39+ Best Superhero Games : You Need To Know In 2021

We present to your attention a selection of the best superhero games on PC.

Do you like how dashingly Superman knocks out everything evil and bad from his enemies?

Or do you prefer how the gentle, childishly spontaneous, and never discouraged Spider-Man does it? Or maybe you are crazy about serious and brutal guys like Wolverine and Batman?

39+ Best Superhero Games: You Need To Know In 2021

One way or another, if you suddenly decided to take part in grand brawls and colossal destruction in the company of your favorite characters, you should pay attention to our list of superhero games, which includes projects licensed by Marvel Comics and DC Comics, as well as several superhero action games for a little less famous, but no less exciting franchises.


An adventure best superhero games with the possibility of cooperative passage and flexible character customization. The plot dedicates to the Avengers, who, as a result of some events, will disintegrate and then reassemble – to confront the danger that threatens the entire Earth.

Among the playable characters are Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, but in the future, the Avengers squad will replenish Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, and others.

In terms of gameplay, this is a role-playing action game in which players will go through the storyline and many additional tasks. An important role plays by loot and pumping – no matter how strong the heroes on the screens seem, they will fail miserably, attacking opponents, not in level.


A game about one of the most controversial but the most inadequate, insane, and beloved characters in Marvel comics. It was released in 2013 on several platforms at once, including the PC.

Deadpool, being essentially an action game, has combined many different genres: shooter, beat them up, slasher and others. And in fairness, it should note that the gameplay here turned out to be far from ideal, somehow uneven, sometimes even frankly boring and passable. However, Deadpool is by no means a failure.

Firstly, the variety of gameplay (albeit poorly implemented) is accompanies by a variety of storylines: funny and unexpected events occur in the game now and then in the spirit of the original comic book series. Best of all, what is happening can describe as “a complete booth.” It also includes an excellent visual style, referring to the features of the same comics’ illustrations.

Secondly, one cannot fail to note the main character’s trademark jokes and unusual behavior, which probably creates half (or even more) of the amazingly cheerful atmosphere. Moreover, Deadpool often spits on all the conventions and rules and directly addresses the player, which enhances participation in all the madness that is happening.

In general, if the gameplay of the game can still raise some questions, then in terms of the plot, humor, atmosphere, and staging, it deserved the highest praise.


A project based on the same name’s movie is still considered by many players the best superhero game on PC, even though Wolverine appeared a very long time ago – in 2009. The plot of the game repeats the film’s events; however, they are presented here in a slightly different order and supplemented with new places and opponents.

The gameplay of X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a slasher game, which features Logan’s weapon – six adamantium blades popping straight out of the hero’s hands. With their help, he rather brutally (game rating 16+) deals with opponents, among whom there are many famous villains of the Marvel universe. Also, in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, there are elements of stealth, parkour, and puzzle. They implemented quite conditionally, but they remarkably dilute the gameplay, not allowing you to get bored of the monotony.

Again, since this game cannot be called new, the gameplay looks very good; it can recommend to owners of not particularly powerful PCs.


LEGO games are always a lot of humor and exciting adventures, during which completely unimaginable events can occur. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is a dialogue in which Marvel comics’ characters save the world by exchanging jokes and getting into ridiculous situations.

These games have a wealth of content that no other superhero game has ever dreamed of. A crossover with hundreds of heroes from different dimensions? Easily! Iconic locations and scenes from famous comic arcs? No problem! Add to this the local co-op and the partial destructibility of the environment, and you have excellent entertainment for two to three dozen hours (for each game).


Another LEGO game on our list will take you on the Avengers team’s adventure – with signature humor and local co-op. Unfortunately, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers follows the storylines of the first two films in the series, so you won’t be able to participate in the events of Infinity War and Endgame. However, the game will be an excellent opportunity to refresh the memory of forgotten moments.


An ambitious crossover between the Marvel and Capcom universes, where the most popular characters in comics and video games meet. In the story campaign, they have to unite to stop the villain; they will fight each other in multiplayer. Moreover, teams can consist of characters from different universes, which creates incredible combinations.


