9 Best Games Like Age Of Empires To Play on Your PC

Are you a fan of the ( AoE ) series? Are you looking for games like Age of Empires to play through? This article presents a collection of other equally impressive real-time strategies that can send you at any moment in history or even into the future. AoE is currently at the top of the most commercially successful franchises in the genre, which implies that the game is one of the best. It also supports by the many communities dedicated to the game and its world, despite its release. Age of Empires has also influenced many games of its genre and developed it in the right direction, using gameplay innovations.

The original Age of Empires opened the real-time strategy genre for me. I also devoted a lot of time to the Age of Empires II, playing with friends in co-op for eight people at the highest difficulty level for fun, but requiring a continually changing strategy to win.

The strategy genre is quite popular and includes other games similar to the Age of Empires that combine different features and mechanics to create a unique outcome. Please leave your comments under the article, indicating your favourite game from the list or not included in it.

List Of Games Like Age of Empires To Play On PC

Anno game series

anno series

Release Date: March 1998 to 2020

The Anno series is a whimsical bunch of city building and gameplay. Anno Online, the most popular of all, is a free strategy game that you can run in your browser.

There are several Anno games available with similar gameplay mechanics and features. Each part focuses on the player’s attention on a specific year or era in history.

The whole series has the same plot; the main difference is the year of the beginning of the game’s events. The main focus is on the economic development of the player’s settlement. The more it is economically developed, the more successful it is (large population, variety of goods, etc.).

In each game of the Anno series, the start occurs in a small undeveloped country that needs to develop and seize new lands while protecting its own from invaders.

The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online - Game like Age of Empire

Release Date: October 21, 2010

The Settlers Online developers have brought many real-time strategy elements to the online space, thereby creating an addicting, free, and unique game.

In The Settlers Online, you can create your empire literally from scratch, think over and create all its structures, and ultimately conquer the whole world. The game will begin for you in a small camp with a handful of villagers, but in the process of collecting resources and completing missions, this camp will turn into an empire. Your vast empire.

The game is part of the popular The Settlers series, and its attempt to make it online and free has been an impressive success. Many achievements to unlock, many levels to achieve, gangster camps to destroy, and players to befriend or fight with are all elements of a great (and free) strategy game.

Empire Four Kingdоms

Empire Four Kingdoms

Release Date: August 14, 2011

Empire offers MMO-style gameplay and is also free. Available on a wide range of platforms, including browsers and smartphones (called Empire: Four Kingdоms for these platforms ).

Since the existence of free online strategy games, Empire is one of the best medieval games. You develop your small settlement into a large empire, with which no one dares to mess with.

Suppose you are already familiar with the genre. In that case, it will not be difficult for you to understand the controls and appreciate a few details that distinguish Empire favourably from other games (for example, a right shift in the game modes PvP (player-versus-player) and PvE (player-versus-all ) and refinement of the combat system). New players will appreciate both the pleasant gaming novelty and the beautifully designed and easy-to-understand interface.

With full control over units (from the English unit – part, here – combat units), the location of buildings, and the elaboration of battle strategy, players will enjoy a thorough study of the world of Empire, an online strategy game.

Rise оf Nаtiоns

Rise of Nations

Release Date: May 20, 2003

A well-rated real-time strategy game that will take you through the ages

Rise оf Nаtiоns is another popular real-time strategy game that releases in 2003. Despite its age, the game is an interesting project, mainly thanks to the main developer Brian Reynolds (who also created Civilization and Sid Meier’s Alphа Century ).

In Rise of NATO, the player can choose one of the 18 available civilizations and guide it through eight eras of world history.

Rise оf Nаtiоns used the gameplay territory’s concept-style (a similar one also uses in Civilization). It indicates how much land around the settlement belongs to the player (after all, only on their grounds can be built). By capturing cities or building forts, the player gains more land in his possession, thereby expanding his possessions’ boundaries.

Rise оf Nаtiоns has several unique gameplay elements, for example, residents-auto-collectors of resources, which automatically accept a task to extract something (unless the player himself has not assigned them another task).

