What is Overclocking, And How We Can Overclock GPU ?

If you do not know what is overclocking of the graphics card and How We Can Overclock GPU, then you are in the right place to know about it.

Overclocking is the sensitive part of gaming because if you did not overclock your GPU correctly, it would badly affect your computer performance.

If you follow all the steps of overclocking and do it positively, then there will be no harm to your system components, so here we will tell you that what is meant by overclocking a GPU and how we can do it safely.

What is Overclocking

Overclocking is the process of increasing the clock speed of PC components like CPU, graphic card, and monitors from the max allowed limit provided by the manufacturer so you can get more performance. Overclocking can be performed by applying a multiplier in BIOS. Now the question arises that can we overclock every time? the answer is no because

How can we Overclock GPU?

Now here we will guide you about all the possible methods to overclock your graphic card. Keep in mind that it is not a simple process because your GPU will be damage if you do not perform it correctly.

The manufacturer sets all graphic cards to run at the base clock, which is the recommended maximum graphic card speed. You should have to keep in mind that you cannot overclock each GPU because if the manufacturer not allowed you to overclock some of the models, you can never overclock them.

When you overclock your GPU, its performance will increase. Still, with the performance, its temperature will also increase due to heat dissipation, so there should be a proper cooling arrangement. The graphic cards that the manufacturer will allow for overclocking will give extra cooling in case of overclocking. But you have to keep an eye on temperature always during that process; otherwise, your GPU will be in harmful condition.

GPU overclocking by Afterburner

MSI afterburner is the most used software for overclocking the graphics cards, and you can use it will all manufacturers of graphic cards like Asus, EVGA, etc.

MSI afterburner will tell you the current temperature of the graphics card, If you talk about its interface, then it will give you an option on the top to set the core voltage, but that option can be changed if your graphics card will support it and that is available only in high segment graphics cards.

After that, you can set the temperature limit on it, and 3rd option, which will be available on the interface, can control the core clock, and 4th one is memory clock control and then fan control.

So, according to your requirement, you can increase the core and memory clock for overclocking. Again, we caution you that you must have an eye on the graphics card’s temperature always. Otherwise, your GPU will be damaged, and no one will be responsible for it other than you.

Now here I will tell you my practical experience that set the temperature limit of graphics card up to 80 degrees Because it is normal for a graphic card and if you will set it to a lower limit, then during overclocking, that lower temperature will achieve quickly. There are high chances that after reaching that temperature, the graphic card will throttle itself and will not give its 100% performance.

Now MSI Afterburner will overclock the graphics card, but you will need another software for stress testing. The purpose of the stress test is that after overclocking the GPU, you have to test it also that it is performing with 100% efficiency on overclocking or not.

Stress Testing Software’s

If you are a newbie and want the necessary information about stress testing, you can use GPUZ, which is free software, and also it will not put any extra load on your system.

But if you are professional and want a detailed report about the stress testing, we recommend using heaven & valley benchmarks or 3D benchmark. I like to use heaven &valley benchmarks for stress testing.

Features of heaven valley benchmark

It is freemium software, so if you want to use It with only basic features, it will not cost you any amount, but if you are willing to use its advance and professional features, you have to pay the dollars for that.

You can perform the stress and performance test with it for your cooling system, graphics card, and PC hardware. It also supports all major operating systems like windows, Mac, and Linux.

But when it comes to your GPU’s stress testing, it will only support Intel, ATI, and Nvidia.

The key features of heaven & valley benchmark are graphics card clock and temperature monitoring, and it will provide a complete report to you in CSV format.

Only by MSI afterburner will you change the core clock and memory clock settings, and after that, you will test it by the stress testing software that it is performing with 100% efficiency.

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