Spider-Man’s action-adventure, launched on PC and consoles in 2012, was dedicated to the popular superhero at the same time as the MCU relaunched. The players got good graphics for their time, an open world, and a plot, most of the events of which migrated into the game straight from the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

It is not to say that the best superhero games turned out great. A flurry of criticism fell for the crooked controls, weak AI opponents, monotonous levels, and repetitive tasks. And yet, of all the Spider-Man projects currently available on PC, The Amazing Spider-Man may well be considered the most successful series.

Such essential elements of the gameplay as the combat system and movement around the city, performed in the hero’s well-recognizable manner – fast, unpredictable, and filled with spectacular acrobatic, turned out to be impressive. The interactivity of the environment is also pleasing: being in a clear numerical minority, Spider-Man does not hesitate to throw boxes of garbage and soda machines at enemies, hide behind ledges and hang on the ceiling beams.

Of course, there is trademark humor from Peter Parker, who never gets discouraged and pours jokes in all directions, even in the most desperate situations. A nice feature is the presence of secondary random tasks that spontaneously arise throughout the city. It not only distracts from the rather monotonous plot but also sharpens the feeling of freedom, making the local static world a little more lively and unpredictable.



The Hulk is one of the brightest and most powerful characters in the Marvel comics, who in 2008 became the main character of the computer game of the same name. Like The Amazing Spider-Man described above, The Incredible Hulk is based more on The Incredible Hulk, which was released the same year than on the comics. At the same time, he significantly expands the source’s plot boundaries, adding many new events and characters to the story.

According to the gameplay, The Incredible Hulk beat them up with a high degree of destruction of the environment. The whole of New York is the arena for battle, where the Hulk spectacularly deals with thousands of various enemies, including giant bosses. At the same time, he actively works with his fists and makes his famous giant leaps, is thrown by cars, and turns massive pillars out of the ground, using them then as a club. As you progress through The Incredible Hulk, the hero gains new superpowers, activated by the accumulated rage.

True, you should not give in too much to the temptation to break and destroy everything around you – the Hulk has an indicator of danger, which increases in proportion to the destruction done around. At the maximum ninth level of danger, the Hulk will be interested in the National Guard, which will throw heavy military equipment at its disposal to soothe him, and everything can end very badly.

In addition to the main storyline missions, The Incredible Hulk features exciting side quests and numerous collectibles hidden throughout the city. All this pleasantly dilutes the gameplay and maintains an interest in the game for quite some time.


A series of three games (with the third exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, and you’ll learn about it in the Bonus section below) dedicated to an epic crossover of heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe. The most famous comic book characters gather to arrange a large-scale confrontation, the price of victory in which will be the whole world’s fate.

Both parts of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance allow you to play as popular heroes (many of whom have become even more popular today thanks to the MCU films), including Deadpool, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Daredevil, Hulk, Wolverine, and many, many others. These games get even better in co-op mode.



An action-adventure game that shows four Spider-Man adventures at once: The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man 2099, and Modern Spider-Man. These heroes clashed with Mysterio, who caused an imbalance in the universe. Now they need to curb the outbreak of chaos and punish the presumptuous villain. An excellent game for a couple of nights will introduce you in more detail to the Multiverse.


A charming adventure with Guardians of the Galaxy, based, however, not on the film of the same name, but the comic book line. Nevertheless, the humor and absurd scenes did not diminish from this. The heroes will visit several planets, including Earth, meet Thanos and Hela, which will undoubtedly lead them to hilarious situations.


Disney Infinity Sandbox Game Set centered around Marvel characters. Find the most iconic characters in the comic book universe, including Iron Man, Black Widow, and Thor, and take part in amazing adventures that you can create yourself.


Already middle-aged, but very good action-RPG, in which you can assemble your team of heroes from the X-Men and challenge the Apocalypse itself. Among the best superhero games features – pumping characters, a large-scale plot, and the presence of a local cooperative that allows you to play on one PC in a split-screen.


Action-adventure based on the 2008 film of the same name. An ambitious but very monotonous project with a weak picture and awkward controls. Now it is of exclusively historical interest.



A series of adventure games that started in 2009 with the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum, and has become one of the best superhero franchises in general.

Each game in the cycle provides players with a unique experience. Arkham Asylum is the ultimate Metroidvania with a unique comic-book style. Arkham City offers an open world and arguably the most memorable storyline in the player comics. Arkham Origins tells about the early years of the Dark Knight and introduces his main enemy more than the original. Finally, Arkham Knight gives players a set of unique superhero gadgets and a Batmobile, which plays an essential role in the gameplay.

