How to Uninstall GeForce Experience Drivers?

For all its usefulness, the NVIDIA GeForce Experience Drivers is not for all users to enjoy. Everyone has their reasons for this, but it all comes down to the fact that the program has to be removed.

It is necessary to figure out how to do this, and most importantly – what is the risk of abandoning this program.

How to Uninstall GeForce Experience Drivers?

It’s worth talking right away about what will happen if you uninstall GeForce Experience. The list of factors that should be taken into account when deleting can hardly be called significant:

Main Function

NVIDIA GeForce Experience Drivers

The main function of the program is to download and update drivers for the user’s video card. Without GF Experience, you will have to do it yourself, regularly visiting the Official GeForce Drivers NVIDIA

Considering that many new games are accompanied by the release of appropriate drivers, without which brakes and poor performance can spoil the entertainment process, this can be a severe problem.

The least loss is the rejection of the function of adjusting the graphic parameters of computer games. The system automatically adapts all games to the characteristics of this computer to achieve either 60 fps performance, or simply the maximum possible. 

Without this, users will have to configure everything manually. Many consider this function to be ineffective as the system degrades the picture quality altogether and not in an intelligent way.

Users will opt out of NVIDIA Shadow play and NVIDIA SHIELD services. The first provides a special panel for working with games – recording, performance overlay, and so on. The second makes it possible to broadcast the gameplay to other devices that support this function.

Also in GeForce Experience, you can find out news about promotions, company news, various developments, and so on. Without this, you will have to go to the official NVIDIA website for such information.

As a result, if you are satisfied with the refusal of the above possibilities, you can proceed to uninstall the program.

Guide For Uninstall GeForce Experience Drivers?

You can uninstall GeForce Experience in the following ways.


To uninstall both GF Experience, like any other program, you can use all sorts of third-party programs that have the appropriate function. For example, you can use CCleaner.

In the program itself, you need to go to the “Service” section.


Here we are interested in the “Removing programs” subsection. Usually, this item is enabled by default. 

In this case, a list of all applications installed on the computer will appear on the right. Look for “NVIDIA GeForce Experience” here.

  1. NVIDIA GF Experience in Uninstalling Programs in CCleaner
  2. Now you need to select this program and click on the “Uninstall” button to the right of the list.
  3. After that, preparations for removal will begin.
  4. In the end, all that remains is to confirm that the user agrees to get rid of this program.

The advantage of this approach is the additional functionality of such programs. 

For example, after uninstalling CCleaner, it will offer to clean unnecessary files remaining from the software, which is a more efficient way to uninstall.


An ordinary procedure that usually does not cause any problems.

  1. To do this, go to the “Settings” system. The best way to do this is through “This Computer”. Here, in the window header, you can see the “Remove or change the program” button.
  2. After pressing it, the system will automatically open the “specifications” section, where all installed programs are removed. Find GeForce Experience here.
  3. After clicking on this option, the “Delete” button will appear.
  4. It remains to select this item, after which it is necessary to confirm the removal of the program.

After that, the program will be removed. In earlier versions, usually, the entire software package from NVIDIA was bundled, and removal of GF Ex entailed the removal of drivers. 

There is no such problem today, so all other software should remain in place.


  1. You can do the same using the Start panel.
  2. Find the “NVIDIA Corporation” folder here.
  3. After opening it, you can see several attachments. The very first is usually the GeForce Experience. You need to right-click on the program and select the “Delete” option.
  4. A window of the “Programs and Features” section of the traditional “Control Panel” will open, where in the same way you need to find the desired option. It remains to select it and click the option “Uninstall / change the program” at the top of the window.
  5. Then again, you need to follow the instructions of the Uninstall Wizard.

This method may be suitable if the program is not displayed in the “Parameters” for one reason or another.


Many users are faced with the fact that neither in the “Options” nor in the “Control Panel” the uninstallation process does not display this program. 

In such a situation, you can go in a non-standard way. Usually in the folder with the program it there is no file for uninstallation for some reason. So you can delete this folder.

Of course, you must first complete the task execution process; otherwise, the system will refuse to delete the folder with executable files. To do this, right-click on the program icon in the notification panel and select “Exit”.

  • Closing the GF Experience
  • Then you can delete the folder. It is located along the path:
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\
  • Its name is appropriate – “NVIDIA GeForce Experience”.
  • Deleting the GF Experience folder

After deleting the folder, the program will stop automatically starting when the computer is turned on and will no longer bother the user.


A few pieces of information that might be helpful when uninstalling GeForce Experience.

  • There is an option not to delete the program, but not to let it work. But it is important to know that in this case, you will have to manually turn off GF Exp every time you start the computer. An attempt to remove it from startup will not be crowned with anything – the process is added there automatically.
  • When installing drivers from NVIDIA, the installer also prompts you to install GeForce Experience. Previously, the software was installed automatically; now the user has a choice, you can uncheck the corresponding box. So you should not forget about this if the program is not needed on the computer.

To do this, during installation, select “Custom installation” to switch to the mode of configuring the software that will be installed.

Now you can see the item about installing NVIDIA GeForce Experience drivers. All that remains is to uncheck the box, and the program will not be installed.


One cannot but agree that the benefits of the program are significant. But if the user does not need the above functions, and the program only causes discomfort with the load on the system and other inconveniences, then it is best to delete it.

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