for example from the purchase, first test the laptop properly and 100% check whether everything is functional and only then buy the laptop from the seller.

Also, you have a guarantee for the period stipulated by law, in the minimum amount of 12 months. Also, many companies offer warranty extensions for a small amount.

How to choose a laptop according to specifications:

The basis of a gaming laptop is its specifications.

The most important are the Processor, graphics card, RAM, and storage. In the following lines, we will specify what to follow and choose.

We will also look around the price categories and what games you will buy a laptop for a laptop.


The basis of the processor is its cores. Most gaming laptops have a quad-core processor, such processors are called HQ, and it is, for example, the Intel Core i7-6700 HQ.

But if we look at older gaming laptops, which still have enough power for less demanding games, we find the only Asus, these processors are older architectures and are dual-core.

You can tell the difference between an older and a newer processor in the performance of new games, such as Assassins Creed: Origins and similar games.

Not only is Intel on the market, but AMD is also on the market, but Intel is much more accessible and widespread.

For Intel processors, two more types of U and HQ series processors are specified, these processors are divided because the U series is economical and is intended for the classic segment of work, office notebooks, or all that do not need to have extreme computing power. But, even these processors can handle some more demanding games.

At least partially a gaming laptop we need to know what class it is equipped within most cases it is the Intel Core i5 or i7 (the higher the series, the better the processor computationally, but these devices are also more expensive)

Graphics cards

Like two processors, there are only two NVIDIA and AMD graphics card manufacturers. Nvidia graphics cards are more widespread and more successful, AMD is not far behind, but Nvidia graphics cards are mostly used in high-end gaming notebooks.

Nvidia graphics cards are characterized by the following types of older but still widely found in the gaming segment GT series, the latest and most powerful GTX series.

These cards are always dedicated, and their memory counts from 2GB to 8GB of the best and most expensive.

For example, GT 750M with 2GB GDDR5 (where GDDR – means memory designation and their speed, but this quantity does not have such a significant impact on the performance of the graphics core) laptop with this graphics card can cost from 700 USD to 1200 USD.

We have to take into account the condition of the device, i.e. its wear, what the processor has and what kind of operational memory and storage.

Operation memory

The operating memory is very important for a laptop; it results in the fluency of games and the overall operation of the device. The larger the operating memory, the more the device and the system can work with more memory, and there are no long operations when the memory in the device is rearranged.

The operating memory is the least complicated with the purchased device, as it can be expanded. In most cases, it is about 4GB to 8GB. However, the benevolence is excellent, so you can put as much capacity into the device as it can handle. Most laptops have two memory slots. DDR3 type memories are in the maximum size of 8GB, so 2 * 8GB.

DDR4 RAM is newer and can be up to one 16GB module so that a maximum of 2 * 16GB can expand the notebook


Like RAM, it is removable and therefore does not play such a role in the purchase of a used or refurbished laptop. Upon request, it is possible to agree with the seller on its possible extension.

It gives certain types of laptops the freedom to expand, for example, from an existing disk by two disks, where one will be an SSD for the system and the other a classic disk for Data.

This expansion is very popular, as the SSD is up to 10 times faster than a classic hard drive. It is shock-resistant, and today’s SSDs are many times less faulty.

For older or less gaming notebooks for a lower price, you can often install only one disk, so it’s time for a classic HDD with higher speeds (7200 rpm) or higher capacity SSD.

The costs a little more, for example, 256GB SSD costs about 1200 USD for 2x more capacity.

You will pay for another 1/3 of the price. Still, the investment is very good, due to the increase in performance and response and agility of laptops, and also you will often get a several-year warranty on the disk.



These are our recommendations for the Best gaming laptop under 1200, and you should select the one that suits you best.

They all have a powerful GPU and processor to handle the latest games you’ll be playing on it.

Also, note that the SSD is always optional and you play most of your games with no problems. Most of the budget gaming laptops on this list have almost similar specs, and I think these are the brands.

However, maximum performance may not always be the primary consideration for you when choosing a new laptop.

Before you buy a computer, think about what games you want to play and what equipment you need as well if you are an occasional player or a game maniac.

Always keep in mind that it is essential to choose mainly according to the processor and graphics.

These components cannot be replaced. Only the hard disk or RAM can be expanded.

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