Also, there is a unique combat system in each game, Freeflow Combat, a detective mode, and stealth elements, implemented in contrast to most superhero games in very high quality.

All parts of Batman: Arkham contains many different DLCs, adding new costumes, new heroes, and even new story companies. For those who do not want to spend money on the purchase of additional official content, the Internet is full of good amateur mods, downloading for free.


It is a very entertaining fighting game from NetherRealm Studios (creators of Mortal Kombat), all the heroes of the famous superhero comics’ characters. Moreover, all the heroes and villains present (and there are several dozen of them here) have a characteristic, immediately recognizable appearance, voice, demeanor, and especially important, branded strikes and abilities.

Also, a large wardrobe of things and accessories is available for them that affects play style by enhancing specific characteristics.

But the most important advantage of Injustice is an easy-to-learn, but simultaneously, a prosperous combat system, as a result of which the fights turn out to be spectacular and dynamic. Playing Injustice 1 and 2 will make it interesting not only for fantasy superhero comics but also for fans of excellent fighting games.

It is also important to note that a lot of attention is paid to the multiplayer aspect in the second part. There are various competitive modes for players; there are a clan system and a global rating; there are even unique cooperative modes that allow two or three of us to fight powerful bosses at once. Therefore, it is Injustice that can be considered the best online superhero game at the moment.


Free MMO game that allows you to create your own unique hero/villain and go to the streets of the cities of the DC Universe – bring good and justice or do evil, fight side by side with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, or join the Joker, Lex Luthor, and Darkseid.

Moreover, DC Universe Online is not just a sandbox offering fun in an open world:

  • There is a script from famous authors of DC Comics.
  • There is an exciting combat system.
  • Some many collectibles and trophies will decorate the lair of any comic book character.


A trilogy of fun LEGO games dedicated to the heroes and villains of the DC Comics universe. Batman remains the central character in each of the three games, as the name suggests, but there is room for others on both sides of the law. All this – with trademark humor, fun adventures, and a traditional LEGO co-op.


A free online shooter with an unusual idea: here, you act not as heroes and villains, but as their assistants – action fighters who sided with Batman and the Joker. In constant skirmishes (with mountains of weapons and customization), you have to take control of Gotham.


An adventure dilogy from the Telltale studio, which decided to take a fresh look at the history of Batman. The writers turned the characters of almost all significant comic characters upside down, and even the Joker here turned out to be completely different from what they used to see him. A great story and a fresh take on iconic personalities are all suitable superhero game needs.


And yet another LEGO game in our collection, this time dedicated to the supervillains of the DC Comics universe. And here, you can play as familiar characters and create your own, endowing him with a unique appearance and abilities. As for the plot, the villains will have to stand up to protect the Earth from an even greater evil. So they will have to, at least a little, but still, go over to the side of good.


A weak but rather atmospheric beat them up about Catwoman, released in 2004 as an accompaniment to the same name’s film. Sometimes boring, sometimes severe, sometimes delightful play with acrobatics, which Lara Croft herself would envy.


A computer game that came out quietly is almost invisible for most fans of the superhero staff, which, however, did not prevent it from joining the top projects about superheroes on PC (on Metacritic and Steam, it received 75 points out of 100 and a considerable number of positive reviews and such an indicator for an indie toy can consider a success).

The main character in Megaton Rainfall is an unnamed hero, endowed with powerful abilities to match the Man of Steel (and maybe worse), and many of them open gradually as the plot progresses (he is also here). The main ability – to fly – served as the defining direction of the gameplay. The hero hovers above the ground almost all the time and sometimes even flies out of the atmosphere and fights with enemies already in the vast expanses of space.

The enemies are giant mechanized alien invaders of various shapes and sizes, with their unique destructive abilities. Moreover, they attack in waves, and each subsequent wave becomes more complex and unpredictable.

An essential feature of Megaton Rainfall is the need to use your superpowers with great care not to cause serious damage to the metropolis (which will randomly generate each time), over which the battle will occur. Otherwise, the mission will have to start over.

Even though the game appeared in 2017, it cannot boast of great graphics, and even vice versa: everything looks too blurry and rough. But Megaton Rainfall will work without problems even for weak PCs.