Rise оf Nаtiоns has excellent reviews, good ratings received back in the 90s and still a high rating from Metаcritic – 89%.

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War

Warhammer 40k Dawn of War

Release Date: September 20, 2004

A unique real-time strategy game, Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War is a game of all time when we talk about real-time strategy. The game creates in 2004, and the sequel – in 2009. Some extensions have added new campaigns and races to the game.

I prefer the first game, the second is good, but the developers have moved somewhat away from the original genre, which I didn’t quite like. Dawn of War is part of the Warhammer 40k (board game) franchise. The computer game contains many elements from the board, such as characters or races, which many fans will love. I’m not a fan of Warhammer 40k board games myself, but the Dawn of War strategy completely captivated me.

Unlike other real-time strategies, players team up and follow orders. The group can consist of four to ten people. Players can also designate a unique character or leader in a group to gain additional resources or points.

Empire Earth (series)

Empire Earth - Games similar to age of empires

Release Date: November 12, 2001

Empire Earth ( EE ) was released in 2001, and the series continued in 2005 and 2007, respectively.

The series follows the normal development of a real-time strategy: collecting resources, constructing buildings, and developing an army to capture other civilizations. The original Empire Earth includes 500,000 years of world history, from prehistoric to the nano-age, and by installing The Аrt оf Cоnquest add-on, you can reach the space age.

The game’s unique features are that it has a moral management system that affects each unit’s performance and a hero management system that allows your protagonist to impose positive effects on troops, demoralize the enemy or increase tactical superiority on the battlefield. Empire Earth has a variety of campaigns and convenient multiplayer, allowing you to enjoy both game modes.

Command & Conquer (Series)

Command & Conquer

Release Date: 1995

An extensive series of quality games of the genre “real-time strategy”…

While Command & Conquer is more about fighting than building a city, it’s still a decent series of games to play (especially if you’re a fan of the combat part of the game).

The first installment in the Command & Conquer series was released in 1995 and was one of the first real-time strategy games. Since then, the series has grown with a large number of different game teams.

One of the critical components of Command & Conquer is parallel storylines about destroyed factions in campaign mode. Also, in the game, the Command & Conquer navigation bar is on the side and not at the bottom of the screen, as in most games.

In Command & Conquer, players are allowed to control infantry, vehicles, and aircraft in the standard rock-paper-scissors combat style, as in many other real-time strategy games. The series’s rankings vary significantly over time, but the average for Metаcritic is a solid 80%.

Warcraft III

Release Date: July 3, 2002

A great strategy game that I have completed an infinite number of times. Warcraft III’s real-time fantasy strategy was released in 2002 by Blizzard Entertainment.

This game is a hit, with equally interesting single-player and multiplayer walkthroughs (which, you see, is a rarity). From time to time, I re-install the game to play it again.

Warcraft III provides a choice of 4 races with the same campaigns. You can start the game as orcs, humans, undead, and night elves. As expected, each race has its motives, and therefore the passage for different races is very different.

One of the gameplay innovations is the heroes with whom you go through the company and collect things to improve their (heroes) indicators (strength, agility, etc.). Warcraft III also allows the use of environments, which breathes even more life into the game. I love everything about Warcraft III, and I highly recommend it to all fans of the genre.

Stronghold (series)

Release Date: October 19, 2001

One of the oldest real-time strategy franchises.

Stronghold series launched in 2001. The game focuses on a specific historical period (Medieval England) and focuses on competition. Another good game for fans of the real-time strategy combat component.

The game also pays a lot of attention to the economic component and is evenly divided into two campaigns (one combat and one economic). Other games use mixed campaigns (both combat and economical simultaneously), where players need to achieve the goals set by the game, the siege mode and the building mode.

The game has received many positive reviews; there is also a community whose members come up with various scenarios and draw maps. And although the official Stronghold received recognition, the following parts were even more successful. The latest installment in the series (Stronghold Kingdoms) seems to be the most successful free online strategy game to date.

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