Best Harry Potter Games In 2021: That You Need To Know

The Harry Potter Games are saga has become a real cultural phenomenon, allowing hundreds of millions of people to believe in a fairy tale. The book series received an excellent adaptation of eight films (not counting the prequels) and transfers to virtual reality through video games. We will talk about the latter in this article.


It so happened that the vast majority of Harry Potter games releases as a companion product to motion pictures. And they turned out, let’s say, typical games based on films. However, not all. So let’s start our journey into the world of magic.Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a game in which you get the opportunity to become a Hogwarts student, immersed in a world of magic, fantastic creatures, and impressive magical stories! Bluestacks allows you to play in multiple accounts simultaneously so that you can enroll in all faculties of the school of magic at once.

Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone

The first part of the franchise releases on the same day as the film of the same name and dedicates to the events of Harry Potter’s first year of study at the Hogwarts School of Wizardry. The boy and his friends were waiting for classroom lessons, Quidditch tournaments, and in the final – a confrontation with Professor Quirrell / Voldemort. The gameplay was a third person action/platformer.

But the game cannot be called a good one for several reasons. Firstly, the platforming was too slow, and the broomstick in Quidditch competitions was extremely uncomfortable. Secondly, the open-world – a castle that can be explored in between story missions – turned out to be very small and poor in details. Finally, for the sake of the gameplay, the developers very freely dealt with the plot, which did not appeal to all fans of the original. What can we say about the technical problems that were present in the game? As a result, the Philosopher’s Stone received mixed reviews from critics and gamers.



The sequel turned out better: the developers (KnowWonder studio) understood how they should move and went along the path of qualitative changes.

The picture, character models, and game mechanics remained unchanged. Still, at the same time, the authors finalized the controls, added responsiveness to the hero, and also expanded and filled Hogwarts and its surroundings with secrets. Careful exploration of locations and victories in mini-games rewards with magic candies, for which you can buy collectible cards and items useful for passing. Of course, not without Quidditch – this time with convenient controls.

Playing the “Chamber of Secrets” became much more pleasant, but the plot again underwent minor changes, which was explained by the need to implement interesting gameplay. However, this did not affect the assessments of the game, which were mostly positive.


The same KnowWonder team developed the third part of the Harry Potter series. And here, the developers are again faced with the problem of creating addictive gameplay and, at the same time, following the original story. Both the book and the film have had lengthy episodes without action, which, of course, is unacceptable for a video game.

Therefore, the authors had to stretch the passage by creating new gameplay mechanics artificially – for example, the tests that the characters had to go through (in “Prisoner of Azkaban” they were allowed to play for three heroes – Harry, Ron, and Hermione) for the sake of learning spells.

But the game cannot be called bad. Yes, linear, repetitive, with uninteresting hippogriff flights instead of Quidditch, but still atmospheric and beautiful (for its time).


The next part of EA (yes, “Evil Empire” is responsible for publishing all the games in the Harry Potter series) was transferred to the internal studio EA UK (aka EA Bright Light), now defunct. New developers tried to invent their game formula. Something succeeded, some didn’t.

“Goblet of Fire” has become a linear action game with co-op and co-casting spells. The developers motivated players to complete the levels several times by placing collectibles on them, which could only obtain with the help of spells, which became available at later stages. But, frankly, I didn’t want to return to the missions I had completed – they were too monotonous. The picture was not happy either – gray on gray.

There were also interesting episodes in the game – for example, flying on a broomstick and the final battle with Voldemort. But in general, it turned out not very high quality, and many are considered the worst in the line.


Faced with criticism, EA UK has pledged to fix any Goblet of Fire flaws in the next game – and kept that promise. The developers approached the creation of the “Order of the Phoenix” as carefully as possible: they looked through tons of materials and consulted with J.K. Rowling to make Hogwarts as similar as possible to the “original” from the film, invited the actors who played them in the film franchise to voice the characters, came up with many basic and side missions finally brought the graphics in line with the standards of the next-generation consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3).

The game turned out to be quite good. The gameplay focus on action and puzzles, the castle delighted with its monumentality, and its surroundings beckoned with its secrets, the picture “almost like a movie” allowed you to enjoy the adventures of your favorite characters, periodically switching from Harry Potter to Sirius Black, Dumbledore, and the Weasley brothers. The pleasure could be spoiled only by the huge spaces, which had to run a lot – this was the payment for implementing the largest Hogwarts in the series.