The second part of funny role-playing games based on the popular animated series for adults South Park, which abruptly changed the theme, sending a stream of sarcasm and outright banter on the superhero films that are very popular today. As before, the game manages to combine a funny plot and atmosphere familiar to every fan of the cartoon with quite decent gameplay and a well-developed role-playing system.

South Park: The Fractured but Whole has an in-depth character editor that allows you to give your hero a unique look, gender, and class. The last two factors have an impact not only on the gameplay but also on the development of the plot.

In the basic configuration, players have access to as many as ten classes of superhero characters, each with its own set of superpowers. DLC owners have two additional courses available. Also, the game has a huge number of cosmetic items, artifacts, and various weapons. It can found while traveling through South Park or received as a reward for completing quests.

The combat system remains the same – turn-based battles with a squad of superheroes, each of which has its skills. A competent combination of classes and the successful application of the gifts available to them is a key factor in success in battle.


A series of brutal and spectacular third-person action games that can categorize as superhero games. The protagonists in Prototype are people who have acquired mighty supernatural powers as a result of infection with a particular virus—as a rule, allowing them to kill other living beings quickly and sow colossal destruction around themselves.

A prototype has one crucial difference from all other superhero games. Whereas in traditional games and films about superheroes, events present with epic pathos, often accompanied by not always appropriate humor. In Prototype, the whole action saturates with tragedy and cruelty.

Charismatic antiheroes, an open world, colossal destruction, and an unusual, very flexible system of superpowers that the player can customize to suit his style – Prototype has everything to be considered one of the best superhero games on PC, except, perhaps, the widely promoted images that are full of the DC and Marvel universes.


One of the best superhero games, delighting gamers with people’s adventures in tights for more than ten years. Champions Online combines epic storyline heroism, deep character customization, and addictive gameplay with highly dynamic battles. And all this is free.

Perhaps the game’s main advantage is the ability to mold a unique superhero/villain who will differ from the rest of the characters in appearance, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. The developers did not forget about group quests, large-scale battles, and other activities. A great option if you want to be not the only superhero in the gaming universe.


Of course, characters from the Life is Strange games can hardly be called superheroes in the usual sense of the word. Instead, they are teenagers who accidentally acquired superpowers, which do not come to the fore in games. Nevertheless, this is enough to rank the Life is Strange line in this collection.

Oh, and be sure to check out the free spin-off to the series called The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a touching story about a boy who truly wants to be a superhero.


A browser-based free MMORPG in which you create your superhero and send him to the streets – fight villains and face off against other heroes. All this – for the sake of pumping, character improvement, and buying new superhero gear and gadgets. You want your character to be the most stylish, right?


The Incredibles is a superhero family from Pixar’s animated series. LEGO The Incredibles is dedicated to these guys, and this is a beautiful adventure filled with good humor and exciting battles. Here you will find a lot of entertainment in the open world, which will become even more fun when playing together on the same computer.


The Wonderful 101 was originally a Wii U exclusive (released in 2013), but PlatinumGames decided to re-release it to other platforms in 2020. To do this, they asked users to help them financially through Kickstarter, and the result stunned the gaming community – instead of the required $ 50 thousand, $ 2 million raise.

Indeed few of you know what kind of game this is, and that’s okay. In The Wonderful 101, gamers invite to manage a whole team of superheroes, which can reach 100 people. They will have to fight numerous enemies, combining abilities for this. The strengths of the game can note an excellent combat system, humor, high-quality action.


A competitive multiplayer platformer in which players, as superheroes, will compete in speed and agility, participating in crazy races to the places of crime. To defeat all rivals and bypass the traps, you will have to show remarkable endurance and ingenuity – there is no place for the weak among superheroes!


A series of two games dedicated to the Keepers – the graphic novel’s characters of the same name by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. The gameplay is a standard third-person action game; the plot is a good story with a couple of exciting twists; the overall impression is entertainment for an evening or two, losing to fellow genres.


My Hero One’s Justice is a fighting game based on My Hero Academy. According to the idea of ​​this anime, people received superpowers, and only a few remained “ordinary.” Among the latter is the guy Midoriya Izuku, who dreams of becoming a superhero and saving people. And he gets such a chance.

The first part of My Hero One’s Justice includes only fights between characters, and the second contains a full storyline. You can play as heroes and villains and create your name using a rich editor.

The battles turned out to be extraordinarily intense and dynamic, and a storm of spectacular special effects accompanies the use of various abilities. Unfortunately, those who are not familiar with My Hero Academy are unlikely to stay in the game for long.


A free single-player game about the hard life of superheroes: taking on the role of an unnamed likeness of Superman, the gamer will take over the protection of an entire metropolis. He has to extinguish fires, save people from the rubble, and fight various villains. The attackers are unlikely to be able to kill the protagonist, but they do not want to. Their goal is to destroy the city, and if they manage to accomplish it, the player will lose precious points.

The game has no purpose, no plot, no secondary characters. It’s just a sandbox about Superman doing his job. Every half a minute, various problems appear, and Undefeated will not let you get bored.


This game, unfortunately for PC gamers, has become exclusive to the PS4 console. Moreover, such a complete, for which it is worth buying (or renting) a console.

The developers from Insomniac Games have done a great job bringing to life and fantastic New York on the screen, embody interesting characters, tell an amazingly down-to-earth story, and create a stunningly addictive combat system.

There are also disadvantages – there are too many collectibles and side activities in the game, and not all of them are interesting, but you will have to spend a lot of time to complete the game 100%.

Marvel’s Spider-Man compares to the Batman: Arkham games. They have a lot in common: the structure of the open world, combat, the mechanics of movement around the city. Batman’s only differences are too severe and pretentious, while Peter Parker talks incessantly and teases enemies.

But no matter how secondary the game from Insomniac Games would be, you will forget about it when you jump down from a high-rise to catch a web on the wall of a building near the ground and soar up to the roofs of skyscrapers. Marvel’s Spider-Man gives something that, perhaps, no other superhero game has – an incredible sense of freedom and the opportunity to get used to a character’s role.


An action-adventure RPG released exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Which did not make it worse; moreover – Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 will be an excellent reason to buy a Switch for comic book fans. Still – here you need to gather a team of Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, and other Marvel universe characters and fight Thanos, who began collecting the Infinity Stones to realize his insidious plans. Flexible hero customization and co-op included.


The games of the Infamous series are remembered by the players for the classic stories about good and evil, as well as for the non-standard abilities of the characters: if in the first two parts everything is more or less expected, then in the third, you will have to command, for example, neon and smoke. No less impressive was the “moral compass” system, which changes the protagonist’s outlook, depending on the player’s actions, which affects the story’s development and end.

The Infamous line is not available on PC, but on PS3 and PS4 consoles, it will be a treat for any superhero fan.


Non-linear action for VR glasses, exclusive to PS4. From the name, it is clear that the player will put on the Iron Man suit and become a nightmare for criminals and villains. In the process of passing, the gamer will use rockets, lasers, and reflective beams, and his opponents will be both drones and tanks, as well as the famous antagonists of Marvel. Friends of Tony Stark also did not go anywhere and will help him in the fight against intruders.

The game has become one of the best exclusives for virtual reality glasses: players celebrate concrete action, impressive graphics, and exciting gameplay. If you have VR glasses for PS4, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself.


This game, contrary to the mention of Batman in the title, is not related to the Arkham series. But what is there, and the Dark Knight himself is not there – as planned, he died, and the Batcave destroy. Gotham’s allies – Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood – stand up to defend Gotham, and together they will have to thwart the plans of the Court of Owls and fight against Batman’s longtime opponents.

The game is a cooperative action RPG with pop-up damage numbers over enemies, pumping, and a big open world. Players accustomed to epic battles in the Arkham series’s style greeted this project’s announcement with a negative, and we can only wait and hope that everything is not as dull as it looks now.

Expected release date: 2021



And this game is already continuing the trilogy events from Rocksteady, but not on behalf of Batman. Meet four inveterate criminals – Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Shark King, and Captain Boomerang. According to the plot, they will confront the evil version of the Justice League – the minds of the public’s favorites have enslave by the villain Brainiac, and they are now no worse than the presented “team.”

The game in Metropolis and the best superhero games is a third-person shooter with action elements. The opponents of the players will be both ordinary dummies and Superman himself. There is the possibility of cooperative passage, and some of the mechanics migrated from the Arkham series.

The trailer looks pretty cheerful, and against the backdrop of Batman: Gotham Knights, the game wins. We wait.

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