With this game, the developers got the same situation as Know Wonder with the second part of the series – taking the previous game as a basis and significantly improving it, the authors presented an improved version without tangible drawbacks. So, the main drawback of the Order of the Phoenix, too large and sometimes empty locations, was fixed: even though new territories appeared in the Half-Blood Prince in addition to the existing ones, the players did not get tired of moving around them – all thanks to the presence of fast travel (it was in the last part but with some restrictions) and event saturation.

In addition to the storyline following the original, there was a place for episodes that not includes in the film adaptation. Even for bold finds like a mission for Ron, intoxicated with a love potion. It is noteworthy that gameplay was the best version for the Wii, where players can cast spells using the controller’s Wii Remote. On the PC, as usual, I had to draw the magic wand’s movements with the mouse. As a result, a good game accompanies by positive assessments.


Like the movie of the same name, Deathly Hallows divide into two parts. Both turned out to be rather weak. That is due to EA UK’s attempt to completely go into the action component, creating a hideout shooter like Gears of War.

It turned out, to put it mildly, not very well. Harry was reluctant to stick to cover, and wand gunfights lacked the dynamism that other third-person shooters of the time could boast. All this complement by poor graphics, inexpressive design of locations, and free treatment of the source. Alas, the ending of the Harry Potter saga did not leave the most pleasant impressions.


Games from the LEGO Creator: Harry Potter line offer similar gameplay to other Lego games – by controlling characters from the saga under consideration, players will walk through a world built from constructor bricks and complete various tasks. The plot bases on the first two parts of the epic movie, and among the locations, there are various rooms of the castle, including the potions room, the forbidden corridor, and others.

As befits LEGO games, there are sandbox elements here – players can complete various objects, change the weather, and even create their characters. Games, of course, are a bit old, but they also allow you to plunge into the world of “Harry Potter.”


Before starting work on the mainline of Harry Potter games, EA UK released a Quid ditch sports simulator. Here, the gameplay was deeper than in tournaments from the main series of games, and it allowed you to control any team member: score a Quaffed, beat off Blunders, and catch a snitch.

The competitions held in different countries of the world, and the players had access to various game tactics corresponding to the chosen national team – for example, a team from Japan used martial arts techniques. Athletes from Bulgaria could use Vronsky’s book “trick.” In general, the game received high marks.

LEGO Harry Potter

A series of arcade LEGO games from TT Games studio, in which you can relive all the events of books/films, controlling funny LEGO men. Like other LEGO games, it contains uncomplicated gameplay, trademark humor, many secrets, and hiding places that often open when replaying levels with characters that have the appropriate abilities. At the moment (end of 2020) of all Harry Potter games, only LEGO Harry Potter can be legally purchased and downloaded on digital services.



The game for the Xbox 360 console, equipped with a Kinect motion sensor, allowed you to complete the entire course at Hogwarts, learn and use spells, and walk through the saga’s iconic events. Rather, it was a demonstration of the capabilities of the Kinect, rather than a full-fledged entertainment product.


Another demonstration of the possibilities is the PS Move controller and the PS Eye camera for the PlayStation 3. It used augmented reality technologies: the game combined virtual reality with reality, allowing the player to transfer themselves to the TV screen – and create magic. However, it was not worth waiting for special revelations from her, and the entertainment was, in fact, a one-off.


In the fall of 2018, in a video publishes on the Web, the author claimed that it refers to an unannounced action RPG in the Harry Potter universe. However, it will not work to meet the wizard and his friends in it: according to the source, the plot took place in the 19th century, and the main character (or heroine – there are gender selection and customization ) will fight dark wizards, goblins, trolls, and other supernatural creatures.

The game officially announces in 2020 as Hogwarts Legacy. In it, gamers will visit Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and other familiar locations, learn various spells, upgrade the character, and complete quests. Warner Bros. studio Avalanche Software is developing the project, previously noted for games 25 to Life, Cars 3: Driven to Win, and Disney Infinity.

The decline of the Harry Potter games is associated with the end of the main film series, and the prequels “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” are in no hurry to transfer to the virtual world. However, the hope for returning to the game version of Hogwarts does not fade since the Hogwarts Legacy officially announces, which, we hope, will “shoot” and return the interest of game makers to this universe. Given the huge fanbase of the franchise, there are prerequisites for this.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a game in which you get the opportunity to become a Hogwarts student, immersed in a world of magic, fantastic creatures, and impressive magical stories! Bluestacks allows you to play in multiple accounts simultaneously so that you can enroll in all faculties of the school of magic at once.

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